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The odds of you not having a monthly internet subscription for your home are so small that they should not even be taken into consideration.

It doesn’t matter who your internet service provider is. It can be Comcast, Spectrum, Verizon or Optimum. They all charge you rent for the equipment you need to enjoy a connection at home. Yes, this is above what you pay for the actual internet plan.

But what if you don’t want to pay for that equipment month after month after month? Also, what if you are not happy with the speed that equipment offers you? Can you take the matter into your hands and become independent?

Yes, you can, and actually, you should do it. I have all the reasons you need to hear in order to buy your own modems and stop paying Optimum monthly extra fees. Also, to make the decision even easier for you, I have prepared 10 of the best modem for Optimum you can buy right now, but also a buyer’s guide that will help you choose the best one for you and your needs.

So, I suggest you find yourself a comply place to sit because this article is going to be very interesting.

Best Modem for Optimum Subscriptions Comparison Chart

Before reading the full disclosure of the products, why not make a preliminary decision based on some of the most important features of a modem. So, if I were you, I wouldn’t skip this comparison chart.

Top 10 Best Modem for Optimum Reviews


The first modem that I want to talk about today is the CM700 model from Netgear, and as you will soon find out, it is not the only one from this brand that I included in the Optimum approved modems list.

It is a versatile modem that can be used with other internet providers as well. You can find the full list of what providers are compatible with and what are the ones who are not in its manual, but I will offer you some names just so you can make an idea.

So, you can also use it for Comcast or Spectrum, but you will not be able to use it for AT&T or any bundle voice service.

It works great at any kind of subscription up to a 500 Mbps speed. You should keep in mind that this device is only a modem and will not give you a wireless connection, but you can connect any kind of router to its Ethernet port and enjoy a good WiFi.

Lastly, it is a DOCSIS 3.0 that has 32×8 channel bonding.

  • Very good internet speed;
  • Works with any kind of router;
  • Compatible with multiple internet providers.
  • It is only a modem;
  • It can be considered expensive.

2. ARRIS SB6190

There are multiple ARRIS models that I will talk about today, but the first I want to present is the SB6190 modem.

First of all, it is not only compatible with Optimum, but also with other internet service providers such as Comcast. This means that if you change providers, you can still find it useful.

With 2 years of the limited warranty and an incredible 1.4 Gbps download speed, it is no wonder that this model found its way into my list. This download speed is given by 32 download channels. To translate what this actually means, I will say this. You won’t have any issue watching ultra HD movies or playing online games on multiple devices at once.

However, not only its download speed is impressive, but also its upload one. It has 8 upload channels that will give you a 262 upload speed. So, if you want to make any live streaming, you will be able to do it without an issue.

The best results for this modem are with subscriptions that provide internet plans up to 600 Mbps. For more, you will need a DOCSIS 3.1 modem and this is only a DOCSIS 3.0

  • Very good value for money;
  • High internet speed;
  • You can watch UHD movie streaming;
  • It won’t produce buffering if multiple devices are using it at the same time.
  • It is only a modem and doesn’t have a built-in router;
  • It’s not compatible with Gigabit Plans.

Let’s look into the first model of the article that has a built-in router. The TP-Link CR1900 is a product that will work as both a modem and a WiFi router, so you won’t have to worry about investing extra money into a gadget for the wireless connection from your home.

TP-Link is known to have great customer support. So before anything else, I want to tell you that no matter what problem you might have with your device, you can get 24/7 technical support for free. With this capability and the 2-year warranty that they offer, it is no wonder that they won the “Highest in Customer Satisfaction for Wireless Routers” award in 2017.

You can use this hybrid modem-router for multiple internet providers such as Optimum, Comcast, or Spectrum, and it is recommended for subscriptions that offer at least a 500 Mbps speed.

Its router is a dual-band one that permits a very impressive WiFi speed. You can get up to 1900 Mbps speed (up to 600 Mbps from the 2.4 GHz band and up to 1300 Mbps from the 5 GHz band).

Speaking of speed and technical aspects, it has a 24X8 channel bonding that will let you download at speeds up to 1 Gbps.

When it comes to internet standards, it has everything that it needs including the WiFi ones IEEE 802.11ac/n/a and IEEE 802.11n/g/b.

  • Works also as a router;
  • Great internet speed for both cable and WiFi connections;
  • Reduces interferences.
  • It is expensive.


The NETGEAR CM500 cable modem has every reason to be on this list, and after reading its review, you will agree with me on this.

So, the first thing you should know about it is that you can buy it at a very low budget. Even so, it works very well if used as a cable modem for multiple internet providers and not only with Optimum. You will find all this information in its manual. However, if you intend to buy it for Verizon or AT&T, you should look elsewhere because it is not compatible.

The next thing that needs to be discussed is the internet plans this modem supports. The CM500 model is compatible with any subscription up to 300 Mbps and can run on any operating system your computer might have, such as Mac OS or Windows.

Keep in mind that even if you buy at a very low price, you will only have cable internet if you don’t buy an additional router, but you don’t have to worry too much about it. This modem can work with probably any router you might have or want to buy.

It is a DOCSIS 3.0. modem that has 1 GB Ethernet port and is equipped with 16×4 channel bonding.

  • Very good price;
  • Good channel bonding;
  • Works on both PC and Mac.
  • It is not compatible with any voice bundles;
  • You will need an extra router.

5. ARRIS SURFboard SB8200

Another Optimum compatible modem is the SB8200 model from ARRIS.

Just as its predecessors, this model also is compatible with other internet service providers such as Xfinity, Spectrum, or Cox. Remember that even though it is compatible with many providers, you cannot use it with Verizon, AT&T, or any bundle voice service.

The first thing that you should know about it is that this model is simply a modem and will not be able to function as a router. However, it supports IPv4 and also IPv6 internet standards.

This model is recommended to be installed if you are using plans that have a speed of at least 300 Mbps. This is possible because it has 8 upload channels and 32 download ones. Also, you should know that it is compatible with DOCSIS 3.0.

Because all the information above is true, you will have no problem to stream 4K movies or to play any online video games.

What makes this modem stand out is that it has more than one Gigabit Ethernet port and it permits you to create 2 home Gigabit speed networks.

  • Excellent for 4K movies and games;
  • You can build 2 home networks;
  • It is compatible with other internet providers.
  • It doesn’t come with a built-in router.

6. Arris Touchstone TM1602A

This small Arris is actually very similar to what Optimum has to offer when it is renting you the equipment, so of course, it is compatible with Optimum, but it also works with other internet providers such as Cablevision or Spectrum.

It is a DOCSIS 3.0 modem and a 16X4 E-MTA ( Embedded Multimedia Terminal Adaptor) that delivers 2 lines of VoIP (Voice over IP) and incredible speed.

It was designed for both home and business use and was conceived as an upgrade for other Arris modems.

With its 24X8 bonded channels, this modem lets the cable operators maintain a competitive position when compared to VDSL or fiber optic internet connections.

It works best with internet subscriptions up to 960Mbps. This means that you will be able to enjoy watching HD movies online, play video games, and do all these on multiple devices at the same time.

The setup is very easily done, but if you have any questions you can check its instruction manual for help.

  • It offers great internet speed;
  • It allows 2 lines of VoIP;
  • It works as if you were having VDSL internet.
  • It doesn’t come cheap.

7. Netgear C6250

I must tell you beforehand that the nest three models are going to be from Netgear, and I need you to understand that I am not promoting them because I am paid to do so. They are just that good and deserve to be in this cable modem for the Optimum list.

So, to get this over with, the C6250 model can work with other providers as well, such as Comcast or COX, and it is not compatible with DirectTV, Verizon, and so on. For the full list of compatibilities and incompatibilities, you will need to read its manual.

If you are reading this article, you probably know by now that one of these modems will save you some extra money, so I should not insist on this aspect too much and move to the next thing you should know about this device.

It was designed to work on plans that offer a speed of up to 300 Mbps, and you won’t need to buy an extra router for it because it has one built-in.

You can connect up to 25 devices at the same to its wireless network that will be available in up yo 1500 sq. ft. Speaking the WiFi coverage, you will be able to enjoy the wireless speed at up to 1600 Mbps.

If you want to use a cable connection, this can also be easily done due to its two Gigabit Ethernet ports and also to the one USB port that is recommended for extremely fast connections.

It allows you to enable parental control, is a DOCSIS 3.0 model, has 16×4 channel bonding and also great wireless security protocols such as WEP and WPA/WPA2.

  • It has a built-in router;
  • It accepts up to 25 devices at once;
  • WEP and WPA/WPA2 protocols.
  • It doesn’t have the best customer service.

8. NETGEAR C6300

This Netgear is very similar to the previous one, but it works with even faster internet subscriptions that the one before, and this is why I decided to add it to the list.

So, as you could imagine, the C6300 model is not only compatible with Optimum but also with other internet providers such as Cox or Spectrum.

What makes this product really special is the fact that it is not a simple modem, but actually a 3-in-1 device. This means that it will work as a modem, like a router for wireless connections and also as a 4 GB wired switch.

It is a modem that offers a speed up to 680 Mbps and dual-band AC1750 router. Due to its 16×4 channel bonding, it will work great for internet subscriptions with speeds up to 300 Mbps.

All these aspects make the C6300 model from Netgear perfect of HD streaming, online games, and fast downloading.

As technical mentions, it is a DOCSIS 3.0 model. This means that it will provide a 16 times faster download speed than what DOCSIS 2.0 can offer.

  • It is a 3-in-1 model;
  • You won’t need to buy an extra router;
  • Good value for money.
  • It doesn’t have the best app.

9. NETGEAR Orbi All-in-One AC2200 (CBR40)

Let me present to you one of my favorite models of this article. You probably guessed by now that I am a Netgear fan, but this next model is incredibly special.

With a very appealing design, this beauty has so many other features to offer. Not only that, it will give you a great internet connection, but it will also help you improve the WiFi range of your house do to its Mesh technology.

As you could probably already figured out after the last sentence, this model also has a built-in router, so you won’t have to find a compatible one.

NETGEAR AC2200 will make you fall in love with it after the first minutes of use. It will remove any dead WiFi zones you might have in your house. This is possible due to its great coverage and crazy high speed. It has a 4000 square feet range and a 2.2 Gbps speed (Yes, it is out of this world).

And now for some more technical description. It has a 32 x 8 channel bonding and is a DOCSIS 3.0.

I have almost forgotten to tell you this, but if you thought that this modem cannot become any cooler than it already is, think again. You can connect it to Alexa and control it with your voice.

  • Allows parental control;
  • Has a built-in router;
  • Great internet speed;
  • Kills dead WiFi areas;
  • Works with multiple internet service providers.
  • It is expensive.


The last product that I want to talk about is a classic modem from Motorola. The MB7220 is a reliable DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem that provides up to 343 Mbps speeds. You should know that this is actually 8X faster than what DOCSIS 2.0 can do.

You can use its Ethernet port to connect any computer, game station, HDTV, or wireless router you might want.

Since it doesn’t have a built-in router, you will need to have a cable internet subscription from a provider such as Optimum. Speaking of this, you can also use it with other ones such as Comcast or Cox if you will decide to make a change.

With a 2 years warranty, good customer service, easy setup and a great price, I don’t see any reason why you should not check this modem out.

  • It is cheap;
  • Works with multiple providers;
  • Easy to set up;
  • Good internet speed.
  • You will need an extra router for wireless connections.

What is Optimum and Why you Should not Rent Their Equipment

Optimus is an internet service provider that is very popular in the US. I won’t say too much about them because this is not why you are in this article. However, I will say that they offer 3 incredible fast internet plans from which you can choose among other offers such as phone or TV plans.

Just like all providers, they will rent you the equipment you need to have an internet connection in your house. But just in all cases, you are better if you go and buy your own devices and I will tell you exactly why.

Save Money

​When you sign the subscription for receiving internet, you most likely don’t necessarily think about the monthly fee you pay for renting the equipment.

Also, my bet is that if you don’t know too many things about how the technology works, you think that only what you receive from is compatible with what they offer because nobody from Optimum will tell you otherwise.

But try and do an exercise and think of the sum you pay each month for renting that mode. Great! Now multiply it by 12, and you will find out how much you can save each year. I can guess that you are not so happy right now.

The good part is that you can and should buy your own modem and pay for it only once. After that, all the money that you would have given to Optimum will stay in your pocket.

Faster Internet Connection

​Usually, what providers are renting are not necessarily the best modems on the market. So if you need an internet connection for more than some general browsing and social media posting, then you should consider a more powerful modem.

This way, you will enjoy your connection without thinking that a 4K movie stream and an online game can produce buffering if they were to happen at the same time.

Better WiFi Coverage

​If you don’t have 70 years old and are happy with your internet connection on a computer in a dark corner of your room, then you should care about the WiFi coverage.

Again, the devices you rent from Optimum are average ones at best and will not guarantee you the best coverage.

As you could see so far, there are many products that are Optimum compatible modems and also have built-in routers that will give you the best WiFi experience you need.

The Buyer’s Guide – Optimum Approved Modems

Congratulations! You already know much more about modems and router than you did 10 minutes ago, and all this information is priceless for you and your funds, but also for you and your ease of using the internet.

So before I close this article, let’s get you the best modem for Optimum for you and your needs. But in order to do that, I need you to consider the aspect below and be true to yourself.

Internet Plan

Let’s assume that you already have an internet plan. Be sure you check the maximum speed that subscription can offer and buy a modem that goes with that speed. If you have a low-budget subscription that will not ensure you good download and upload speed, you can buy the most expensive and premium modem in the world, and it won’t make any difference.

What I am trying to say is that you should not waste money on a device that is not about to work at its full potential if the means don’t let it.

Internet Speed

This is a very important aspect to be taken into consideration because this can save you a lot of money.

So, try and put down all the things you do online. Do you mostly browse the web and stay on social media, or do you mostly play online video games and watch online HD movies. Or are you a vlogger that does lots of live streaming?

If you are in the first category that only uses the internet for general stuff, don’t waste your dollars on a premium router because you won’t need it.

Channel Bonding

So, you’ve seen the term “channel bonding” a few times before in this article. But what does it actually mean?

You need to understand that every cable modem will have a section that will define its channel bonding level. That level represents the capacity of downloading and uploading.

To give you a short example, let’s imagine that you but a modem with a 16×4 channel bonding. Your router will present 16 channels for downloading and 4 channels for uploading.

Of course, the better the channel bonding is, the more channels it offers, and the faster it will be your internet connection.

Again, the better this aspect is, the more expensive it is the modem, so think about your needs, because in the end, everything has to do with what you can afford to spend.

DOCSIS 3.0 vs DOCSIS 3.1

Again, another term that you’ve seen in this article multiple times is the one of DOCSIS. This means “Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification,” and it actually translates into the internet service.

Today most of the modems are DOCSIS 3.0. However, some internet service providers also support DOCSIS 3.1, but since it is not a guarantee that you will get DOCSIS 3.1 services, you should not go and pay for a modem with this feature.

Of course, DOCSIS 3.1 modems also work on DOCSIS 3.0, but if you don’t have any reason to buy a more expensive model, why should you?

Modem and Built-in Router or Separate Units?

The last thing you should consider when buying the best modem for you is that if you want one that also has a built0in router and will be able to give you a WiFi network or do you want to go with separate units.

I think that this aspect is a matter of space, taste and also affordability, so you should think about all before making a purchase.

However, if you decide to go with separate units, be sure that the router you will buy will be compatible with the modem and vice-versa.

In Conclusion To

I really hope that you learn something new from this article and that you found it to be relevant and helpful for your case. If you have any questions, I am here to answer them in the shortest time possible, so go on and use the comment section below.

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