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fast-remote-control-carsIf you are a racing enthusiast, but you never have the courage to become a pilot, there is a way to feel what racing pilots feel without actually engaging in professional racing.

Back in the days, having a radio-controlled car and all its accessories was a very big deal, and not all kids could have one. Today, they turned into more generic and affordable toys. However, these are not the RC cars that I want to talk about.

Even though they look the same and have the same principle of working, the cars that I will present today are super-fast and are part of what is called “big boys toys” because they are not for children to play at home but for grown-up kids that go by calling themselves, adults.

So, if you are a fan of fast remote-controlled cars and don’t know what the latest models are or if you have a boyfriend that you want to surprise with a gift, then you are in the right place, and I will tell you why.

I personally have hand-picked 10 of the most popular and strongest RC cars in the world that money can buy, but also created a special buyer’s guide for you so you can pick one classic model or more, in an easier manner. So, let’s begin!

Best Fast RC Cars Comparison Chart

Let’s take a moment and look at the next comparison chart. It is not a must, but it is recommended, so you will understand the resemblances and the differences between fast RC cars. Also, you will find out how popular they are among enthusiasts.

ImagesProductWeightDimensionsRecommended AgePricing
Redcat Racing EPX6 pounds14.2 x 8 x 4.5 inches14 Years+Check On Amazon
Redcat Racing Lightning EPX6 pounds14.2 x 8 x 4.5 inches14 Years+Check On Amazon
JEYPOD Remote Control Car1.55 pounds8.2 x 5.1 x 2.7 inches8 Years+Check On Amazon
LÆGENDARY 1/10 Scale Large Car2.2 pounds15.1 x 12.7 x 8.1 inches8 Years+Check On Amazon
VCANNY RC Car2.6 pounds13 x 15 x 17 inches8 Years+Check On Amazon
DEERC RC Car3.45 pounds315 x 193 x 134 inches8 Years+Check On Amazon
EXERCISE N PLAY Remote Control Car2.76 pounds12 x 8.2 x 7.9 inches8 Years+Check On Amazon
INGQU RC Car3.44 pounds13.8 x 10.6 x 5.5 inches8 Years+Check On Amazon
WHIRLT RC Car2.85 pounds12 x 8.2 x 7.8 inches8 Years+Check On Amazon
RedCat Racing Volcano EPX8.35 pounds15.8 x 12.2 x 7.5 inches14 Years+Check On Amazon

Top 10 Best Fast RC Cars Reviews

It is likely that after reading the comparison chart to pick a few favorites, but you won’t be able to get a full opinion without reading the advantages and disadvantages of each electric car for adults.

Especially if you are an entry-level user or a professional one. Also, if you will skip some of them, you won’t find out which is the fastest electric RC car from the list.

#1 Redcat Racing EPX

The first fast RC racing car on the list is manufactured by Redcat Racing and is a drift car made on a 1/10 scale RC car kit.

It is equipped with anything you could wish for, such as 5-Star rims, drift tires, independent suspension, plastic chassis, oil-filled shocks, and even with bearings throughout.

Furthermore, just as any respectable high-speed drift car for racing, this little one has tunable suspensions and tunable shocks, and this is not the single best part. It also has some adjustable components such as ride height, toe angle, or camber angle.

As you can guess already by reading all its features, it is a very realistic toy that has a very real-looking body even though it is an RC drift car.

Let’s move on to the driving components and see what it has to offer in that section. Its toughest drift tires but also its 4-wheel drive will ensure an easy and smooth controlling.

Regarding the technical parts, it has a 19T RC550 electric motor that is controlled on a 2.4GHz radio-frequency. It has great steering servo, giving it increased maneuverability and, as a plus, comes with a 40a Waterproof ESC.

It is a rechargeable RC car with a battery (7.2V 2000 mAh) that can be charged with a NiMH battery charger, that you also receive. However, it will require some AA batteries for the transmitter. Other than that, it is ready to run just as you take it out of the box.

  • Very realistic design;
  • Great battery power;
  • Easy to control;
  • It is waterproof.
  • It can be considered expensive.

#2 Redcat Racing Lightning EPX

This next beauty is another miniature RC rally car manufactured by Redcat Racing. Just as its predecessor, it is one of the greatest car toys made on a scale of 1/10. It comes highly for teenagers to use.

However, this is not an RC drifting car, but an on-road one. As to where components go, this mini RC car is equipped with independent suspensions, shaft driven four-wheel drive, a lightweight plastic chassis with an aluminum top plate, front and also rear dear differentials, oil-filled shocks and of course bearings throughout.

Speaking of equipment, it does have some customizable parts such as shocks, suspension, and rear differentials. However, this is not the only interesting part because there are sections of it that are adjustable such as the tow angle, the ride height, and the camber angle. I almost forgot it has selectable shock positions.

What more can I say? It is clear as day that with so many cool features, this model car is a super detailed one. If you think that what I said till now is cool, wait till you find out that it comes with a molded plastic rear wing, a set of molded side view mirror, but also with very realistic tires.

The electronic part also has some very interesting features. Actually, it’s electric motor is a 3300KV RC540 brushless motor that allows a 60a Waterproof ESC. Also, you should know that the control is made through a 2.4GHz radio-frequency.

The last thing that I want to mention about this model is that it comes with a LiPO rechargeable battery (7.4v 3500mAh 15C) and a LiPO battery charger. The only things that you should be prepared with, are some AA batteries for the transmitter and a racing mood. Therefore, we can say that this is a nice rechargeable RC car.

  • Battery-powered RC car, with Great battery;
  • Very cool design;
  • This fast remote controlled car is extremely easy to control;
  • It is waterproof.
  • It is not very cheap RC car.

#3 JEYPOD Remote Control Car

This next car is made by JEYPOD. It is made of plastic elements that are not toxic and also electronic components.

It comes with long battery life and can be used for 30 minutes without stopping, but it will have to recharge for 90 minutes. The car requires 4 batteries in or for it to work. Two of them are 3.7V 700MAH Ni-Cd, and two of them are 1.5 AA. The first two are rechargeable and go into the car, while the second type is for the controller.

As for its controller/receiver, it is a wireless remote controlled one that works on the 2.4 GHz radio-frequency and can control your car from a long range of about 80 meters. The coolest part is that you can actually control more than one car in the same area and not have interferences.

Since we are talking about the fastest electric RC race cars, you probably have guessed, but this tiny car is fast. You can “drive” with even 20km/h. This means more than 12 mph.

The last thing that I want to say about this model is that it can be moved in any way you might want. It goes forward, it goes backward, also in any direction such as right or left.

Also, it is a budget RC car that is especially suitable for 8-year-old kids and older ones.

  • Cheap fast RC car;
  • Good speed car;
  • Easy to maneuver.
  • It doesn’t have the most high-quality materials.

#4 LÆGENDARY 1/10 Scale Large Car

I don’t know about kids these days, but I remember how crazy my generation was for muscle cars. However, this is not the only reason why I’ve added this big sized RC car to my really fast remote-control cars.

Since it is manufactured by the guys from LAEGENDARY, with each model you buy, you will help support the ShareTheMeal program. This means that if you purchase this model, you will also help a child to receive food.

But this is not the only reason why you would consider this model of RC cars for adults. So, let’s check out its features.

The buggy car has 2 Li-Po 7.4V 1600Ah batteries that are rechargeable and is controlled with e connector that also needs 2 batteries. All these will give your fast RC racing car a great non-stop run time of 30 minutes.

This model actually has not one, but two powerful high-performance motors that will permit you to even go for off-road racing. Also, you don’t have to worry about damaging it with water because it is waterproof.

As speed goes, it is an extremely fast RC off-road car that can be driven at an amazing speed of 48 km/h, meaning 30 mph.

Last but not least, you can control this car from up to 250 ft. Yes, that is impressive.

  • Waterproof;
  • Can go off-road and underwater;
  • Incredible speed toys;
  • Very good control reach.
  • It is not the cheapest.


The next model that I will present is also a big wheel high-quality vehicle. It is produced by VCANNY. Because the previous one was a model made on a 1/10 scale, I decided that you might want to take into consideration a model that is on a 1/18 scale.

Before going to more specific details, let me tell you what is probably the most important aspect of these RC cars – speed.

Therefore, it is great as a fast RC sports car. It earned its place in this list without a problem because it can reach up to 30 mph due to its 390 brushed motor.

The good part of this speed is that it can be used on any kind of terrain, including as an off-road RC car for adults. So, it is safe to say that this is an all-terrain car.

This big car comes with very big wheels that are very resistant. They even are shock proof. All this is possible because they are made from bouncing spring elements that give assistance to accidental droppings or the instability of a surface.

Since we are at this point, you should also be aware that it has a 4-direction control that will permit you to drive forward/backward or right/left.

It can be controlled from up to 260 feet with the help of its transmitter.

The last thing that you should know about it is that it comes with rechargeable 7.4V batteries and can work for almost 30 minutes.

As a plus, the manufacturers include an extra battery that will extend the run time with another 30 minutes. Therefore, the RC car is a high-powered toy. And it is highly recommended for 8-and-9-years old little boys and little girls, as well as older ones.

  • Great control reach;
  • Great run time;
  • Very fast speed;
  • Good value for money.
  • If something breaks down, you will not find replacement parts easily.


Moving away from the big muscle cars, let’s give this next model a look. Produced by the guys from DEERC, this fast, high-end, remote-controlled car takes the features of the usual RC car and takes them to a higher level.

It is equipped with a 720p HD Wifi video camera that will give you a first-person view. This means that you can see everything on your phone display.

You can even take photos and videos, all with the help of its app. Its camera car has a wide-angle range that is adjustable – 45° adjustable.

Another very cool feature is that you can actually drive this high-performance RC car in two ways.

You can either use its transmitter that works on a 2.4 GHz radio frequency and have a reach up to 165 feet, or use the phone app that I talked about earlier and control it through a high tech Wifi connection that has a reach up to 165 ft.

This way, not that you see everything the car encounters, but you can also post it on your social media accounts.

You can play with it for up to 30 minutes due to its rechargeable long battery life (6V 800mAh Ni-MH).

The maximum speed that this powerful truck can get upto is 20 km/h. However, even at that speed is very easy to control due to its anti-skid tires and sensitive steering.

  • It is a model with camera built in;
  • It can be controlled from your phone;
  • You can post on social media what it records;
  • Great speed engine;
  • Easy to maneuver.
  • The instructions about the camera are not very straightforward.

#7 EXERCISE N PLAY Remote Control Car

Since we are in the track zone, let’s look at another model. Brought to us by the guys from EXERCISE N PLAY is a toy made on a 1/18 scale RC car that is easily controlled with the help of a 2.4 GHz transmitter.

It is a very powerful motor car (380) that will let you drive this cool RC car at speed up to 30 mph.

The real racing experience doesn’t end here. You can control it from up to 260 ft with the help of its very ergonomic controller. Not only does this car has a very good control reach, but it is also very easy to maneuver regardless of the distance.

It is made from very high-quality materials that were handpicked after many research hours made by professional technicians. This is why it has such a strong frame an anti-slip all-wheel drive. Also, its body is made of a very qualitative ABS plastic and also metal elements making it safe for the health.

You can play with it for almost 30 minutes. The long life of the toy is due to lithium batteries that are rechargeable. You will also receive a USB line that will provide an even better charging experience.

  • It is made from great materials;
  • Great battery life;
  • Very easy to charge;
  • Very good speed.
  • It can be considered expensive.


Not exactly a muscle car, but a big-wheeled one; nevertheless, this model from INGQU has every right to compete for the fastest electric RC car.

With a very powerful motor (390), this vehicle can reach an incredible velocity of 50 km/h, meaning 30mph. Not only does this small electric car has great speed, but it is not the only thing that makes it stand out. It has IP68 protection, and it can even float on water and outdoors.

You need to understand that this is not a tiny car, but one that is made at a 1/12 RC car scale, and it respects all the standards of a monster body truck, including metal, sealed balls that are specially designed to work on any kind of environment or road.

It even has an independent shockproof system that will reduce the risk of destroying it on a possible impact.

It is controlled with the help of a receiver that works on a 2.4 GHz radio frequency that can offer a reach of up to 328 feet. Even if there are multiple cars running at the same time in the area, you won’t encounter any interference.

This means you can race your friends without any problem, with this radio-controlled car.

The guys from INGQU promise to solve any problems a customer might encounter in 24 hours. I never had to use their customer support, but if they say it like that, I assume it is true.

  • It floats on water;
  • Great reach;
  • Very high speed;
  • Works without interference.
  • It can be considered expensive.


We are down to the last two products of this list. Manufactured by WHIRLT, this buggy car is an incredible RC race car that has every reason to receive a spot on my list. Keep in mind that all the products are randomly added, so the fact that this truck is the 9th doesn’t have any relevance.

It is controlled with the help of a receiver that works on a 2.4 GHz radio frequency and has a long-range for a distance of up to 230 ft.

Even if you can use it as such a big distance of you, you don’t have to worry about any interferences that may occur. Nothing will come between you and the car. You will be able to move it to the right or left, back and forth without any issue.

It works at a very good speed for an RC truck – almost 40 km/h. This is actually more than most of its competitors.

Most RC cars that are able to go at this speed are not made as a true off-road car for adults. You won’t have any issue if the road will become muddy.

This is possible for multiple reasons, one of them being its independent suspensions and its high-quality tire size made from elastic tires.

When you order this model, you receive it with 2 rechargeable batteries (7.4V 850 mAh) that have a run time of 30 minutes each. Also, you will receive 3 1.5V batteries that are due to make your receiver to work.

  • Great speed;
  • Can work on off road terrain;
  • Good run time;
  • Great distance range.
  • It can be considered a little bit expensive.

#10 Redcat Racing Volcano EPX

I started the list with a model from Redcat Racing, so I will close the list with one. This cool red monster car has everything an RC car needs to make you fall in love with it.

For example, it has huge monster tires, molded plastic chassis that is very lightweight, shocks that are filled with aluminum capped oil, and also front/rear differentials.

Other aspects worth mentioning are its tunable features such as suspensions or shocks, but also its adjustable ones such as height or toe angle.

It has a very powerful engine, more precisely a 19T brushed 550 motor that has a heat sink. Also, it has a waterproof ESC and also a waterproof steering servo.

It is controlled with a controller that works on a 2.4 GHz radio-frequency that uses 4 AA batteries. Speaking of batteries, this monster truck comes with a 7.2V 2000 mAh battery that is chargeable and also a means for charging it – a NiMH Charger.

All these transform the red muscle car into a perfect gift for kids, for grown-ups, for men, for little girls, and so on.

  • This is a model that go in water without any problem;
  • Has great design;
  • Great street car;
  • Good for outside;
  • It has a very powerful motor;
  • You also receive a battery charger.
  • It is expensive.

Best Fast RC Cars Buyer’s Guide

How Does an RC Car Work?

I am a true believer that in order to use something at its full potential, you need to understand how that object works.

So, before moving further with any other advice on how to pick the best remote car for you or a loved one, let’s see how these cool toys actually work.

First of all, not all the models operate in the exact same way, but the basic idea behind their functions is quite a simple one. All radio-controlled cars, and not only the fastest cars, have 4 main parts:

  • A Transmitter – this is the part of the toy that you hold in your hand and actually control how the toy works. So for this to happen, the transmitter needs to send information through radio waves to a receiver.
  • The Receiver – is an antenna that is connected with a circuit board that is inside the car. It receives the signals the transmitter is sending, and it activates the motor or motors.
  • The Motor – this is the part that actually turns the wheels and steers the vehicle in the way that transmitter told it to.
  • A power source.

Let’s detail all these a little. So, the transmitter broadcasts a command signal to the receiver with the help of radio waves. When the receiver obtains the information you’ve sent it, it puts the motor into moving into a specific way, such as turning the wheels.

This leaves only the power source. Usually, this is a rechargeable battery that can be either charged with a special charger or with a USB wire.

The toys with remote usually have a little handheld equipment that incorporates some kind of control and also the radio transmitter. As already mentioned twice, the transmitter is responsible for sending a signal over a radio-frequency to the receiver in the car.

This transmitter needs a power source and usually is a 9-volt battery. This battery is the reason why your controller can send its information. Now, this is the moment when you should be very careful while reading.

The fundamental discrepancy between the radio controlled and the remote-controlled ones are that the ones from the second category (remote-controlled) have a wire that is connecting the controller to the toy. The radio control toys are lacking this wire, making the connection to be a wireless one.

Usually, RC toys work at 27 MHz or at 49 MHz. This set of frequencies has been allotted by the FCC for basic consumer objects. This list includes walkie-talkies, garage door openers, and, of course, RC toys. However, you will also find more advanced RC toys that use either the 72-MHz or the 75-MHz frequency. However, usually, these are planes and not cars.

Regardless of the frequency, you will be aware of it because the car comes labeled with it, but let’s take an example for a better understanding.

Usually, the manufacturers produce each of their models available for both frequencies (27 MHz and 49 MHz). This ensures that you will be able to operate two products of the same model at the same time. This means that you won’t have any interference issues while racing with your friends.

More so, some producers also give extra particular information about the precise piece of the frequency band where the toy operates in.

Another thing you should know about transmitters is that they rank single-function basic controllers to full-function ones that have a broad range of choices.

For a better understanding, you should know that a single-function controller is the one that tells the toy only to go ahead when the trigger is held and aback when it is released. In order to stop this kind of toy, you will need to turn it off.

On the opposite side, the full-function controllers are more complex and have six controls. This means that the toy will be able to go forth, reverse, left or right, and a combination of these.

Usually, if you have a full-function controller and you don’t press any buttons or turn any knobs, it will cause the toy to stop, waiting for further commands.

More advanced RC systems will often show controllers with dual joysticks and several levels of reply for precise control.

Let’s return to the example with the truck that uses the 27.9 MHz frequency and talk about what happens when its RC is used.

Of course, the first thing that you do is to press the trigger. This action will make the truck move forward. But how does this happen?

So, the trigger allows a couple of electrical contacts to get in touch, therefore completing a loop connected to a particular pin of the integrated circuit.

This completed circuit makes the transmitter to broadcast a set series of what is called electrical pulses. Each series comprises a small group of these synchronization pulses. This group is succeeded by the pulse sequence.

This means that the synchronization segment of the truck, informs the receiver of the incoming information, giving away four pulses that last 2.1 milliseconds, with 700 microseconds intervals.

So, in our case, the pulse segment is the one that tells the antenna what the current information is, and it uses 700 microseconds pulses that have 700 microseconds intervals.

Let’s see what each kind of movement can be translated into pulses:

  • Forward movement – 16 pulses;
  • Reverse movement – 40 pulses;
  • Forward/Left movement – 28 pulses;
  • Forward/Right movement – 34 pulses;
  • Reverse/Left movement – 52 pulses;
  • Reverse/Right movement – 46 pulses.

Let’s go a little bit further with the explanation and say that the transmitter emits “blasts” of radio waves that are oscillating with a repetition of 27,900,000 cycles/second. This is what 27.9 MHz actually means.

So, in this situation, the truck is continually observing the specified frequency, in our case, the 27.9 MHz one, waiting for a signal. The moment when the receiver catches the radio signals from the transmitter, it transfers them to a filter that prevents catching out any other signals other than 27.9 MHz.

With this remaining signal, it starts a conversion process, converting it back into an electrical pulsation sequence that is sent to the integrated circuit in the truck. This last one decodes the sequence, and it starts the suitable motor.

To remain in the same example with the truck, the pulse sequence for moving forward is 16 pulses. This means that the integrated circuit transmits a positive current into the motor, making the wheels to run.

So, if the next pulse sequence would be of 40 pulses, making the truck go in reverse, the integrated circuit would rearrange the current to the corresponding motor, making it spin in the opposing direction.

The motor’s shaft has a gear to its end. This actually reduces the motor’s speed and, instead, is increasing the torque, therefore giving the truck sufficient power to move forward.

Before wrapping up this subject, let’s also discuss in a few words what is actually found inside of an RC car. For this, we will stick to our example with the RC truck.

Usually, a toy such as this one has two electric motors, a circuit board, a battery pack, and an antenna.

So, the first motor rotates the front wheel to either right or left, and the other motor spins the rear wheels, making it go forth or back. The circuit board includes the integrated circuit chip, an amplifier, and the radio receiver.

It the end, everything is about some simple gears connecting the motors with the wheels.

So, inside an RC car, you will most likely see a circuit board that has several capacitors, diodes, resistors, and also an integrated circuit that commands the motors.

Actually, the radio receiver is made from a crystal that switches at a particular frequency, but also from inductors and, of course, an antenna.

To wrap this subject up, you need to visualize and understand that the electric motor receives power from the batteries, and after that, the flow of the power is controlled by the integrated circuit.

RC Cars – Scales

At this point, you already know how what an RC car is made of and how it is that it works. So, as you could realize by now, these little cars are actually miniature real vehicles. But you’ve also noticed different scale sizes while reading the descriptions.

So, what do they actually mean?

How can you pick one that is the correct size if you don’t know anything about scales?

You might wish for a bigger model and pick one that is really small. Just imagine the disappointment level. Because of this, it is important to read the following chapter.

However, the most popular scale is the 1/8 RC car, which can be bought in smaller scales. Usually, the 1/28 or 1/64 scales are the most common small RC cars.

A thing that you should keep in mind is that two cars that have the same scale don’t necessarily have the same size. This is due to the fact that not even in real life, cars are not the same size.

To give you an example, an SUV is definitely not the same size as a sports car. So, since the scale is an exact representation of the real car, there will also be differences in the world of toys.

RC Car Scales – The Actual Definition

The scale of a small RC car is the size of the toy-car in comparison with the full-size version of the car. To give a rough example, an RC Ferrari that is a 1/10 scale RC car will be ten times smaller than the real car.

This being said, the lower the ratio is, the smaller the difference between the RC model and the actual car will be.

RC Car – The Best Scale for a Grown-up

Good, you have passed the definition and have a few extra information about this. This means that by now, you know how important this scale thing really is.

1/12 RC cars are some of the biggest scale RC cars around. Not only that it is one of the largest ones, but also one that has very great details.

They actually are equipped with genuine features that incorporate authentic side mirrors, great body-work, but also smooth extra features such as the paint job.

This being said, seeing differences between a 1/12 scale model and an actual car is. So, this scale is actually the best one for a grown-up experience. This means it is not the best for young children, but for teenagers age and beyond.

If you are an RC car collector, you can even find some 1/18 scale RC cars. They are not very common, but they can be found, especially in the US.

Buyer’s Guide – How to Pick the Best RC Car

I am sure that if you are a fan of RC cars, you most likely want to purchase them all. But how can you pick just one if you cannot afford mode? Or, if you can afford to buy multiple models, how can you be sure you won’t be disappointed by some models?

I was in both positions, and I know how bad it is to be in either pair of shoes. Because of this, I put together a guideline that will help you choose.


There are many features that can be taken into consideration when it comes to RC cars. I will present the ones that I consider to be the most important, but this is a personal opinion, and you most probably can find more.

Nitro or Electric – Which one is preferred?

I know that this sounds crazy, but there are toys that actually work with gas and not only on electricity. Some people prefer them; some don’t. But you need to understand what each type represents in order to make a decision.

#1 Nitro RC Cars

Usually, these nitro cars are perfect for more advanced users. They require a fuel and oil mixture for the engine. However, turning a nitro gas car on requires some experience from the users, even though there are many ways actually to start the nitro engine. It is not as easy as it is with electric off-road cars when just a flip of a switch will start the motor.

A nitro car offers a loud engine sound that will make some people really thrilled to hear. Also, this model offers a long run time. You should keep in mind that these are gas cars for adults and are not suitable for kids.

#2 Electric RC Cars

Electric RC cars are better for beginners. You don’t need any mechanical skills; you just have to charge the battery and use the car.

These cars are usually waterproof, so you will not be limited by the terrain (you can play with it even on desert) or season. This means these are the models that can go in the snow if you want or use it for sand areas.

They are much quieter than the nitro gas car models and don’t offer the same satisfaction for those who are looking for racing cars with more realistic experiences.


There are two types of electric motors in current use in the RC hobby: brushed and brushless.

Without a motor, your RC car would not work, so this is a very important feature. There are actually two main types of motors that you have to take into consideration:

#1 The Brushed Motor

This is generally the motor found in the products that are recommended for young children or for grown-ups that are just starting to understand how RC work. These models of motors come in both fixed and unfixed versions.

So, electric motors that have fixed brushes are non-adjustable. This means that they can’t be tuned. On the other hand, non-fixed brushed motors can have replaceable brushes. Therefore, the motor can be adjusted to a certain degree. Also, it can be cleansed of any dust that may accumulate.

#2 The Brushless Motor

First of all, these are more expensive when compared with the brushed ones. Even so, they are becoming more and more popular among the RC manufacturers. Also, they have become legal in some of the professional RC race cars for racing contests.

So, the brushless RC car of motors doesn’t have any contact brushes and, therefore, doesn’t require frequent cleaning, and because of this, less friction and heat will appear, resulting in longer life of the motor.

Furthermore, these motors can manage higher voltage and can help a novice that participates at an RC race.


This is the platform where the internal parts are located on. It can be made out of either aluminum or plastic. Let’s see what characteristics each one has to help you choose.

#1 Metal Chassis

The RC nitro cars are mostly composed of lightweight aluminum. The metal is used for these kinds of cars because these models with the gas engine are producing a lot of heat, and plastic would not be able to support it.

Even though they are mostly found on gas-powered car models, they can be seen on electric ones as well, so you should take this aspect into consideration.

#2 Plastic Chassis

The plastic chassis is only found in the electric RC case, so there isn’t much to think about here. If you decide to go with this kind of chassis, it is clear that you will need to buy an electrical RC model.

Car’s Style

After deciding what kind of features you wish your RC car to have, it is time to decide on the style of the car. Do you want a sports model, a monster one, or a simple truck?

The Price

I know that when spending money on a hobby, money is the last thing that you want to think about. Unfortunately, even if we like it or not, we cannot buy something that we can’t afford.

So, you should check your bank account and see how much you can actually spare on your hobby.

There is nothing like a cheap RC car especially if you are interested in buying one with good quality. So, prepare to spend some money on purchasing them as they are expensive.

Car’s Speed

Think about what you are going to do with the RC car that you are going to buy. Are you just going to use it at home in your spare time, or do you want to participate in RC car races where speed is really important?

Set up your goals so you won’t pay for something that you don’t need.

In Conclusion To Best Fastest RC Cars

Writing about your hobby is the best thing you can do, in my opinion. This being said, I hope that you have enjoyed reading this article just as much I have enjoyed writing it.

Also, it is my strongest wish to think that I have managed to help you to pick either your first or your next RC car for professional racing or just pleasure playing.

If you have any questions that didn’t find their answer in this piece, you can always use the comment section and start a conversation. I will join in and answer your inquiry the best way I can.

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