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mp-shield-night-sightsThe Smith & Wesson M & P shield is definitely one of the best firearms ever made.

It is one in a series of pistol tagged the Smith & Wesson M & P pistol series. And even though they are so great, you can make them even better by buying Smith & Wesson M&P shield night sights.

This will result in a greatly improved targeting accuracy. As such, you will become even more formidable at tactical defense than you already are. The M&P shield has several variants, including the M&P 2.0 compact shield, the M&P shield .40, the M&P shield .45, among others.

In this article, we have provided you with a list of the ten best sights for Smith and Wesson shield. In order to put this list together, we considered a multitude of night sights out there and filtered out the very best.

The S&W M&P sights that made our cut standout in their cost to value ratio, their quality, and several other things. Thereafter, we provide you with a guide.

This guide will help you understand the available sights for S&W shield and what constitutes them. This is in a bid to arm you with the expertise required to recognize and choose one for yourself if there is a need for such.

10 Best M & P Shield Night Sights Comparison Table

10 Best M & P Shield Night Sights Reviews

#1 AmeriGlo Classic Series 3

The AmeriGlo Classic Series 3 Dot Sights features contrasting colors that enhance visibility and target acquisition during the nighttime. The front and rear tritium of this sight is green in color with a bright white outline, which ensures that the sight functions optimally even in daytime lighting.

It also ensures that excellent assistance is made available during nighttime shooting. The 3 Dot Series provides a narrow and accurate measurement that makes it easier to acquire targets that are far away.

Although the casing of this sight is durable, it is usually fitted tightly onto a standard M & P shield. This may necessitate the assistance of a gunsmith to ensure it is perfectly locked in place, leaving little to no chance that it will snag on your clothing or holster.

Also, you need to ensure that the M&P shield’s front sight lines up perfectly with its rear sight, as this will help achieve the maximum effect. Note that the front sight is usually more difficult to position perfectly as compared to the rear sight.

  • It features a durable casing
  • It provides excellent visibility during the day, and at night
  • The front sight is difficult to install perfectly

#2 Streamlight 69273 TLR-6

The Streamlight 69273 TLR-6 Tactical Sight is a laser sight that points accurately to where your round will go.

The laser sight is installed by mounting it on your M&P shield, and it features a 640-660nm red laser that provides optimal assistance with acquiring targets.

It also assists you by accurately evaluating the distance between you and the target, and by following a moving target in different low light conditions.

The laser uses a parabolic reflector that renders the laser brighter. The reflector achieves this by ensuring there is a balance between the beams and the peripheral illumination.

This ensures that the laser is rendered consistently bright and visible, even when the surrounding is not completely dark.

The sight features an ambidextrous switch, that is, it can be operated by both left-handed and right-handed shooters. This ensures that anyone can access the three power modes of the laser in a short time.

Switching between these modes is easy, especially in situations where it is urgently required even if you are wearing concealed carry vests.

The Streamlight TLR-6 laser sight employs batteries for its operation, and they can be easily replaced using a light that is mounted on the standard M & P.

  • It provides excellent visibility during the day, and at night
  • The batteries are easily replaceable
  • It features three modes for laser power
  • It features an ambidextrous switch
  • The laser is a potentially harmful size.


The TRUGLO TFX Pro Tritium and Fiber Optic Sight is produced using high-quality CNC-machined steel that works to enhance the durability of the product. It uses a rust-proof finish that further improves the durability of the sight and expands its life span.

The front fiber sight features a highly visible white ring that helps to improve the visibility of the sight during the daytime when lighting conditions are optimal. On the other hand, sight is green during nighttime, which provides an excellent contrast that improves its visibility.

The aiming elements featured in this sight are enclosed in a capsule that is not only chemical resistant but also shock-resistant.

This provides that the sight can be used in rough conditions, which could be forested or weathered conditions; that is, you can use it heavily on hunting expeditions, get it dirty and damp, and it would still render optimally.

In short, the Truglo sight for M & P shield is a masterpiece equipment that at least deserves consideration when looking to buy a M & P shield night sight.

  • It is constructed using CNC-machined steel, and rust-proof finish which makes it extremely durable
  • It features bright white rings
  • It is rust-resistant
  • It can be uses in any situation

#4 Trijicon Night Sight Sets for Smith & Wesson M&P Pistols

The Trijicon Night Sight Sets for Smith and Wesson shields is a super durable set that makes use of white rings around the glowing dots to improve daytime visibility and provide optimum assistance during the nighttime.

The white rings are bright, which renders them ideal for use in any lighting condition; however, the color they feature may not be ideal for use during the day and may also require some getting used to for several users.

This particular Trijicon night sight includes tritium-phosphor lamps that provide excellent luminosity for the white rings. Each lamp is, however, capped by a sapphire jewel, which ensures the even distribution of the light and also protects the tritium from becoming damaged through puncturing or other means.

These lamps are also protected by aluminum cylinders, which improve the durability of the sight and make it suitable for use in rough conditions without having to worry about its life span.

There are a varied number of color lamps you can choose for contrast, and they are green, yellow, or orange, depending on your preference. You can also choose between having similar or contrasting colors for your front lamps.

However, to ensure greater accuracy, contrasting colors are recommended. The M & P shield Trijicon night sights are one of the very best night sights out there and should definitely be considered when looking to purchase a S&W M&P shield night sights.

  • It is durable and long-lasting
  • It allows you to choose your own colors
  • The lamps provide great luminosity in daylight
  • The surfaces of the sight can be scratched easily

#5 TRUGLO TFO Handgun Sight Set

The M & P shield TRUGLO TFO Night Sight is tough, and it makes use of contrasting colors without notifying others of your location. It includes both front and rear sights that are perfect for installation on your M&P shield.

The fiber optics employed on this sight are perfect for acquiring targets in all forms of low light conditions you can think of. It also uses a tri-dot aiming system that contrasts with the front and rear colors of the sights, which helps to focus your eyes on distant targets more quickly.

The casing of this sight makes use of a Fortress finish coating, which produces an increase in durability, an improvement in the rust-resistance of the sight set, as well as a reduction in the frequency with which the sight snag on clothes or holsters. It can be used with narrow holsters.

Additionally, this M & P fiber optic Sight features a CNC-machined steal that further enhance the durability of the product.

  • It uses contrasting colors that ensures maximum nighttime visibility
  • It is affordable, and very durable
  • It is snag and rust-resistant
  • The daytime visibility is low

#6 TRUGLO Tritium Handgun

The TRUGLO Tritium Handgun Glow-in-Dark Night Sight contains tritium within its sight dots, which makes the sight glow in the dark without the need for light exposure or batteries.

The sight dots are able to change color depending on the light they are exposed to. When they are exposed to daylight, the color of the sight dots turns white, which improves the visibility of the dot, while the dots turn green during the night, which improves contrast.

This sight is made using tough CNC-machined steel, as well as Fortress finish which ensure that the sight remain working after a long time, and also reduces the frequency with which the sight snag on holsters and clothing.

  • The sight is affordable
  • It comes with 12-years warranty
  • It is durable and long-lasting
  • It uses dual sight colors that depend on light levels
  • It may require a gunsmith to properly fit

#7 AmeriGlo Tritium I-Dot Green

The AmeriGlo Tritium I-Dot Sight features an I-dot steel configuration as well as a tritium-filled orange front circle and U-notch with a green tritium light. It enables a simple front sight acquisition as well as combat-ready maneuvering.

This sight proves effective when the gun is used with either one hand or two. The orange color is advantageous for tinting front sights as it is less reflective of light as compared to other colors, which therefore makes it easier to focus on.

The different contrasting colors present in this set attract the eye and make it easy to identify one color or the other, thereby improving the speed and precision of the eye of the user.

The two sights primarily glow green at night which renders their aims smoother and more reliable. In addition, the tritium remains active for a minimum of 12 years which cause the user to worry less about reduced brightness for a long time

  • It is affordable and top-quality
  • It is easy to use in varying light conditions
  • It ensures proficient target acquisition
  • It may be a bit oversized
  • It may require a gunsmith to properly fit

#8 Trijicon Night Sight Sets for Glock Pistols

This particular Trijicon Night Sight Set is an ideal tool for tactical shooters. It provides the user with the chance to choose between two colors; orange or yellow, according to their preference. This sight is produced from steel, which renders it durable and long-lasting even when it is used in rough conditions.

The front sight features a photo-luminescent paint on the tritium insert, which is essential as it improves the ease with which light can be used to enhance visibility, and allow for quicker target acquisition.

The paint is able to maintain the charge for about 20 minutes when the battery is on full capacity; however, after this time, it loses its luminescence and will need to be recharged through any available light source, which can be direct sunlight or flashlight.

On the other hand, the rear sight has an angled and serrated surface that reduces any glare from the picture acquired by sight. It also features black painted rings that improve the focus on the front sight.

In all, this Trijicon M & P shield night sight is the perfect tool for someone looking to buy a M & P shield night sight and definitely deserves consideration.

  • It is strongly constructed
  • It uses photo-luminescent paint
  • It features tritium-phosphor lamp
  • It is great for tactical use
  • It has a poor customer support

#9 TruGlo Brite-Site TFX Pro Sig 6/8

The TruGlo Brite-Site Night Sight is designed to provide the user with maximum accuracy and confidence even in situations of extremely low lighting. It is constructed using CNC-machined steel, which is one of the highest quality stainless-steel around and is capable of resisting rust.

It is also treated with Fortress finish, which ensures the durability and the long service life of sight irrespective of the varying situations in which the sight is employed.

This device uses tritium (which is perfect for use in tactical situations) to produce bright glows that are greatly effective in low light situations.

Even when the surrounding is totally dark, the sight provides the user with the ability to acquire their target and shoot in maximum confidence. The front sight features focus-lock that ensures fast and accurate shooting.

  • It provides maximum brightness
  • It is durable and resistant to dust, oil, cleaning solvents, chemical, etc.
  • It works in totally dark environments
  • It may require a gunsmith to properly fit

#10 AmeriGlo Spartan Operator Sight Set

The AmeriGlo Spartan Operator Sight Set uses three lamps to provide excellent visibility to the user during both daytime and nighttime. The front sight employs the use of a green tritium lamp that has a bright orange outline, which creates the chance to use the sight in all daylight (or brightness) conditions.

On the other hand, the rear sight features two green tritium lamps that have black outlines. Although the black outlines do not improve visibility, they help to reduce the strain on the eye, which is important when acquiring targets during the nighttime.

The black rings prevent the eye from being overly flexed as a result of the constant shift from sight to target. With all these, you should definitely consider choosing this AmeriGlo M & P shield sights to better your aiming with your M & P shield.

  • It provides excellent visibility for both day and nighttime
  • It features black rings which reduce eyestrain
  • It is a little pricey
  • It may require the help of a gunsmith to install

Notable mentions include Meprolight M&P shield night sight and XS big M&P shield dot sights.

M & P Shield Night Sights Buyer’s Guide

The M & P shield night sight is one tool you can rely upon to up your aiming game. There are different types available for you to choose from. And you will find that some are more suitable for certain purposes than others.

Buying night sights for M & P shields, whether it is an M&P .40 shield night sight or a .45 night sight, provides some great benefits, especially if the plan is to use the shield as a handgun for defending your home.

With the myriad options of night sights available on the market, it can be quite daunting to make a choice. Because of this, we have provided you a list of several high-quality M & P shields night sights that you will find very beneficial.

We chose these particular sights after careful consideration following tons of research into what makes a high-quality night sight.

We have also provided you with a guide on the features to consider when shopping for your M&P shield night sight (whether it is an M&P shield 40, shield 9, or shield 45-night sight) should in case you find our list insufficient, or you hit a snag at purchasing one of the sights we have recommended.

As you would have inferred, the M & P shield night sights present in this article, as well as the guide on how to buy one, have been put together following careful consideration and thorough research. We feel confident that you will find them very helpful when shopping for a night sight for your M & P shield.

The following are characteristics that you should factor in when you are looking to equip your M & P shield with night sights. Doing this will make the difference between buying a good M & P shield night sight by chance and buying one by design.

Rear sight design

Night sights for M & P shields come with different designs, and the ones you choose will be dependent on your personal preference. While you will still be able to aim well even in low-light regardless of the sight’s design, you will find that choosing one that you are very comfortable with will greatly increase your confidence when using the sight. The following are the different night sight designs that exist;

#1 U-notch design

Most rear sights around use the U-notch design. And aiming with them requires the alignment of the U-notch designed rear sight and the front sight on the object that is being targeted.

Sights that use this type of design rely on tritium lamps of varying colors for both the front and rear sights. This will result in improved aim as well as a faster target acquisition time as a result of the contrast engendered between the different colors of the front and rear sights.

#2 Partridge design

M & P shield night sights with this type of design, while not as popular as those with the U-notch design, are very popular in their own right. Also, they are quite similar to the U-notch night sights. The difference between the two lies in the fact that night sights in this category have a design similar to what you would expect the bottom of a square to look like.

This is different from that of U-notch night sights, which have semicircular designs. Sights in this category also gave a lower profile because the front and rear sights are not usually as long as those of sights made using the U-notch design.

Sights in this category make use of three tritium or three fiber optic lamps. And target acquisition in low light conditions requires the alignment of the front lamp between the two positioned at the rear.

Night sights of this design also usually use varied colors for either lamp to improve aim and focus.

#3 V-notch design

Yet another design of M & P shield night sights you will come across is the V-notch design. It is quite similar to the two that have been discussed, with the major difference being that the rear sight is manufactured in a sort of V shape.

This particular type of sight help achieves easier targeting and aiming. This is as a result of an extra “reflective” line present at the juncture where the two arms of the V-shape connect.

While these three are the most popular night sight designs you will find around; they are not the only ones. Bear in mind that the type you choose will have an impact on your targeting, and as such, endeavor to purchase a night sight that has a design you are comfortable with.

Another thing to keep a note of, the design of a night sight is related to its size. And a sight that is big usually presents problems for standard pistol ankle holsters.

Illumination type

There are basically two types of lamp that night sights manufacturer use; the tritium type and the fiber optic type. Both come with their own advantages as well as with their own disadvantages.

And the lamp type you choose for your night sight should factor in which of the two you are better suited to handle.

#1 Tritium type lamps

Tritium is a radioactive gas used in manufacturing night sights. And despite the radioactive nature, it is quite safe to use, as the quantity used by manufacturers is too small to be detrimental to health.

Those who use tritium type lamps in their night sights do so for a number of reasons, chief of which is the fact that they are great for use in low-light conditions and even in utter darkness.

There are several disadvantages to using this lamp type, however, such as the fact that after 12 years (which is its half-life), it starts to dim. Another is that it is not visible during the day.

Not to worry, however, as manufacturers of night sights that use tritium lamps wrap the lamps in reflective materials. This ensures that it is just as visible during the day as it is at night.

Also, some manufacturers have warranties in place that make it easier to replace expired tritium lamps.

#2 Fiber optic type lamps

Lamps that use fiber optic sights for M & P shields last longer than those that use tritium gas. They are also usually cheaper, although the difference in price is sometimes negligible. M&P shield fiber optic sights are suitable for use in all light conditions, whether bright or dim.

More often than not, they feature different colors for both sights. This improves the target acquisition time and accuracy, among other things. The major disadvantage of using lamps of this type is that they do not produce light of their own.

What they do instead, is reflect the available light. This renders them less than efficient in ultra-low-light conditions and utterly inefficient in total darkness.


Since these sights are night sights in the first place, it is safe to assume that they are meant for use in low-light conditions. And to enhance their functionality in such conditions, some of them have enlarged front sights.

M & P shield night sights that have enlarged front sights render target acquisition easier to do. They also greatly improve the accuracy of the shooter, especially in low-light conditions.

Material used

There are basically three materials used in the manufacturing of night sights. They are aluminum, steel, and plastic, with each having advantages and disadvantages to using them.

#1 Aluminum-based night sights

Aluminum night sights lie somewhere in between steel and plastic sights in terms of price. They are sturdy and will survive the occasional dropping and mishandling that is bound to come with night sights.

#2 Plastic-based night sights

Night sights manufactured from plastic are the cheapest. The problem with using them, however, is that they are fragile. As such, they lack the durability you are sure to get from steel and aluminum night sights.

Most night sight manufacturers avoid using this material for their night sights, although you will still find them around. If you are looking to test out just how comfortable you will be with a night sight as opposed to using the normal iron sight, you should buy this.

If you are looking to make a permanent upgrade, however, you are advised to avoid them.

#3 Steel-based night sights

Steel-based night sights are the most expensive of the lot. They are also the most durable. If you are passionate about your M & P shield and will like to get night sights of the highest quality to use with them, steel-based ones are the answer you seek.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of night sights are the most durable?

Night sights made from steel are by far the most durable types. Their price is steep, however, and you should consider going for the aluminum type if you are low on cash.

I am good at aiming with my iron sights, do I need to practice with my night sights?

Yes, you do. This is especially important if your night sights are heavier than your iron sights were. Practice with them will help you get used to the weight such that you will be able to aim accurately with them.

When should I practice with my night sights?

Both during the day and at night. Night sights are suitable for use either periods, and as such, should be practiced with within both periods. This is especially important if you plan to use the sights with your home-defense handgun.

Should I install the night sights myself or get professional help?

Night sights are easy to install, if you have the expertise required. And if you are asking this question, you most probably do not have that expertise. In such a scenario, you will be better off having a gunsmith, or someone who is familiar with handguns, fix the sights for you.

In Conclusion To

Congratulations on seeing this through to the end. Now, you are not only armed with a list of the 10 best M&P 9mm shield night sights (as well as the best S&W M&P 40 and 45 sights around), you are also armed with the know-how of how to choose a great one.

As you already know, using your Smith & Wesson M&P shield with night sights will greatly improve your targeting accuracy in low-light conditions. And this is why they are so essential to have, especially when meant to be combined with home-defense handguns.

It is, however, important to reiterate that the most important factor in choosing a night sight is that it fulfills your needs and meets your preferences. That is to say, the price and features a night sight have should only be considered after you have ascertained that said night sight is suitable for your purposes and meets your preferences.

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