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best dirt bikes for beginners featured

dirt-bikes-for-beginnersAn important aspect of motocross racing that you can’t ever separate from the game is the professional dirt bikes that are displayed on the trail.

You will agree that it is always a delight to watch moto professionals race each other and show their maneuvering skills, using their highly powered motocross dirt bikes.

If you are a beginner dirt bike rider, whether for fun or with an intention to pursue a career in motocross, you’d probably be thinking of the perfect dirt bike you can start with.

Your mind might have probably pondered on the awesome dirt bikes you saw your stars riding, and you may be considering getting one too. But don’t buy it.

As a beginner, you will likely find those professional bikes too expensive, technical, and difficult to learn with. Whereas you need a good starter dirt bike that you can easily control, understand, and also feel connected to, which will rapidly improve your learning process.

Ask any moto professionals today; none of them started with an advanced moto dirt bike, rather they started with easier and smaller motocross dirt bikes that gradually helped them improve their skills.

There are several dirt bikes for beginners that you can get in the market, irrespective of your age and skill level. Some of the categories that are available for beginners include youth dirt bikes, kids’ motocross bikes for your kids enthusiastic about motocross, and small dirt bikes.

However, not every dirt bike you will find on the market is up to par or can give you the service you desire. Since you can’t test them all, we have done the hard work for you and provided a list of top-rated dirt bikes available on the market.

We have also included a very detailed buyer’s guide section that will help you decide which dirt moto bike to buy.

Best Dirt Bikes For Beginners Comparision Table

ImageProductsMaximum SpeedPowerEngineTransmissionAge GradePricing
Razor MX 65025mph--650-watt batteryAutomatic16 years and aboveCheck On Amazon
Coleman CT2OOU25mph196cc6.5HP strokeSemi-AutomaticTeens and Adult beginnerCheck On Amazon
RPS 250cc Hawk 250 Enduro60mph250cc4 StrokeManualAdult beginnersCheck On Amazon
SYX Moto Holeshot15mph50cc2 StrokeSemi-Automatic6 and aboveCheck On Amazon
Apollo DB-X1855mph125cc4-strokeSemi-AutomaticTeen and Adult beginnerCheck On Amazon
TAOTAO DB1442mph110cc4-strokeSemi-AutomaticTeen and Youth ridersCheck On Amazon
RazorSX500 McGrath15mph--ElectricAutomatic14 years and aboveCheck On Amazon
COOLSTER DB214S45mph125cc4-strokeSemi-AutomaticTeen and youth ridersCheck On Amazon
Razor MX 35014mph--Electric--5 years and aboveCheck On Amazon
Tao Tao DB1040mph110cc4-strokeAutomatic8 years and aboveCheck On Amazon

Best Dirt Bikes For Beginners (Kids & Adults) Reviews

#1 Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

One of the best dirt bikes for teenagers is Razor MX 650 electric dirt rocket. Razor particularly designed the MX 650 dirt bike to appeal to older children of 16 years and above.

This is a good first dirt bike that allows young people to learn to ride easily and also have fun while at it. The amazing features of this bike are listed below:


a) 650-Watt Electric Motor

The 650-Watt Electric motor featured by the Razor MX 650 dirt rocket has several benefits that might not be gotten from other dirt bikes. Firstly, it gives the bike a lot of power that would be required when riding over rough terrain that is common with motocross trails.

With a 650-Watt electric motor, you are able to steer through dirt and sand with ease and go fast at a maximum speed of 17-25 miles per hour which is faster than other entry-level dirt bikes for younger kids.

b) Adjustable Rise Handlebars

The handlebars of the bike are comfortable to hold and balanced as well, so you are sure of a firm grip while riding the bike. To make it more fitting for the rider, Razor made the handlebars adjustable, meaning you can adjust the handlebars to your riding comfort. It also makes it easier for you to control the bike.

c) 36-Volt Battery Pack

While many electric dirt bikes for younger kids feature a 24-volt battery pack and require 12-15 hours of charging before each ride, Razor Dirt Rocket Bike has a 36-volt battery pack.

The Dirt bike requires only 8 hours of charge, and it can run up to 10 miles before you need to charge it again. Although the bike only requires 8 hours of charge.

After purchase, it is advisable to charge it for up to 12 hours before riding it. In conclusion, the Razor Dirt Rocket Bike is a good beginner dirt bike and it comes highly recommended.

  • Attractive and beautifully designed
  • Amazing speed of up to 25mph
  • Chain-driven guaranteeing less noise and quiet ride
  • A dual suspension which makes riding more comfortable
  • Easy acceleration control through the use of the front and rear brakes
  • High traction and maximum power derived from pneumatic knobby tires
  • It is 100% safe to ride
  • The battery needs to be charged for up to 8 hours and sometimes for 12 hours before it can become fully charged
  • You must charge it once a month, or else you put the bike’s battery at a big risk of not being able to accept or hold a charge, which can automatically lead to the battery’s damage.

#2 Coleman CT2OOU Trail Bike

If your teens ever show interest in motocross, then this is the perfect dirt bike to get him or her. With a strong 196cc engine and several amazing features like a large tank, rear drum brake, and an adjustable seat, you can be sure that you will have a comfortable and exciting experience while riding the dirt bike.

This bike is not only good for teens, but this mini bike is also suitable for adults.


a) 196cc Engine

This dirt bike features a very strong engine of 196cc 6.5HP stroke OVH single cylinder, which enables the bike to run smoothly and carry out its required functions without any hindrance. Irrespective of your terrain-hilly, sandy or muddy areas- The strong engine ensures that the runs perfectly at a capped speed of 25mph.

b) High quality and big tires

The Coleman ct200U comes with very big tires that make sure the bike is stable while riding on it. The big tires allow you to climb up to 4000 feet elevation without reducing speed. Another benefit of the big tires is that it easily absorbs the shock and vibration of the bike, thereby enhancing the grip.

c) 42 Inches Wheels

This is another essential feature of the Ct200U; its wheels are 42 inches wide. These wheels respond well on different trails and also contribute to the solid grip of the bike, which is very important to the security of the rider.

d) Gas Powered

This dirt bike runs on gas and has a large fuel tank that can be filled by 1.1 gals of gasoline. One good feature of this dirt bike is that it has a low fuel consumption rate. Since a full tank can last you a long time, you can save money on gas.

  • Very durable
  • Comfortable and easy to operate
  • Front and rear drum brakes allowing for safety
  • It offers a maximum speed of 25mph

#3 RPS 250cc Dirt Bike Hawk 250 Enduro Motorcycle Bike

If you are looking for an affordable, efficient, and easy-to-ride beginner’s dirt bike, then the RPS hawk dirt bike 250cc is your best option. You not only get to save money, but you also get the fun and thrill moto professionals to feel when riding on motocross trails.

In addition to being a 250cc dirt bike, it is durable and also has an attractive frame. This amazing dirt bike is efficient for your daily commute around the city and on or off-road riding.

This dirt bike has several amazing features, which include an upgraded carburetor, a four-stroke engine, and three months warranty. It comes with gloves, sunglasses, and handgrips.


a) 250cc Four Stroke Engine

This engine enables the dirt bike to start quickly and powers the speed of the bike to an amazing maximum acceleration of 60 miles per hour. The manually controlled four-stroke bike engine ensures high performance in any terrain. The bike supports kick start and electric start feature.

b) Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Another unique feature of the Hawk 250cc dirt bike is that it features hydraulic disc brakes for its front and back wheels

c) Fuel Powered

This dirt bike is powered by gas and has a large fuel tank firmly covered by a tight locking cap, which can hold up to 12.5 liters of fuel.

Other noteworthy features of the Hawk 250cc dirt bike include: leather padding seats, sleek mirrors, instrument panel, odometer, speedometer and tachometer.

  • It comes with loads of essential benefits
  • Padded seats which allows for comfortability
  • Maximum speed of 60mph
  • Street legal
  • Structure made of durable and high-quality steel
  • User manual does not contain detailed instructions and guidelines on the assembly and maintenance of the bike.
  • Mufflers are prone to crack due to vibration and lack of proper balance.

#4 SYX Moto Holeshot 50cc Mini Dirt Bike

SYX Moto Holeshot 50cc Mini Dirt Bike
Check Price At Amazon

This is another great dirt bike you can get for your kids or wards interested in motocross. This dirt bike is specifically designed for beginners ages 6 and up with the maximum rider weight of 198 pounds.

It features safety measures such as disk brakes and a limited speed of 30-15 mph to guarantees the security of any kid riding it. This SYX Moto holeshot 50cc mini trail dirt bike for beginners comes with a three-year warranty on its engine and one month for the bike parts.


a) Two-Stroke Engine

This dirt bike is powered by a 2-stroke engine, which makes the bike less noisy compared to other dirt bikes in the market. The two-stroke engine helps to maintain the required speed perfect for a beginner, especially a kid.

b) Speed Governor

The dirt bike comes with a speed adjustability tool that allows riders to set the speed of the dirt bike to either a low or high speed. This tool is called the speed governor.

It helps the rider to start at a lower speed before proceeding to a higher speed. This aids learning and helps build confidence in your kids before they start riding at max speed. This dirt bike also features a safety kill switch that immediately shuts off the bike.

c) Front and Rear Disc Brakes

The SYX Moto Holeshot 50cc Mini Dirt Bike has a front and a rear disc brake that helps the rider control and accelerates the bike. These brakes are operated by hand.

Other features include: Twist grip handle, EPA approved.

  • Ideal for beginners
  • 2 stroke engine ensures noise reduction
  • Speed control settings
  • Less durable
  • Can’t withstand much pressure

#5 Apollo DB-X18 125CC DIRT BIKE

Apollo DB-X18 125CC DIRT BIKE
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This dirt bike is one of the most affordable dirt bikes in the world. The Apollo DB-X18 125CC dirt bike is efficient and has several positive features that make it attractive to customers.

It is small, light and can be used for off-road and on-road. This bike is attractive and comes in different colors like green, blue, and black. There is no doubt that you will have an enhanced riding experience when you ride on this dirt bike.


a) 4-Stroke Engine

Apollo DB-X18 125CC DIRT BIKE is a 125cc 4-stroke dirt bike with a maximum speed of 55 miles, which is impressive for a beginner’s dirt bike. This dirt bike is controlled manually and has a kick start system that makes starting the bike easy.

The speed of this dirt bike is dependent on the rider and the road conditions, however irrespective of the terrain, the bike will give you the speed you desire. It is a lightweight motocross bike for beginners, which allows for easier traction

b) 4-Speed Manual/Semi-Automatic Clutch

This dirt bike can be controlled using four gears. All the gears are upward except the neutral, which faces downward. Each of these gears can cover up to 15mph.

The manual setup is completed by a front and rear brake, with each making use of the hydraulic disc that enables riders to apply the brakes when necessary effortlessly.

The Apollo DB-X18 125CC DIRT BIKE runs on fuel with a gas tank capacity of 1 gallon or 3.5l. The fuel consumption is low. A full tank can last you several days, depending on usage.

Other features include: Adjustable handlebars, non-adjustable suspension, single cylinder.

  • It is reliable
  • Cool designs
  • It is easy to control
  • Noise reduction
  • It is good for learners
  • Carburetor is less efficient- You might have to replace it.
  • The problem of loose exhaust with new models.
  • You might encounter difficulty in getting spare parts.

#6 Taotao DB14 110CC Dirt Bike

Taotao DB14 110CC Dirt Bike
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Don’t mind the funny name, TaoTao db14 dirt bike is a very good trail dirt bike for beginners. The DB14 110cc dirt bike from TaoTao USA has several unique features that make it ideal for teen and youth riders.

Some of these features include taller seats, larger tires, and an air-cooled engine. With a price tag of less than $700, the TaoTao DB14 is a cheap motocross dirt bike. It is efficient for On and Off-road riding and comes in several colors.


a) 110cc Four Stroke Engine

TaoTao DB14 features a 110cc four-stroke air-cooled engine connected to a single cylinder. Built on Honda technology, the engine is lightweight and contributes to the speed of the dirt bike.

Thanks to the 4-stroke engine, the acceleration of TaoTao DB14 can be cranked up to 42mph. You can win racing bike competitions with this high-performance engine.

b) Semi-Automatic Transmission

This dirt bike has a semi-automatic gearbox, which is a good transition for young riders willing to ride manual dirt bikes in the future. TaoTao DB14 also features durable 14/12 big front and rear wheels that aid the easy movement of the dirt bike.

Other features of TaoTao DB14 include: Front and rear brakes, Kick start feature, 1-gallon fuel capacity, chain drive transmission and an engine kill switch.

  • It is easy to maneuver.
  • Lightweight.
  • Can handle rough terrains.
  • Solid steel frame.
  • High-performance parts.
  • Most of the parts are compatible.
  • It is a good 4 stroke dirt bike.
  • Screws may loosen unnecessarily.

#7 Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath

Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath
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The Dirt rocket SX500 by Razor is a cool electric start dirt bike you can get for your kids aged 14 and above or anyone that weighs less than 175 pounds. This dirt bike is specially designed to honor one of the most popular motocross riders of all time-Jeremy McGrath.

The graphics of the bike and its design is modeled after McGrath’s design and graphics. If your kid is a big lover of motocross, then this bike will surely make him/her happy. With a maximum speed of 15km/h and a variable speed motor, you can be sure of a thrilling experience.


a) Variable Speed Motor

The SX500 features a variable speed motor that enables you to gauge your speed, although the maximum you can get from this dirt bike for safety reasons is 15mph.

b) Tires and Brakes

The SX500 has a 6-inch tire knobby tire in front and on the back, a 14-inch pneumatic knobby tire which is held on by aluminum wheels. This aids the speed and easy movement on the dirt bike.

c) Battery Life

The SX500 is completely electric, and as such, it runs on battery. The battery can last up to 40 minutes when it is fully charged. When it is low, the battery needs to be charged for 8 hours straight before you can ride the bike again. However, it is always advisable to make the first charge of the battery 12 hours before riding the bike.

Other features of the SX500 dirt bike include: Dual suspension, adjustable riser handlers, retractable kickstand, and dual disk brakes

  • It is very safe to ride.
  • Nice graphics and designs.
  • It has an all-steel frame.
  • Perfect fit for a beginner.
  • Affordable price.
  • Weak battery life.
  • Speed may be too low.

#8 Coolster Db214s Black Semi Auto 125cc Dirt Bike

Coolster Db214s Black
Check Price At Amazon

Coolster dirt bike is one of the most positively reviewed dirt bikes on the internet. It boasts of several amazing features that make it a darling of the customers. It is beautifully designed, lightweight, and can be accelerated up to a top speed of 45mph.

Costing less than $700, it is a cheap racing dirt bike. This 125cc dirt bike is ideal for teenagers, kids over 12 years old, and adults who weigh less than 220 pounds. Coolster dirt bike is CARB approved-It is street legal in California.


a) 4-Stroke Engine

The Coolster dirt bike is manually controlled with an air-cooled 4-Stroke engine. It is also lightweight and can function as both an on-road and an off-road racing dirt bike. It has a kickstart feature, which makes it easier for the bike to be controlled by beginners with less difficulty.

Other features of the Coolster dirt bike include: Max rider weight of 220 pounds, reinforced fork tubing, solid springs.

  • It is affordable.
  • It is lightweight and powerful.
  • It has a beautiful and stylish design.
  • It is ideal for beginners.
  • It is CARB approved.
  • It can go up to 45mph.
  • Some of the parts may leak with time.
  • The potential risk of motor breaking down.
  • Young riders may find it difficult to handle.

#9 Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

Razor is renowned for making nice and efficient dirt bikes, and the MX350 is no exception. The Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike is a really good dirt bike for kids; in fact, it is one of the best in the market.

It has beautiful designs with nice graphics modeled after professional motocross dirt bike. The mx350 dirt rocket has several appealing features that are geared towards giving your kid the best experience ever.

It has wide pneumatic knobby tires that aid the smooth movement of the dirt bike in any terrain at a maximum speed of 14mph. If your kid is enthusiastic about dirt bikes and motocross, then this is the best gift you can give him/her.


a) Electric Battery

The MX350 is powered by a 24V battery that consists of two 12V batteries with a 12V sealed lead acid rechargeable system. To get the bike working, you will need to charge it regularly maximum to attain full charge. It is important to note that the dirt bike does not come pre-charged, and as such, you must charge it for up to 12 hours before the first ride.

b) Large Knobby Tires

The dirt bike comes with large pneumatic knobby tires and hand-operated rear brakes which aids in the stability and traction of the bike.

c) 90-Day Warranty

This dirt bike is covered with a 90-day warranty, which is attractive to all customers. Indirectly the manufacturer is assuring you of its durability and that if the bike develops a fault in the 90-days period, you can easily return it for a new one. However, after the 90 days elapse, the bike cannot be returned.

Other features include: Retractable kickstand, steel frame construction

  • It has a sturdy frame.
  • Large pneumatic knobby tires.
  • It is great for kids and teenagers.
  • 90-days warranty.
  • It needs to be charged every time and may be a drain on your electrical bills.
  • It may be too small for teens or kids over 13 years old.

#10 TAO Tao DB 10 Dirt Bike

TAO Tao DB 10 Dirt Bike
Check Price At Amazon

Tao Tao is another great small trail teenage dirt bike. It has loads of nice features that will make you fall in love with motocross dirt biking. Tao Tao DB10 is built to withstand the roughness and coarseness that are associated with off-road trails.

It is easy to learn and handle, as such, it is a nice off-road dirt bike for beginners. With just a kick and a kickstart, you can start the dirt bike, and you will be amazed at the power you will get from the engine of the dirt bike.


a) Automatic Transmission

These dirt bikes come with an automatic transmission, which makes you more focused on speed and riding rather than shifting gears. An automatic gearbox makes learning simpler for beginners.

b) Double Shocks

Tao Tao DB 10 has double shocks on the front of the bike, and rear mono shocks on the rear. The front and the rear ends are as well fitted with disc brakes. These features help you to be in control and be able to maneuver the dirt bike well on the trails

c) 40 Mph Maximum Acceleration

This bike is designed to give you a speed of up to 40mph. Although it is not the fastest, it is way higher than several of the dirt bikes in the Tao Tao DB 10 price category. You can control the speed of the bike through its handlers.

Other features include : a sturdy steel frame, 110cc gasoline engine

  • It is budget friendly.
  • It is stylish.
  • It can be easily controlled.
  • It is lightweight.
  • Young beginners might find it too fast.
  • It is not CARB approved, therefore it can not be registered in California.

Dirt Bikes For Beginners Buyer’s Guide Section

By calling dirt bikes youth dirt bikes, you are not totally incorrect as the majority of dirt bike riders are youths. Dirt bikes are more suited to the thrill of youthful exuberance.

There are also dirt bikes for kids called kids motocross bikes or small dirt bikes. Kids’ motocross bikes or small dirt bikes are a match for the kid, and it will be a mismatch for an adult or youth to be buying them for personal use.

Picking the right motorcycle dirt bike can be a tough choice to make because of the large number of good motocross bikes for starters available in the market. Whether you are purchasing MotorX (motocross) dirt bikes online through eCommerce stores or you are purchasing it from a physical marketplace, you are going to need to choose one or a few out of the many good bikes they have made available.

Getting good beginner dirt bikes whether for adults or teenagers is even more difficult if you have no history and experience of buying dirt bikes as you are going to find it hard to choose or know which dirt bikes best suits your purpose.

There are different types of dirt bikes; there are the youth dirt bikes, kids’ motocross bikes, and small dirt bikes, among others. This guide is chock full of dirt bike information, which will help buyers locate the best dirt bikes for beginners.

And since you are just starting, it is best to start with simpler dirt bikes designs; you do not need to purchase the kind of dirt bikes professional motorcyclists will get.

You will see why it is not smart and suitable for you to watch bike races and select the kind of bike you want to get; this path usually ends in the beginner getting a dirt bike that he or she is going to struggle with.

Dirt bikes for beginners do not have to begin with powerful, sophisticated, and big dirt bikes, as beginners get dirt bikes that match your dirt bike skills, and as you improve, you can buy more powerful and more badass dirt bikes.

In this guide, I will provide the assistance you need to select the best beginner dirt bikes for kids, adults, and youths. Whether you need a big, full-sized dirt bike for racing, a medium-sized dirt dike, or a small budget dirt bike, you will the features and factors you should put into consideration here.

Examples of dirt bikes for beginners, whether adult (male and female) or otherwise will also be highlighted in this guide to provide additional clarity for buyers.

So, let’s get into it:

The Environment

Before you go ahead to select the dirt bike you want to buy, pause for a while and ask yourself this question: what kind of environment will I use this dirt bike in?

Not all dirt bikes for suitable for every terrain and this is why it is advisable that before you buy your beginner dirt bike, you should first know the kind of environment that you want to ride on, and when you have known the kind of terrain, then you can make buying decisions based on that knowledge. This simple research will save you the pains of finding out that the dirt bike you purchased is not suitable for the terrain you want to ride on.

There are two types of dirt bikes racing based on environmental consideration; they are the motocross racing and the trail riding dirt bikes and motorcycles. Motocross racing involves the use of certain great dirt bikes for racing on a polished outdoor environment. Motocross racing environment is preset before the racing begins and is suitable for most dirt bikes, even dirt bikes for dummies.

Trail riding is another entirely different ball game. The environment is rough and not polished, as there is no control done over the environment. Trail dirt biking is done on rough paths where dirt bikes do not know what to expect and handle whatever the environment throws at them.

Unlike the motocross racing where you can gain experience from riding consecutively on the terrain set, the trail riding environment is subjected to change of nature even if you have ridden on the same terrain for a while. Not all dirt bikes are suitable for trail riding, and dirt bikes for starters and beginners are almost certainly not going to withstand very difficult trail riding terrains.

Dirt bikes suitable for trail riding are made with bigger and stronger tires and smaller wheels. They also have soft suspension to make for a comfortable riding experience because the terrain itself can present troubles and great difficulty for the rider.

Taller and larger dirt bikes are made for trail riding experiences as they aid you in avoiding the obstacles that characterize the track such as trees, stones, etc. Motorcycles for trail riding terrains have a lot of comforts to make the riding experience better, such as a button to kick start the dirt bike, softer suspensions, more rubber, etc.

Dirt bikes suitable for motocross racing terrains will be lighter and smaller due to the absence of the obstacles and roughness that characterizes the trail riding terrain. The capacity of the gas tan will also be lesser than that of a dirt bike suitable for trail riding terrains.

You can use a dirt bike suitable for motocross racing environment for the trail riding terrain and a trail bike motorcycle for motocross racing environment. To do this, your dirt bike riding expertise has to be high. As a beginner, I advise you to stick to buying dirt bikes based on the terrain it is suitable for.

Know Your Specifications

There is a dirt bike out there created with you in mind, and the first step to finding it is to know your specifications. Adult dirt bikes, adult trail bikes, kids’ motocross bikes or small dirt bikes are some of the subcategories of dirt bikes you should be looking at if you want to buy it for a beginner.

It is important to know your specifications because it is only with that information you can use to choose a suitable dirt bike for yourself. Picking a random dirt bike is a bad buying decision because there is almost no dirt bike that can cater to the needs of everyone, as such, what small trail motorcycles will cater to is different from what a motocross bike will cater to.

Dirt bikes differ from each other in size and weight. They are manufactured with specific ideas about certain kinds of people, that is why it comes in different sizes and designs. All these varying factors render useless the idea that any random dirt bike can suit any rider.

Know your height: If you are short in height, then getting a tall dirt bike is not ideal for you as you will struggle to control it. Also, if you are tall in height, getting a short dirt bike is not ideal for you as it will put too much pressure on your legs, making the overall riding experience a hell ride.

Short dirt bikers should buy short dirt bikes, and tall dirt bikers should buy tall dirt bikes. Your height should play a crucial role in determining what dirt bike you are getting.

Know your weight: This is a simple mathematical calculation, and you do not have to be an Einstein to know that your body weight plays a crucial role in the kind of dirt bike you want to buy.

For lightweight individuals, they can virtually handle any dirt bike made available, but bikes made for heavyweight individuals, it is advisable to check if the dirt bike to be purchased can conveniently handle the weight of the individual.

It does not make for a funny sight for your dirt bike to be destroyed because of your weight which you inflicted on it. Dirt bikes such as small dirt bikes, kids’ motocross bikes, and youth dirt bikes may not be advisable for a heavyweight individual to ride on.

Physical inspection: There is nothing better than having a physical inspection of the bike to help you determine if the dirt bike is the right selection for you. In cases where you can do a physical inspection of the dirt bike before buying, do it.

A physical inspection of the dirt bike is the best and surest way of finding the ideal dirt bike suitable for you. You can sit on the bike, and if it is allowed to test the bike to know if its size, height, and weight are ideal for your ease and maneuverability. As a beginner, you may still have no idea of what dirt bike to choose.

To help solve this problem, I suggest you try out different dirt bikes on display, testing to see which one suits you best. By the time you are done with this little exercise, you would have found the right dirt bike that is ideal for you.

The Wheel Of The Dirt Bike

Before buying a dirt bike, take into consideration the wheel of the dirt bike. A typical dirt bike has a large wheel at the front end and a smaller wheel at the back end of the bike. This is the typical design for all dirt bikes; this design allows the dirt bike to be nimble enough to navigate through obstacles and to have a higher acceleration speed.

The wheel size and makeup are different for selected dirt bikes; for rougher terrains, the rear end tire has more rubber than the front tire, while for smoother terrains, the makeup for dirt bikes wheels suitable to the terrains is different.

A dirt bike that has small wheels and large tires coated in enough rubber is made to be suitable for trail riding terrains. Those made for the motocross racing terrain are not as complicated. The wheel of the dirt bike is designed with the idea of the terrain to be used at the back of the manufacturer’s mind.

Finding out about the wheel of the dirt bike before making your dirt bike purchasing decision is one decision you are going to appreciate because getting the right wheels makes for a comfortable riding experience.

Power Of The Dirt Bike

As a beginner, you do not have any business buying a very powerful dirt bike like the 450cc 4 stroke motocross dirt bike. Start out with less powerful bikes as they are easier to learn with. Buying a very powerful dirt bike as a beginner is a sure guaranty that you are going to struggle with the bike.

A less powerful bike is more suited for beginners and for a dirt bike education. You can try dirt bikes like the 125 2 stroke or the 250 4 stroke dirt bikes. Do not repeat the purchasing mistakes of other dirt bike beginners who buy very powerful dirt bikes, and at the end of the day, they struggle to control and master it.

I advise that if you have the orientation of going out to the marketplace to buy the most powerful and biggest dirt bikes available, this is a wrong starting point for a beginner.

Any dirt bike that has more displacement than 300 CSS is a bad choice when selecting a dirt bike for beginnings. Getting a very powerful dirt bike as a beginner is a big NO, the bike tends to ride you rather than you riding the bike. Some good dirt bikes to look at include: Honda CRF 250X 4 stroke, Yamaha YZ125 2 stroke and Yamaha WR250 4 stroke dirt bikes.

Buy Your Beginner Dirt Bike From A Secondary Market

As a beginning in the dirt biking world, and you are looking for a good way to minimize costs, I suggest you buy used dirt bikes from secondary markets like craigslist and eBay. Buying your first dirt bike from a secondary market is not a bad idea.

As a beginner and in the learning process, your dirt bike is going to incur some damages and breakings. You are going to misuse the dirt bike at first, and even crash it. For beginners, I advise that you get a used dirt bike, which is going to be way cheaper and use it to master your dirt-biking skills.

Once you have fully mastered it, you can now consider buying a brand-new dirt bike. By following this small piece of advice, you can easily save money. You will find that there are several options available to you such as used 150cc dirt bike, a used 450cc dirt bike, and a used dirt bike for trail riding, among others.

Purpose Of The Dirt Bike

What do I need a dirt bike for? The question ‘what’ is what we often ask ourselves and reflect on before making a decision. Does the same scenario apply to make purchases; we ask ourselves this question: what do I need it for? The answer to that question plays a crucial role in determining if we will buy or not.

The purpose to which you want to use the dirt bike should play a major role in influencing your choice of a dirt bike. There are basically two categories of dirt bikes: the two-stroke and the four-stroke.

The two-stroke dirt bikes are suitable for general purpose; they are the right choice for you if you are looking for a cheap but dirt bike that is easy to ride and has a low maintenance cost.

The drawback of this type of small dirt bike is that it requires frequent servicing and can be quite tasking to get it to run very fast. If the purpose for which you are looking for a dirt bike is for general use, then the two-stroke dirt bike is excellent for you.

Some examples of good two-stroke dirt bikes include BETA 300RR, 250RR, 200RR and 125RR, CHRISTINI AWD 300E, COBRA CX50FWE, GASGAS EC300, XC300, EC250, XC250, EC200, XC200, and GPX MOTO TSE250.

The four-stroke dirt bikes are more suited for racing purposes and for rough terrains. They are the right choice for you if you are looking for a good dirt bike that is easy to ride, can navigate smoothly through rough terrains, and are quite fast, which makes it extremely useful for competitive purposes.

The four-stroke dirt bikes are powerful bikes and have the mechanism for smooth and swift power delivery. They perform four functions: intake, exhaust, compression, and combustion.

The drawback of this type of dirt bike is that it is far more expensive than the two-stroke dirt bike. Other drawbacks of the four-stroke dirt bike include its heavyweight, difficulty to learn for beginners, and it is very hard to kick start without the aid of a starter (electric).

Some examples of good four-stroke dirt bikes include KTM 250 SX-F, Yamaha YZ250 four-stroke version, Honda CRF 250X 4 stroke, and Yamaha WR250 4 stroke.

Personal Preference

Your personal preference goes a long way to determine the type of dirt bikes for beginners, the type of youth dirt bikes, kids’ motocross dirt bikes, and small dirt bikes you will choose. I cannot guess what your personal preference is, which is why I will say little about this.

The only buyer guide I will give here is that whatever choice of dirt bike you choose due to personal preference, make sure you are very comfortable with it.

Guide To Buying Kids Motocross Dirt Bikes Or Small Dirt Bikes For Kids

If your intention is to buy dirt bikes for kids, you are going to have to consider independent factors like the safety of the bike, the speed of the bike, and ease. Here are other good examples of dirt bikes for kids: The Yamaha PW50 dirt bike (age 4 to 6), The KTM 65 SX dirt bike (age 9 to 12), and The Husqvarna TC85 dirt bike (age 12 to 16).

#1 Yamaha PW50

This small dirt bike is a very popular kids’ choice. It is one of the most popular dirt bikes among parents and guardians. Many of today’s popular and professional dirt bikers actually started out using this small dirt bike.

The Yamaha PW50 is designed for kids in the age range of 4 to 6. The small dirt bike is safe for your kids to use, does not have a high speed, which makes it easy to control when riding, and it is one of the best to learn dirt bike riding for beginners. The Yamaha PW50 is also cheap, costing about five hundred euros.

#2 KTM 65 SX

This small dirt bike is a good example of kids’ motocross dirt bikes that are suitable for kids from the age of 9 to 12. After your kid has used the Yamaha PW50, he or she will outgrow the small dirt bike and will need a bigger one to continue to enjoy or develop.

The KTM 65 SX is good for such a jump. The KTM 65 SX is costlier than the Yamaha PW50, costing about one thousand five hundred euros. The KTM 65 SX, when used with adequate precaution, is a safe bet for your kids.

#3 Husqvarna TC85

This kids’ motocross bike is a graduation from the KTM 65 SX. This small dirt bike is suitable for kids between the age of 12 and 16. Once your kid gets to the age range that is recommended to use this type of kids’ motocross bike, monitor them carefully and encourage them as they are just one more step to using the youth dirt bikes.

The Husqvarna TC85 can be seen as a mini version of the adult dirt bike and the best bike to learn and kick start your dirt bike racing career. It is the costliest of the three kids’ motocross dirt bikes I recommended here. The price of the Husqvarna TC85 is close to two thousand euros.

In Conclusion To

Every moto professional always has a personal connection with that first dirt bike, a connection that lasts forever. They tell everything about it from its name, its specifications and even it’s color!

This is so because you share amazing and unforgettable moments with your first dirt bike.  Your beginner dirt bike gives you the thrill moto professionals feel on the trail, and you are able to learn easily, and master riding and maneuvering skills with it.

Put this into consideration, and you’ll see that getting a top beginner dirt bike for you or your kids is paramount. The dirt bikes on our list are not only perfect for beginners, but they are also affordable and comfortable.

There is no doubt that you will have a positive review to give after purchasing one of our recommended dirt bikes. Riding a dirt bike is more than entertainment; it’s a lifestyle.

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