Best Bikes For Heavy Riders | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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Bikes-For-Heavy-RidersAs a heavy rider, it is frustrating to have to go through the pain of cycling on a fragile bike that can potentially break apart in no time.

Such movements mostly end up being stressful and unfulfilling due to the unpleasant state and condition of the bike.

This is as a result of the less durable bikes that are fully saturated and available in the market space.

It is, therefore, no surprise that finding a reliable bike as a heavy rider can be a little difficult.

On the other hand, a strong bike that is the best fit for a heavy rider comes with a lot of amazing benefits. Not only will you have a peaceful and stress-free ride, but you will also be confident and happy throughout your entire cycling journey.

A good bike can also serve as an incredible tool for exercise and weight loss when used frequently. So, if you are in need of a strong bike and do not want to have to endure your past cycling experience, then you are in the right place.

Are you finding it difficult to get a durable bike as a heavy rider? Do you experience discomfort whenever you ride your current bike that should be for a 225lbs bike rider?

Do you need a 400 lbs capacity bicycle/bike for cycling purposes? Or you need a bike for a 350 lbs man?

Best Bikes For Heavy Riders Comparison Table

ImageProductMaximum SpeedWheelRider HeightPricing
Mangoose Dolomite Fat Tire Biken/a26”5’ 6” – 6’Check On Amazon
Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Bicycle30mph26”5’ – 6’ 4”Check On Amazon
Diamond 27.5 Line Trail Biken/an/an/aCheck On Amazon
Sixthreezero Women’s Cruiser Biken/a26” / 24”5’ – 6’ 2” / 4’ 2” – 4’ 11”Check On Amazon
Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle15mph26”5’ – 6’Check On Amazon
Pure Cycles Classic 16-Speedn/aSeveral sizes4’ 11” – 6’ 6”Check On Amazon
Firmstrong Chief Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle15mph26”4’11” – 6’ 4”Check On Amazon
Schwinn Women’s Talia Cruiser 26” Wheel Bicyclen/a26”4’11” – 6’4”Check On Amazon
Schwinn Phocus 1600 Men’s Road Biken/a23”4’11” – 6’2”Check On Amazon
Rayleigh Detour 2 Comfort Hybrid Biken/a700 by 35c5’10” – 6’1”Check On Amazon
Firmstrong Bruiser Man Beach Bicycle15mph26”5’4” – 6’4”Check On Amazon
Aluminum Fat Bikesn/a26”5’4” – 6’4”Check On Amazon

Great! In this article, you are about to discover the best bikes for heavy riders in 2020, whether it is a road bike for heavy, big and tall guys or a mountain bike.

These bikes come with the most outstanding features that will suit every of your cycling needs. Ready to know more? Read further as we take you through our top 10 picks below:

Best Bikes For Heavy Riders Reviews

#1 Mangoose Dolomite Fat Tire Bike

Are you looking for the best fat tire bike for heavy riders? Look no further! Over the years, the Mangoose Dolomite fat tire bike has proven to be one of the best and most loved bikes for fat guys.

This beach cruiser has 26-inch pedals alongside lightweight aluminum alloy rims that aids improved performance and reduces weight.

Another interesting feature of the Mangoose Dolomite fat tire bike is its ability to turn heads, making it possible for the rider to make easy turns throughout the cycling journey.

It also comes with comfortable frames with a unique style that creates balance and comfort for a heavy rider.

For heavy riders that are about 5’5″ to 6″ tall, it comes with a threadless headset that fits and can be easily adjusted. This bicycle has a 350 lbs weight capacity and, as such, can be used by any fat rider of fewer than 350 lbs.

The brakes comprise of alloy 4 wide wheel discs, and it rides smoothly on all terrains.

Available in light blue, navy blue and red, this huge super-sized fit with 4″ tires has a Shimano rear derailleur and a twist shifter to make those uphills easier.

It has an amazingly high speed of 7 which makes it suitable for hill climbing. The twist shifter also makes it easy to move through inclines and shift gears as much as possible.

  • Rides on almost all terrains
  • Affordable pricing
  • Suitable for 350 lbs riders
  • Requires an electronic pump for inflation
  • Steel frame causes a bit of heaviness
  • No suspension fork

#2 Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle

Whether you are in need of a bike for exercise, for easy errands, or to get to work, the Sixthreezero EVRYjourney hybrid bicycle is perfect for multitasking and can meet every of your cycling needs.

It has a good quality hub of 7-speed with super thick tires of 1.95 inches. This feature is great as it offers a fat rider good balance and ease while riding the bicycle.

As a heavy rider, comfort is one of the key elements that a good bike should offer. With the EVRYjourney hybrid cruiser, you get a comfortable saddle that is supported by a dual spring.

This dual spring helps to absorb any shocker that may arise while cycling on uneven roads.

This fairly priced hybrid bike for heavy riders also has another great feature that can help prevent backache problems.

It comes with an upright style that requires the rider to pedal forward, thus keeping the right posture and balance on the bicycle.

For heavy riders of about 5′ to 6’4″, this 19-inch cruiser bicycle was created to suit their cycling needs.

It has a lightweight aluminum frame, which is one of the best frame materials for a bike that will stand the test of time.

This hybrid bike also provides a front and rear wheel that can prevent water or mud splash especially when you have to go cycling on muddy roads or rainy environments.

The rear rack also makes it perfect for running errands around the neighborhood.

  • Rear rack useful for running errands
  • Suitable for all journeys
  • Comfortable saddle
  • Super thick tires

#3 Diamond 27.5 Line Trail Bike

Do you wish to ride the mountains without spending too much on a good mountain bike? Awesome! We believe the Diamondback line trail bike might be just what you need.

It has a sturdy construction and extra-wide tires that can withstand heavy weight riders of five feet zero inches to six feet four inches tall. Its hydraulic brakes possess an excellent stopping power that can bring the bike to a halt in no time.

As we all know that Diamondback is a preferred American brand when it comes to reliable and well-constructed bikes.

They manufacture bikes with good quality materials and bike parts from Shimano, another trusted brand for excellent bike parts. So expect nothing less than a durable mountain bike worth your every penny.

With its 2.3-inch-wide tires and 8-speed Shimano Acera M3000 Shadow 1×9, this bike can take you up the mountains in little or no time. Its frame is internal dropper compatible and is made of a lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum Hardtail frame.

It also has a wide gear range that allows for quick and easy turns throughout the cycling journey. Also, a tire upgrade can make this mountain bike for big guys suitable for heavy riders of 300 to 320 lbs.

You can make a convenient halt with its Shimano M315 hydraulic disc brakes. It also comes with a 120mm SR Suntour XCR front suspension fork that can withstand any object thrown at it.

Although, it comes with a thin saddle that might not be quite comfortable, we still recommend the Diamond 27.5 Line trail bike as a suitable mountain bike for fat people.

  • High speed wheels
  • Wide gear range
  • Great mountain bike for heavy riders
  • Comes 85 percent assembled
  • Package comes with every tool required for home assembly
  • Saddle is too thin
  • Uncomfortable seat

#4 Sixthreezero Around The Block Women’s Cruiser Bike

Specially created bikes for women are a great option for every female-heavy rider. Their construction is made to fit the less energy release from the female rider while pedaling.

The Sixthreezero around the block women’s cruiser bike is not an exception. Custom made for more than 300 lbs heavy riders; this cruiser comes with aluminum rims on wheels to support heavyweight.

This 21-speed Shimano derailleur has 4 gearing options to choose from alongside a chain guard protection. The number of spokes in the rear and front wheel sum up to 60 spokes, which makes the bike more suitable for heavy riders.

The tires are solid and wide top grade with large waffle tread that makes cycling easy and smooth.

It can also be used to get the right posture on the bicycle with the handlebar that supports upright riding on the bicycle.

Its wide plush saddle has a dual-spring system underneath serving to support weight and easy cycling. It also comes with a 14-inch steel frame that is, however low lying, keeping the feet to the ground.

This block cruiser bike comes with friction shifters that aid improved hill climbing for exercise. Its lightweight enables easy and quick turns at a relatively high speed.

You can also get to run errands with this bike as it comes with rear rack that can allow for a basket or other useful items. Considering the amazing features, this cruiser is very affordable and worth the splurge.

  • Solid tires
  • Lightweight
  • Chain guard protection
  • Rear rack for errands
  • Difficult to assemble without expertise
  • No fenders
  • Comes with less of the complete tools required for assembly

#5 Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle

This is yet another female beach cruiser that is perfect for tall, heavy female riders. Available in 30 colors, this 15-inch steel frame can withstand 300 lbs weight capacity without any inconveniences.

It comes with wide handlebars with rubber grips that can help the rider make easy turns while cycling. You can easily run errands or visit friends with this bike due to its lightweight and durability.

Another great feature of the beach cruiser is the upright riding position that helps the rider maintain a good body posture on the bike while cycling. This can prevent backache problems and body pain, as well.

This beach cruiser is made of strong aluminum wheels and coaster brakes that encourage easy commune along smooth roads. It has an easy gear system with 3 to 15 speeds alongside 26-inch balloon tires.

It also has comfortable dual springs to absorb shocks and an oversized saddle to contain heavy weight riders. With the Firmstrong urban lady beach cruiser, you can enjoy a great cycling exercise that will improve your health.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Upright riding position
  • Affordable
  • High weight capacity bicycle that can support up to 300lbs
  • Unsuitable for hill climbing
  • Not a good option for veteran female riders

#6 Pure Cycles Classic 16-Speed Road Bike

One of the best road bicycles for heavy riders in 2021 is the Pure Cycles Classic road bike. It is capable of holding up to 250 to 300 lbs heavy riders and is made of 4130 Chromoly steel frame, one of the strongest frame materials to use for a bike.

Front and rear alloy caliper brakes are also a great feature of this road bike. With classic drop bar as another component of this road bike for heavy guys, the handlebars can be easily used to get through uphill climbing and long-distance riding.

This road bike also comes with a total of 32 spoke wheels and 17mm deep-dish alloy rims. The spoke wheels are made of stainless steel making it durable and sturdy for a heavyweight rider.

This bicycle comes with 16-Speed Shinamo Claris STI shifters which enable you to enjoy a high speed cycling on long distance rides. With Hutchinson nitro ll tires, the bike can run easily on uneven terrains or rough surfaces effortlessly.

  • It is a bicycle for up to 300 lbs riders
  • High speed
  • Durable and strong steel frames
  • A bit heavy due to steel
  • Uncomfortable seat

#7 Firmstrong Chief Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Are you a tall heavy female rider? Awesome! You might want to consider the Firmstrong Chief Lady Beach Cruiser. Regardless of your height, you can get to enjoy this custom made beach cruiser that was specially made for tall riders like you.

It comes with a lovely design and has a combination of 7 pretty feminine colors to choose from. With its color-matching fenders as a plus, you will instantly have an eye for this bicycle. These fenders are full and do not allow splashing of water from the wheels during rainy seasons.

This beach cruiser bicycle comes with the 1-speed, 2-speed, 3-speed, and 7-speed system that enables you to switch gears at any point in time.

Although its breaking system is less efficient compared to the disc brakes, it has a 7-speed gear system with loads of space in between components that enable easy maneuvering.

It can hold more than 300 pounds with its 19-inch extended strong steel frame alongside its 2.125″ tires.

With it’s longer than a normal frame, it can be easily mounted or dismounted as a result of the low slanting bar and saddle that allows the feet touches the ground on a regular basis.

Its forward pedaling style is also a great feature that helps the rider maintain posture and balance on the bicycle while cycling. You will also find out that the handlebar is made of synthetic leather which prevents sweaty hands and provides comfort on the road.

  • Suitable bike for over 300lbs women
  • Forward pedaling style to prevent backache
  • Full fenders to prevent splashing from wheels
  • Less pricy
  • Less efficient braking system
  • Lack of advanced bike components
  • Relatively heavy at 40 pounds

#8 Schwinn Women’s Talia Cruiser 26″ Wheel Bicycle

Another suitable bike for overweight female riders is the Schwinn Women’s Talia Cruiser Bicycle. It is available in two colors, which are lavender and mango. These two colors are many women’s favorite.

With its 26-inch tires, it holds up more weight compared to other bicycles of similar type. It comes as a vintage cruiser with a simple yet sophisticated style that most women love.

This cruiser bicycle can also be used for optimum exercise. This is due to the single-speed drive train that enables comfortable driving. It’s wide upright handlebars, and low-lying saddle are good for the rider to maintain an upright riding while cycling.

The saddle height is also adjustable and comes with two springs underneath for bump absorption alongside a plush top cover.

It is made of strong steel frame material despite its low price and comes with a chain guard. This cruiser bike comes with only a single-speed gear. The gear system is less effective as well when compared with other similar makes.

Its fenders are useful for preventing water splash on the heavy rider during rainy seasons as opposed to some other bicycles that might not be able to do so.

Although it lacks high-quality components like Shimano parts and disc brakes, this vintage cruiser bicycle comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

It is also very affordable and worth your every penny if you can deal with its shortcomings.

  • Very affordable
  • Adjustable saddle height
  • Fenders to protect the rider from splashing
  • Comes with chain guard
  • Less effective gear system
  • Not suitable for hill climbing
  • Lacks top grade components

#9 Schwinn Phocus 1600 Men’s Road Bike

Are you a heavy rider trying to lose weight through cycling? We suggest you consider the Schwinn Phocus 1600 Men’s road bike. It is incredibly fast and lightweight, with a 16-speed derailleur integrated with a micro shift. Made of only high-quality materials, it offers a smooth and comfortable ride wherever you choose to go.

This is a bicycle for big and tall guys as it is suitable for riders above 6 feet. It comes with multiple mounting points that offer the different rider options to choose from while mounting.

Apart from that, it has high profile double-wall rims with paired spokes to serve the heavy rider conveniently.

In case you wish to enjoy a better riding experience, you can replace its 23′ tires to 28′ tire that it can readily accommodate. It comes with a crank as well, which makes it possible to choose a wider gear range system in the bicycle.

The saddle also comes off more of like a road bike saddle rather than that of a regular mountain bike.

A common issue that a lot of heavy riders’ face with their heavy-duty bicycles is in the assembling of the bike component after purchase. Most bicycles require expertise to fully assemble the bicycle parts.

This is not the case for the Schwinn Phocus. You can easily assemble the bicycle parts from the comfort of your home without having to worry about taking it for assembly with an expertise. This particular heavy-duty bike is also very affordable compared with its fellow counterparts.

  • Perfect for weight loss
  • Fast and lightweight
  • Super affordable
  • Easy bike assembly
  • Sadddle is more of a road bike than a regular mountain bike

#10 Raleigh Detour 2 Comfort Hybrid Bike

Another pick for the best bikes for overweight people will be the Raleigh detour comfort hybrid bike. This hybrid bike can be associated with comfort and durability.

It is made of a strong aluminum frame that can carry up to 350 lbs heavy riders conveniently. With its sloping top bar, you can get your leg over the bike easily compared to other bicycles.

This bike has a large number of spokes, which makes the wheels strong and able to withstand heavy weight of up to 300 pounds. It is made of 21 Shimano gears that make it suitable for hill climbing.

The saddle is loaded with spring for comfort, and it has puncture-resistant tires that can hold up in any messy situation.

Comfort grips are also present in the bike to protect the elbow against numb hands or pain in the elbow. This bike helps you maintain an upright riding position as well to help prevent backache problems.

  • Upright riding position for great posture
  • High quality aluminum frame
  • Suitable bike for 350 lbs people
  • Less affordable

#11 Firmstrong Bruiser Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle

If you are looking for the right beach cruiser bicycle, you might want to go for the Firmstrong bruiser man beach cruiser bicycle. This is by far one of the best beach cruisers you will absolutely fall in love with.

It was constructed to fit the intense cycling habits of a heavy male rider and can move freely on a sandy or smooth surface.

The frame is strong yet lightweight for easy maneuvering. The top section of the bicycle is a bit thicker to allow for more weight of a much heavier rider.

It has a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds and is perfect for 5’4″ to 6’4″ tall male riders. High speed is another great feature of this cruiser bicycle that makes cycling more enjoyable and fun.

With five varieties of colors to choose from, this bicycle for fat guys is beautifully designed for men and has a highly reliable braking and gear system.

The rear coaster brakes come with two different models, which consist of the 1-speed and 2-speed models, while the 7-speed model has a front and rear reliable handbrake that protects the rider.

Its reliable wide saddle is supported by a dual spring that withstands shocks from rough surfaces. It is also a great option for long-distance riding and has a large amount of space for fat riders.

The non-aggressive threads aid a smooth and comfortable ride which is most suitable for heavy riders that demand comfort.

In short, this is a perfect bike for big and tall guys.

  • Great option for long distance riding
  • Reliable brakes and gear system
  • Spring supported seat
  • Extended frame
  • Comes partly assembled
  • Suitable only on smooth and flat grounds

#12 Aluminum Fat Bikes With Powerful Disc Brakes

Judging from the name of the bicycle, it is obvious that this bike is made of one of the strongest frame materials. It is made of strong aluminum that can conveniently withstand the weight of most fat riders.

It also comes with durable front and rear brakes that can protect the rider while pedaling and can allow easy turns and quick stops at regular intervals.

This bike is particularly great for winter and can move seamlessly on snows and muddy roads that might not be avoided during certain seasons and weather periods.

The wheels are made of high-quality materials that can withstand uneven surfaces while still maintaining a smooth ride for the rider.

The aluminum fat bike is also a great option for hiking and has a 16-speed gear system that has proven to be one of the fastest when compared to its similar counterparts.

This is why it comes off less affordable than the others, but it’s certainly worth the investment.

Although it weighs up to 40 pounds, making it a bit heavy, it is easy to assemble, and the entire process might take less than an hour for a beginner bike rider. Another unique feature of the aluminum fat bike is the powerful disc brakes.

These brakes are the perfect fit for heavy riders and cannot be likened to other inferior brakes in similar bicycles of almost the same construction. They offer easy halts as at when needed and are very reliable.

  • Great option for winter
  • High-quality bike
  • Suitable for muddy roads
  • Less affordable

Best Bikes For Heavy Riders Buyer’s Guide

What To Look Out For When Buying a Great Bike

As a heavy rider looking to buy a bike for overweight adults, whether it is a bicycle for a 250 lbs or 300 lbs man, the major consideration is to know what works for you and what does not.

A vast majority of the bikes on the market were manufactured for light riders, which is to say that you will be hard-pressed to find a bike for bigger riders/people. As such, you need to take into consideration a number of factors before making a purchase.

To ensure that you make the right decision, keep these factors in mind during your selection process. It is imperative to find an appropriate bike for heavy adults that can handle your weight above everything else.

The right bike with the best weight capacity not only answers the question of comfort, but it also minimizes the risk of injury. Let’s take a quick look at some of these factors below:

Frames/Frame Material

One of the important components of a suitable bicycle for heavier riders is the material of the frame. If the frames are made with solid metals, then the bike will be able to withstand heavy weight compared to when the frame is made of inferior material.

The best material that should be used for frames is aluminum. Aluminum is strong yet lightweight; thus, it has a high weight capacity but is not too heavy to ride frequently.

Although carbon and titanium are better materials for frames in terms of quality and strength, they are costly and cannot be trusted upon while riding through rough and uneven terrains.

Steel is another close option to go for rather than aluminum. Steel alloys are sturdy but lightweight and are more affordable than aluminum and titanium.

The only reason you might not choose a bike made of the steel frame is that they tend to be heavier than their other counterparts.

Frames that allow you to attach back support are a healthy choice, especially for people with backache problems. Choose top quality frames with front and drop handlebars to raise the level of comfort and stability on the bike.

Bicycles meant for heavy adults that come with frames, which enable an upper riding style are great options as they relieve the rider of bad posture or backache problems by increasing comfort and better posture.

Bike Types/Styles

There are different styles and types of bicycles for heavy guys/riders to choose from. These bikes all have their own individual uniqueness and specialty, which is why you should familiarize yourself with the various styles in order to make the best choice.

For the purpose of this article, only the four main styles will be mentioned. These styles include the road bike, hybrid bike, beach cruiser bike, and mountain bike. Let’s take a quick look at each of them one after the other;

a. Road bike

Road bikes are a great style choice for heavy riders of about 275 pounds in weight. They come with drop handlebars and make the rider hunch forward while pedaling rather than keeping an upright riding position.

These types of bikes can also be useful in running errands around the neighborhood, especially when they come with a rear rack.

b. Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid bikes are a somewhat better option than road bikes for fat, heavy guys. This is because they are more rigid and help maintain an upright riding position while pedaling for a long-distance trip.

These types are also great for cycling across paired and unpaired roads around the neighborhood that require a sturdy and reliable bike for easy maneuvering.

c. Beach Cruiser Bikes

Cruise bikes are made for comfort and stability. They come with a large amount of space to support the weight of the heavy rider, and they glide through smooth roads or surfaces effortlessly.

d. Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are for heavy riders of more than 300 lbs. They are a great choice if your sole aim of cycling is to lose some weight and to exercise more often.

These bikes come with a front suspension that will make the rider lean forward rather than upright and have very strong tires for speed. We have included a number of mountain bikes for 300 lbs riders in our product review list to streamline the process of choosing a bike.

Bike Wheels

Bike wheels are another crucial factor that should be considered before making a purchase. A bicycle for a 400/500 person should have thicker and stronger wheels that will be able to handle a large amount of weight exerted on it by such a person.

Most ordinary bikes are designed to support less than 300 pounds and have less thick wheels compared to the bikes for heavy riders. Larger and tougher wheels protect and support the foot at all times while cycling.

Bike wheels with 26-inch have proven to the best for heavy riders. Although some heavy riders prefer the 29-inch wheels, the 26-inch is perfect and lightweight to encourage high speed.

Typically, the number of spokes per wheel should be nothing less than 32 spokes, and the tires should be at least 27mm thick.

Double-walled tire construction is also preferable for the heavy riders, and rims comprised of steel alloy are rigid. These double-walled tires provide extra comfort compared to the single-walled tire construction.

Also, note and be on the lookout for tires that have thicker waffles or knobby treads as they are able to allow easy cycling on smooth roads.

Above all, avoid flimsy pedals at all costs. Having a solid and reliable wheel system can prevent accidents or a boring ride. Make sure that the wheels can handle the rider’s heavyweight and ensure the front and hind wheels are thicker.

A rear cassette hub is also another great feature of a strong wheel that will meet the needs of any heavy rider.

Number of Spokes

It is said that the higher the number of spokes in the wheels, the better the bicycle. Ordinary bikes usually come with less than 24 spokes in the front wheel and less than 28 spokes in the rear wheels. It can be reliable for lightweight riders but should not be chosen by a heavy rider with more weight.

The right number of spokes for a bike for a heavy person is 32 spokes. The number of spokes in the front wheel is not as important as the number of spokes needed for all rear wheels.

Therefore, the rear wheels should have at least 24 spokes for an efficient bike.

If possible, the spokes should be made up of preferably double-butted stainless steel that can withstand the weight and promote rigidity. Also, ensure to replace or repair any worn-out or damaged tires with loosened or broken spokes when required.

Bike Saddle

One of the most basic components of a bike that will determine the comfort of a heavy rider is the saddle. Ensure that you always look out for a comfortable saddle that has enough space to accommodate your weight.

There are soft varieties, and there are stiff varieties. Soft saddles enable the rider to have a relaxed and upright riding position that will prevent backache and reduce weight.

Stiff saddles are a better option on bicycles for obese adult riders who wish to go on long-distance rides rather than easy cycling around the neighborhood.

An upright riding position is also great on a bicycle for an overweight adult rider that often gets stuck in traffic. The upright riding position enables a larger posture. In traffic, the right posture keeps you safe and comfortable without having to worry about back pains.

As long as you tighten the saddle perfectly, you can be assured of a smooth ride wherever you choose to go. For a friction-free ride, opt for the highest quality Lycra as a saddle for your bike.

It is also important to ensure that the saddles are made with thick padding to allow an even weight distribution across the saddle of the bike. Saddles should also come with shock absorbers and flexible materials that will increase comfort and prevent saddle sores, which can stop a heavy rider from cycling.

Shock absorbers are particularly useful for preventing sores after a bumpy ride on uneven terrain or a rough ride through the mountains.

In case you love a particular brand of a bike but would prefer a more comfortable saddle, you can purchase a more comfy saddle and attach it to the bike at any time. Good saddles are crucial for happy cycling!

Number of Gears

The number of gears is almost as important as the number of spokes. They both follow the same principle as well. The larger the number of gears, the better it is for your bicycle.

A good and efficient gearing system is one of the factors you should consider before making a decision on the purchase. A large number of gears is essential in a bike for an overweight rider as it will allow them to shift gears as soon as possible.

On the other hand, a bike with a lesser number of gears is hard to ride at high speed and sometimes impossible to overtake a competitor.

For a standard bike, a 3 chainring on the front derailleur is required. Some bikes usually come with only 2 chainrings, but the extra one serves a greater purpose.

Also, ensure that the front crank comes with 50 teeth on the bigger sprocket plus 34 teeth on your smaller one. The rear sprocket should also be around 11-30 teeth to allow for an easy and smooth ride on all terrains.

Apart from the number of gears present in a bike, a wide gear range is also an important factor to consider. Usually, bikes that come with alloy cranks allow a considerable range of the gear system.

A reliable gear system will allow you like a heavy rider to switch gears occasionally at quick turns or sharp points without any form of difficulty as at when required. Bikes with more than one gearing option are an excellent choice as well compared to the ones with only one gearing option available.

A reliable braking system also goes with having an efficient gear system. Good brakes ensure that there is a smooth interface at the points of contact.

Lack of a smooth interface can lead to damaged components of the bike, which might prevent further usage. An excellent braking system encourages the high speed of the bike, especially along smooth and flat terrains or road surfaces.

For heavy riders that wish to lose weight through cycling basically, a bike with a single-speed gear can quicken their weight loss journey as opposed to one with a double-speed gear.

Above all, ensure that the gearing system is efficient and functional so as to avoid uneasy rides or minor accidents while pedaling.


Bikes for plus-sized riders are usually pricier than ordinary bikes. Hence, price is a major factor to be considered before making a purchase. As a heavy rider, you have to have a budget for your purchase, so you do not overspend or spend less on your dream bike.

Price ranges from less priced bikes to more pricy bikes depending on the brand and quality of the bike components.

One of the main reasons why bikes for heavy riders come off more pricy is due to the quality of the component parts of the bike as well as its advanced mechanics.

Most bikes for heavy riders also come with incomplete components after purchase, and the buyer is required to source for the other components individually. These components require additional cost for the bike to be fully assembled.

Due to advanced mechanics, some of these great bikes cannot be assembled by an amateur. These bikes come partly assembled and require the need for expertise for the full assembly.

Additional costs are also incurred, thereby making the total cost of the bike a bit pricy. The good news is if you have a smaller budget, you can go for bike options that are extremely affordable and do not require any extra component nor the services of an assembler.

Ground Clearance

It is important to note the ground clearance of the bicycle you intend to choose for cycling. The too low ground clearance can make the wheels hit the ground on an uneven surface.

When the ground clearance is too low, it also slows down the speed of the bike while cycling and can hinder you from enjoying a high-speed ride on smooth terrain.

Another disadvantage of too low ground clearance is that it can damage the bike component parts because it will be too low to the ground. Ensure that while choosing your bike, you opt for a bike with a medium to low ground clearance to avoid any of the above conditions.

Brand Specialty

A great way to ensure that you make a good investment on the bike you intend to purchase is by looking out for brand specialty. Bikes from local bike shops are not necessarily worth the splurge as they majorly comprise of China-made bikes that were created for light bikers.

Some brands, however, specifically major on manufacturing the best bikes for heavy riders. They are intentional about the important features of a bike that can serve a heavy rider such as the weight capacity, frames, and wheels, and so on.

Not only do they take into consideration those important features, but they also ensure that they use the best quality materials and components for the bikes.

Some of the major brands that manufacture bikes for obese riders include the Giant, Zize, Diamondback, Trek, Sixthreezero, Schwinn, and a few others. These brands are trusted and reliable when it comes to delivering high quality and durable heavy-duty adult bikes.

They have existed over the years and have a loyal customer base that can testify to the authenticity and uniqueness of each brand as they strive to meet the needs of their customers.

Usually, they upgrade and come up with updated and better versions of their bikes to cover up for the shortcomings of the previous ones. They also manufacture gender-specific bikes that can be used by males or females for cycling.

These major brands also have great customer service and might be much reliable compared to other upcoming bike brands for heavy riders. They also have great customer reviews that can help you make the right decision depending on preference and recommendations.

Bike brands that cater for both light and heavy riders might still be considered but will require much effort to narrow down your decision making process.

Weight Limit/Capacity

This is the most important of all the factors to look out for while buying a bike. Although it can be a bit difficult due to the fact that most brands do not share this information readily, you still need to be sure of the weight capacity of the bike before making a purchase.

These weight limits differ according to the type or style of the bike. For heavy riders of more than 300 lbs, cruiser bikes are a better option than the other bikes because of their far width and large wheels. Cruiser bikes also come with low frames with a comfortable saddle that aids better cycling.

Mountain bikes can also accommodate heavy riders of more than 300 lbs as they have a wide tire and strong frames that can withstand the weight. They also come with a front suspension fork that will make the rider more comfortable while pedaling regardless of the weight of the rider.

For heavy riders of less than 275 pounds in weight, a road bike is a better option and is easy to use. Determine your weight capacity and choose a bike that best suits it.


Every bike comes with its own speed capacity depending on a number of factors. For heavy riders that wish to lose weight with cycling rather than just for fun or running errands require a high-speed bike.

There are several types of speed derailleur ranging from the 1-speed, 2-speed, 3-speed, 7-speed down to 16 to 24-speed depending on the bike.

Opt for the highest if you need a bike that can move on very high speed and otherwise if the speed is not of utmost importance to you.

For heavy riders who plan on cycling on long-distance roads, a 16-speed Shimano derailleur is just perfect. It can run at a very high speed and can be used to climb up the mountains in no time.

Personal preference also comes into play here so you can choose to go for the speed derailleur that best suits your cycling needs.

In Conclusion To

On a final note, fat or overweight people should not be denied to partake in a great cycling exercise simply because of their weight or inability to find the right bike.

They are entitled as much as the light riders are to enjoy a great exercise and happy ride on the bike of their dreams. They should be able to do this without having to worry about their weight or their size, just like the other small-sized individuals.

Follow our buyer’s guide above, and you will have no problem choosing the perfect choice of bike for cycling. Cycling has proven to be one of the most effective methods of losing weight.

For some fat people, cycling is better than having to follow a strict diet or weight loss routine. So if you are a heavy rider, worry less about your weight and focus on enjoying the best experience while cycling.

Regardless of whether you lose weight or not, cycling helps improve the state of health of the body.

Another great way to ensure you have the best experience while cycling is by getting into the right cycling clothes. Comfortable cycling clothes will prevent discomfort and help you feel lightweight.

If you are just starting out cycling as a fat person, get your own bike, and start cycling. You can start off on smooth terrains within the neighborhood to build confidence over time.

Any of the top 10 bikes for an overweight person that we have provided can suit your every cycling needs. Choose the one that suits you the most, and you will be proud of your investment.

Once you get a hold of your bike, ensure that you get out and cycle around your favorite local places. Enjoy your rides, and do not let anyone talk you out of cycling because of your weight.

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