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hd-mirror-camsThere is a saying that goes, “better safe than sorry,” and that surmises the reason why you should get an HD Mirror Camera.

These Mirror Cams will help ensure that your vehicle is monitored at all times, such that you will have video evidence in case any mishap occurs to it, such as during a hit and run or a drunk driving episode.

HD Mirror Cams are the mirrors with built-in cameras for capturing the surrounding of a vehicle. That is to say; they have video cameras that take footage of your vehicle’s surroundings and save them.

This footage can then be revisited later on to gather evidence and information about a particular incidence, which you can then tender to either the insurance company, to stake an insurance claim or the police.

There are several types of HD Mirror Cams; as such, it might be confusing to make a good decision. To make this easy, we have provided a list of ten (10) of the best HD Cams out there for you to peruse and choose from.

We have also provided a guide that contains the criteria we used in choosing these cameras, which can also guide you in making your own choice, should you find our list insufficient.

We should mention that it is important you read the PDF instruction manual (or user manual) of your HD mirror camera before using it so as to fully understand how to go about deploying it for use.

Besides, user manuals more often than not contain troubleshooting tips that are useful for getting the best use out of devices.

Best HD Mirror Cams Comparision Table

Best HD Mirror Cams Reviews With Pros And Cons

#1 TOGUARD Backup Camera 7″ Mirror Dash Cam

Ever since it was established in 2009, TOGUARD has been one of the top industries in the world of home and personal security monitoring technology. They provide equipment that is used to further ensure the safety of both the driver and their car.

This cam mirror model provides you with simultaneous recording with a quality of Full HD 1080p using the front view video recording, which has a wide-angle lens of 170° and a rearview mirror dash camera with a video recording quality of 480p and an angle lens of 120°.

Also, this camera has a responsive seven inches touch-sensitive mirror. It supports video recording, playback, and photo taking. Finally, it has an interface that is easy to navigate.

TOGUARD has a reversing camera kit that aims to help you achieve safe parking. This works while reversing, such that your car’s rear-view mirror camera will switch to the full-screen HD reversing image, thereby triggering the guideline for safe parking. This makes it easier to park without having to look backward, and without having a need for guidelines.

Apart from these, there is also an emergency (or G-sensor) recording, as well as a loop recording. With loop recording, the camera automatically overwrites the oldest footage on the camera and replaces it with new ones when the SD card becomes full.

The G-sensor is a technology that will automatically lock a video recording if it detects that a collision occurs at that moment. This will provide you with evidence that you can present to an insurance company in the event of an accident.

This mirror camera has five different view modes ranging from full-screen display to picture-picture display. You can also use it as a regular mirror, and it would still keep recording on your front and rear-view dash cameras.

With the built-in battery, the mirror mounted dash cam will automatically turn on and start recording about 30 seconds after it detects a shocking or vibration (when the car is started), and which will quit recording after the car engine is turned off.

  • It has excellent video quality
  • It is easy to install and use
  • It comes with one-year warranty
  • The customer service is top notch
  • It can only use a 32GB memory card

The KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD is equipped with several modern solutions for use by drivers. This dashcam hi-resolution car video recorder records full HD videos in 1296P at 30 fps with the front view camera, while the HD rearview mirror dash cam produces records in 1080P.

It possesses six glass lenses, as well as a highly sensitive sensor, all of which help to ensure that the quality of the recorded video is excellent, smooth, and very detailed. There is also a WDR (wide dynamic range) system that helps ensure that the images produced are fully detailed at all times of the day.

The dash-mounted rearview mirror camera begins to record the ignition immediately is turned on. Also, when it detects any form of movement, the KDLINKS R100 starts recording for a short period of time, after which it shuts itself down automatically, even when the vehicle is not running. For this to occur, it is necessary that you constantly supply power to the mirror camera. This advanced parking mode is important for protecting parked vehicles.

The KDLINKS camera also has a night mode feature that enhances the quality of a video recording produced in abysmal lighting conditions. And to cap it off, this mirror cam has a large battery capacity and can, thus, last for a long period without requiring any power input.

Unlike several other HD cameras for cars, KDLINKS R100 supports the use of 64GB and 128GB micro SD card. And this large memory size enables this HD car dash camera to retain twice the number of video recording as a majority of other mirror cameras.

  • It has a large 800mAH battery
  • It produces excellent image quality
  • It turns on and off automatically depending on movements it detects
  • It supports large sized micro SD cards
  • It is not weatherproof and can only work inside the car

#3 AUTO-VOX X2 Mirror Dash Cam

The AUTO-VOX X2 is a mirror mounted dash camera that makes use of WDR technology and streaming media in a bid to provide its users with high-grade properties – such as no-delay rearview images, fully detailed images, and a very dynamic range – as they drive.

This dashboard rearview mirror camera is a 9.88 inches full touch screen streaming media that provides a clear and bright real-time view of the traffic condition without any delay whatsoever. Its touchscreen ability allows you to perform every operation possible without doing more than swiping of fingers.

There is also a rearview mirror camera GPS system that tracks your location, route, direction, and speed with accuracy. This enables you to track your journey and state with certainty the point where an incident occurred, which can be vital to claiming insurance.

The AUTO-VOX X2 also has a rearview mirror car camera recorder, which turns on automatically when you shift the gear system of your car into reverse. This rearview camera has an extremely wide viewing angle of 140°, which provides you with an adequate view of what is behind your car.

It also removes the majority of the blind spots present without distorting the quality of the image produced. Also, the camera has a sensor which allows it to automatically start recording when it detects an impact to the vehicle.

Finally, it is an adjustable rear-view mirror camera which offers you the option of lowering the angle from which it records in order to provide you with a close backup image of the lot behind you as you park.

  • It is equipped with Lane Departure Warning System that alerts you when you suddenly move from your lane
  • It is easy to use and install
  • It uses WDR image processing technology to produce excellent images
  • It has G-sensor and Loop recording
  • It is waterproof
  • • It produces clear images in all climate conditions as it is a 1080p rear view mirror dash camera.
  • It does not come with a micro SD
  • It is expensive.

#4 CHICOM 9.66-inch Mirror Dash Cam

The CHICOM mirror car dashcam is a streaming media that is 9.66 inches long. This mirror cam features a front camera with a Full HD 1080P rating, as well as an IPS touchscreen with which you can keep in track of the traffic situation. It is an HD dash camera that produces the highest quality of videos during the day and even at night.

It has a 170° ultra-wide lens that covers the road ahead of you, and at the same time, captures the important details in your vicinity, such as signposts, license plates, etc.

The HD mirror cams, which is an AHD low exposure 1080P camera, features an aperture of F2.0 and a 6-glass lens, which helps to improve your night vision, especially when you are reversing the car.

The camera also has a high-end CMOS sensor which seeks to prevent the overexposure of the video so that a clear image of the entities behind your vehicle can be produced.

Also, the Chicom 9.66-inch HD dashcam features both a G-sensor and loop recording. Activating the loop recording allows newly recorded images to overwrite older videos on the disk while activating the G-sensor automatically locks the video that was being recorded when a collision occurs so that it cannot be overwritten by the loop recording feature.

There is also a rearview mirror security camera that automatically comes up when the car is shifted into reverse gear. This can help guide the reverse movement of your vehicle so that you can avoid any hassle. The battery of this camera is only 850mAH and doesn’t last long unless connected to an external power since.

  • It is easy to install and use.
  • It can support up to 64GB of files
  • It has a weak battery life

#5 DUTERI D Mirror Dash Cam

The DUTERI D mirror dash and rear cam produce high-resolution videos through its 1920P front camera and 1080P rearview camera. It has a bright full screen that makes it clear and easy to identify the license plates of the vehicles behind and in front of you during both day and night.

The rearview mirror mounted dash camera records the road ahead of you, and that behind you; this helps ensure that you are able to stake a claim in the event that an accident occurs to you while driving.

The rearview mirror backup camera system is waterproof and, as such, can work through adverse weather conditions such as rain or heavy snowfall.

Also, you can be certain of getting a bright and clear view of your vicinities no matter the weather condition and time of day. The front camera has a viewing angle that is 170° wide; this helps eliminate blind spots, adjusts the angle of the video smartly, and record clear videos at all times.

Additionally, this hi-res car video dashcam features a seamless loop recording as well as a G-sensor. The seamless loop recording helps maximize the use of the memory space such that when the memory is full, it automatically overwrites old, uneventful footage that was recorded at an earlier period.

On the other hand, the G-sensor will automatically lock a video such that it cannot be overwritten when it detects that there has been a collision or a shock.

This dashboard camera for cars automatically turns on when the car is powered on and as soon as the power is shut down, it automatically saves the video and powers off.

In the event that you are dissatisfied with the product maybe because of a fault that you notice with it, the manufacturing company offers a 45-day money back guarantee, and a 12-month warranty.

  • The rearview camera is waterproof
  • It has loop recording and G-sensor
  • It has a wide viewing angle
  • It does not come with a micro SD

#6 Campark Backup Camera R5 Mirror Dash Cam

The Campark Backup Camera is a sensitive five-inch touch screen that is easy to operate as all that is required to operate it is the swiping of the finger. The front camera features 1080P high-resolution images, while the rear camera produces 480P images.

The high resolution of the video recordings coupled with the HDR technology used by the camera ensures that your overall visual experience with the HD mirror dash cam is excellent. As a result of this, the videos captured on this car mirror camera system will provide details of everything it captures, including license plates and road signs.

With the help of the wide viewing angles of the camera, which includes 170° for the front camera and 120° for the rearview camera, the blind spots in your vision are eliminated, and your safety is improved.

The backup mirror dash camera is automatically turned on in any situation, and it shows a great viewing angle when the reverse gear is engaged in order to improve your safety further and help you park safely.

Additionally, this dash cam’s front and rear camera possess a G-sensor and Loop Recording. The G-sensor helps the mirror camera to save and lock a file currently being recorded at the time of a collision. And the loop recording helps save space.

Also, you get a 3-year warranty as well as 24 hours technical support if you buy the original dash cam.

  • It produces excellent video image quality
  • It supports loop recording and G-sensor
  • It uses AHD technology
  • The image produced by the rear camera cannot be rotated in any way.

#7 DuDuBell Mirror Dash Cam

The DuDuBell mirror cam is a seven-inch streaming media that is touch-sensitive and uses AHD technology to produce a clear image of the current traffic situation in real-time. Both the front and rearview car cameras produce 1080P high-resolution images.

Also, these cameras have a wide-angle that permits them to record the clearest videos that you can playback on your computer or mirror cam. It also has a rearview camera cable with a length of 19.68 ft, which is long enough for use in both big and small cars.

The dual cameras feature six layers of glass, as well as HDR+ technology that effectively balances both the light and dark portions of whichever environment you are in so as to ensure that an excellent and very detailed video is recorded.

It also uses starlight night vision with an aperture of F1.4, both of which works to produce enhanced night vision even in situations with low or no-light. DuDuBell mirror cam has a parking guideline that makes parking easy and safer for you.

The external GPS system of this mirror camera records the speed and the location of the car with accuracy while driving. You can choose to playback the recorded GPS video files using GVPlayer.

It also features thoughtful UI, and one key design, which renders it very easy to operate; all you have to do to change the display type is to swipe with your fingers. To adjust the brightness of the screen, either slide to the left or to the right.

  • It is easy to install and operate
  • It has an extremely long cable
  • It uses G-sensor and loop recording
  • It produces high quality images
  • The GPS does not function as smoothly as expected.

#8 TOGUARD Backup Camera 5″ LCD Mirror Dash Cam

The TOGUARD 5″ LCD Mirror Dash Cam is a touch-sensitive screen, that has simple and elegant icons. The front view camera produces images of high resolution at 1080P. It also has a wide viewing angle of 170°, which works to provide you with an expansive range of images.

This mirror camera is able to record videos on both cameras simultaneously. However, it only presents the recordings of one of both cameras on the mirror screen, which can be switched to the other camera by only one click.

It features a parking monitor that provides your car with around-clock protection and surveillance, such that whenever it detects a crash or collision, it automatically turns on despite being parked in order to prevent hit and runs.

These images can be used as strong evidence for drivers. The TOGUARD mirror camera also has parking guidelines that activate automatically when you shift the gear into reverse.

Additionally, the mirror cam supports both loop-recording and G-sensor. The loop recording allows new video files to overwrite the earliest ones when the storage becomes filled up, and it can be set to one, three, or five minutes.

On the other hand, should your vehicle experience a collision or a rapid acceleration-deceleration, the G-sensor will be activated and will automatically lock the current video file, which will protect it from being overwritten by loop recording.

Note that the mirror camera starts recording as soon as you turn your car on.

  • It is easy to install and use.
  • It comes with an 18ft cable for the backup camera
  • It has a wide-angle view, and it produces excellent image quality.
  • The screen size is only five inches
  • It can only use 16GB/32GB memory storage, and none is included

#9 Poaeaon Backup Camera 10″ Dash Cam

The POAEAON 10″ backup camera is a streaming media mirror with a full touch screen and a wide viewing angle of 170°, which allows the camera to capture a big picture, and eliminate blind spots in a bid to help you drive with more ease.

The front view camera produces an image resolution of 1296P while the rearview camera produces 1080P. This high resolution of the images allows you to see specific details such as signposts and license plates more easily.

You can also navigate your way through the dash camera easily by swiping your fingers on the touch screen, which also functions as a normal rearview mirror if you turn the screen saver on.

The camera features an AHD technology that provides the backup camera with super night vision under conditions of low light. It also provides G-sensor and loop recording features, as well as parking guidelines to encourage safe parking. The viewing angle of the camera is flexible, which makes it easy and convenient to adjust.

Once you are able to get your car running, the dual dash camera automatically turns on. When you activate the parking mode, the HD mirror camera will begin to record once it detects an impact or collision. This is essentially the 24-hour parking monitor feature.

  • It produces high quality video recordings
  • It makes parking easy
  • It works excellently during daytime, nighttime and under low light conditions
  • Installing the mirror camera is a little tricky.

#10 PORMIDO Mirror Dash Cam

The PORMIDO 9.88 inches mirror dash camera is an IPS touch screen that is easy to use, such that swiping up and down the mirror screen adjusts the view angle while swiping right and left will help you switch between images the front and the rearview cameras.

The front view camera produces 1080P maximum resolution and a wide range of view of 170°, while the rearview camera produces 1080P maximum resolution and a wide range of view of 150° which provides you with high-quality footage and also allow you to see important details such as road signs and license plates more easily.

Shifting your gear into reverse automatically activates the rearview camera, which makes it easy for you to park your car, especially with the help of the parking guideline, when it is night, the dual mirror camera which is equipped with an aperture of F2.0 and has seven glass lenses.

This helps ensure that it is exposed to minimize glare from the headlights of other vehicles, and the lighter areas, which enhances the safety of your driving at night. Its super night vision features also improve the low-light settings of the camera, thereby producing high-quality images at night.

The device is able to function optimally during heavy rain or snowfall as well as extreme temperature. It has a breathable back design that helps it to spread the heat out. This is a high-end HD car camera and, as such, is not what you will consider an affordable dash cam.

  • It works with 64GB
  • It has an excellent video quality
  • It is easy to operate
  • It features loop recording, G-sensor. Parking monitor and GPS.
  • It is quite expensive

Best HD Mirror Cams Buying Guide

In order to understand what the buying guide entails, it is necessary to understand what HD mirror cameras for cars are and what they do.

As you already know, HD mirror cameras are basically mirrors that have cameras attached to them, one of which is used to record events happening in front of the car, and as such, is referred to as front view camera and is mounted inside the vehicle (primarily on the windshield, or dashboard), while the other one records the things happening behind the car and is referred to as a rearview camera (they belong in places you believe provide the best view of the back).

These cameras are little upgrades you can make to your vehicle, which can help to transform it and thus make a huge improvement in its security system. They are connected to an app, which enables you to view the video recording that has been produced on your phone or laptop.

Besides, advances in technology have led to the development of smart rearview mirror cameras as well as wireless ones, which further enhances the security they provide for cars.

Some of the improvements these HD cam mirror cameras make are the result of a number of features, which include: the ease of installation and ease of use, among others. Before you choose a camera, however, ensure you check the ratings others have left it.

This is one of the surest ways to eliminate cameras that are not quality. The following include some of the features of the HD dashcam mirror camera that improves the safety and security of your vehicle:

The Quality of the Video

The level of quality of that these cameras for car mirrors possess varies. There are, however, three basic elements that work to produce an excellent video quality (or resolution) of mirror cameras, which are; the image sensor, the lens, and the processor.

You should note that the most important function of the mirror camera is to record events that are happening around the vehicle while you are driving. This makes it necessary that the quality of the video the camera is recording is excellent. That is, it has to be clear, sharp, and detailed.

While you are choosing a camera mirror for your car (or HD camera, however you want to call to it), ensure that the lowest video resolution you choose to purchase has a minimum of 480l, as it is the least quality that is required to capture certain details such as faces behind cars, on the streets, car models, and license plates, among others.

There are some mirror cameras that have a front view camera with a high resolution and a camera rearview mirror with lesser quality, however, and you can consider them as well since not much happens behind a vehicle.

Also, you need to make sure that the HD mirror camera you want to purchase has a glass lens, because they help to make sure that the quality of the video is clear, not just during the day, but also at night when the lighting is poor.

Different cameras also have different numbers of glass lenses as well, such that the more the glass lenses a camera has, the clearer the images it produces.

If you can spare the money, it is advisable that you go for a dashcam and backup camera whose minimum video resolution is 1080p for the front (dash) camera and 480p for the rear (backup) camera as they help ensure you get crystal-clear and very high-quality videos.

Viewing angles

There are different types of mirror dash cameras, each with different operating modes. A good number of mirror dash cameras you will come across are mounted behind the rearview mirror; that is, they only face one way and only record from one angle, which is the front.

This type of cameras (cameras on rearview mirrors) are known as single-dash cams. You will also find a good number of front and rear cameras for cars that record the events that are happening both at the front of the vehicle, as well as inside it.

These are known as the front and inside dashcam. However, for the purpose of this article, the interior camera is not particularly important, which is why we are dealing with another form of mirror camera that includes the front and rear cameras.

The first camera is mounted on the dashboard, or windshield, while the second camera is mounted anywhere you believe provides the best view of the back of the car.

While placing your cameras, make sure that the rearview mirror camera is not placed in a position that will obstruct your line of sight, so that you will have a proper view of your surroundings from every angle possible.

Also, ensure it is placed in an angle that will provide a crystal-clear view of the recorded video. For this reason, you can decide to use camera models that are mounted high on the windscreen in order to prevent obstruction.

GPS features such as logging your route

Some mirror dash cameras allow you to input your location into them, after which you will be able to view the route you are on in real-time through Google map.

This feature is important because it allows you to track the exact speed you are traveling at, thereby providing you with a means by which you can defend yourself should the need arise (such as being awarded an unfair speeding ticket).

Also, it allows you to remain updated about the traffic situation in real-time, with constant provision of traffic reports. This will enable you to determine the best time and place to take a detour, as well as the best route to go through in the case of traffic.

It is, however, impossible to access the GPS features of these devices without using a GPS antenna. For some dash cams, these GPS antennas are already built into the camera, while other cameras require you to purchase the antennas separately.

Additionally, some mirror cams already feature turn-by-turn navigation; that is, they will provide you with directions to your destination whole you drive. It, however, depends on where you want the directions to emanate from.

The Memory Storage of the Disk

As soon as you turn your car on, the mirror camera also begins to record, which is proof that they produce large amounts of data. The most important thing, however, is to store the huge chunk of data produced. When it comes to retaining these video recordings, dash cams are measured by ‘write speed.’ This write speed, in turn, determines the ‘class’ the memory card belongs to.

Essentially, classes are divided into the following:

Class Memory Size
4 o 6 hours 16 GB
6 to 12 hours 32 GB
10 to 20 hours 64 GB
20 to 40 hours 128 GB

Another feature that good mirror cams come with is the loop recording feature. The function of this feature is to let new recordings overwrite the old ones when the storage space of the memory card is full.

Essentially, it kicks the old video footages out and replaces them with new ones which ultimately makes sure that the memory disk never runs out of memory space irrespective of how little its total capacity is.

You should know that this is necessary because the camera records indefinitely, and most of the footage are useless since nothing of note happens in them.

However, there are exceptions to the function of this feature, and it appears in the form of the G-sensor. This feature functions such that when the mirror cam detects that something is not right – such as a collision, a rapid acceleration, or deceleration – it locks the video recording, which makes it impossible for the video footage to be overwritten, irrespective of how old it is.

The video is then saved for review by either you, security officials, insurance officials, or anybody you choose to show it to so that you will have a piece of evidence to present in the case of an accident or a hit and run.

Super Night Vision

There are also car cameras with night vision that makes it easier for you to see objects in your vicinity even under poor lighting conditions. Almost everyone drives their vehicles at night, and there are always places where the lighting is poor such that traditional dash cameras will be unable to capture any usable video footage.

HD mirror cameras with the super night vision circumvent this problem. This is because cameras that have this feature are able to produce excellent video footage with adequate lighting, despite the poor lighting condition.

Parking Monitor

You do not necessarily have to be driving your vehicle before its safety and security is compromised, as sometimes people can just slam into your vehicle while it is parked. Some HD mirror cameras have a feature that activates them automatically when such a scenario occurs, in which event they will record all that is happening in the vicinity and within their line of sight.

This enables you to identify the factors responsible for causing any impact to your vehicle. You can use the recorded footage to identify what caused the collision or impact as evidence in insurance claims and to show security officials (in situations of accidents or other criminal acts).

Waterproof Rear Camera

When the rear cameras are installed outside the car, they are likely to be exposed to rain and snow, which makes it a necessity that they are waterproof if they are to function optimally. Having a waterproof rear camera is important as it ensures the rear camera is able to record videos even when it is raining.

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to set up HD Mirror Cams?

Setting up a HD mirror cam does not require any technical expertise and can be setup by anybody. They do not even require any special tools.

What will I use to hold the mirror cam in place?

Mirror cams usually come with special rubber that you can use to hold them in place, thus eliminating the need for a mounting bracket. Although you could also opt to buy a rear-view mirror camera mount to ensure that your rear-view mirror camera system is safe.

Can these cams detect if a collision occurs to my car at night?

Yes, some HD mirror cams can do that. These come with something referred to as “parking monitor,” which automatically activates and starts recording if there is an impact on your vehicle.

Will footage gathered at night be any useful?

That depends on the type of HD cam you buy. Some of them come with super night vision, which has crisp footage even in low-light conditions.

Can these cams withstand rain and snow weather situations?

While not all mirror cams can withstand extreme weather conditions, you will find that some can. If you live in a place where the weather conditions are untrustworthy, you will do well to buy such mirror cams.

In Conclusion To HD Mirror Cams

As you would have inferred, there are several things to consider when shopping for a camera. But with the information you now have, you should be able to make a decision that is best for yourself and for your vehicle.

You should know that price doesn’t always equal quality or the option that is best for you, as such, you will do well to purchase an HD mirror cam not because it is expensive, which led you to automatically assume that it is of great quality, but because you have done the necessary work and ascertained that it meets your needs.

If you do opt to buy a rearview mirror dash cam mount, ensure you do your research and buy a sturdy one that will provide value for its price, and not one that will spoil sooner than later.

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