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The toy wagon that we see kids use, and which some of us used while growing up, was first invented in 1913. It has, however, come a long way since those days to become one of the most versatile, and most fun toys that a child can have.

Several people who are now parents have fun memories of themselves as children enjoying a ride or two in their wagon, and it is an experience which they will like their children to have.

If you are one of those but are unsure as to which particular wagon to buy due to the overwhelming volume of options available, then you have come to the right place.

In this article, we have provided you with 10 of the best to wagons you will find on the market today. They have been chosen after much research into what they offer, and whether the value they provide matches their price.

After this, we have also provided a guide that will give you an insight into how we went about choosing these wagons.

With this, you will have enough knowledge to choose a high-quality wagon for your kids, should you have one reason or the other why you cannot go with those on our list.

10 Best Kids’ Wagons Comparison Table

ImageProduct’s Name Product DimensionWeightBonding ChannelPricing
ARRIS SURFboard SB61212 x 6.4 x 8.7 inches7.2 ounces8 X 4Check On Amazon
ARRIS Surfboard SBG6700AC5.3 x 2.2 x 5 inches1.4 pounds8 X 4Check On Amazon
TP-Link TC-W79608.2 x 5.9 x 2.9 inches1.7 pounds8 X 4Check On Amazon
ARRIS SURFboard SB61906.4 x 2 x 8.7 inches1.12 pounds32 X 8Check On Amazon
Netgear C6300-100NAS6.8 x 10.9 x 3 inches2.95 pounds32 X 8Check On Amazon
ARRIS SURFboard SBG6900AC11.6 x 3.9 x 10.5 inches1.75 pounds16 X 4Check On Amazon
Netgear C6250-100NAS AC160011.7 x 10.1 x 3.1 inches2.75 pounds16 X 4Check On Amazon
NETGEAR C70009.6 x 8.3 x 1.7 inches1.6 pounds24 X 8Check On Amazon
NETGEAR C3000-100NAS9.1 x 10.8 x 3.1 inches1.05 pounds8 X 4Check On Amazon
ARRIS Surfboard SBG7580AC2.2 x 7.7 x 9.5 inches2.95 pounds32 X 8Check On Amazon

10 Best Wagons For Kids Reviews:

#1 Little Tikes Lil’ Wagon – Amazon Exclusive

The Little Tikes Mil’ Wagon is the ideal standard wagon for your child, as it is cost-effective and yet possesses a variety of quality features. It employs a basic design without any fancy frills.

The wagon features a lightweight design that makes it suitable for use by little children that are from being one year old to three years old.

When compared to other models of the wagons for children, you will find that it is a small wagon; however, it is big enough for them to move their toys and favorite stuffed pets around.

The Little Tikes Lil’ Wagon is a strong yet durable plastic wagon, which renders it incapable of rusting. This also ensures that it cannot cause harm to the tiny toes of the children that may be caught under the soft wheels.

It is perfect for use inside the home and also outside without any cause for alarm. One of the reasons for this is that it can work well on any floor surface, whether outside the house or inside without causing damage to the wagon itself, the surface, or the child(ren) using it.

As has been mentioned, the Little Tikes Lil’ Wagon is of a small size which means that it does not occupy much space in storage. It also has a handle that can fold flat when it is about to be put in storage.

  • The wheels are designed to be used inside and outside the house
  • The handle can fold flat so as to allow for convenient storage
  • It is the ideal wagon size for use by preschoolers and toddlers
  • It is not ideal for transporting kids
  • It can accommodate the weight of preschoolers and toddlers alone

#2 Radio Flyer All-Terrain Pathfinder Wagon

The Radio Flyer All-Terrain Pathfinder Wagon is designed to transport with two seats that can accommodate two kids and allow them to enjoy a ride on the wagon at the same time.

These seats can either be folded up or down, depending on which configuration is best to haul toys, stuffed animals, or other objects the child wants to move. It features specific safety features, as well as the capacity to provide a smooth ride over different terrain types.

This is as a result of the sturdy air tires it has. This wagon features seatbelts and seatbacks that can either be folded up or down depending on your preference.

The Radio Flyer All-Terrain Pathfinder Wagon is built from durable hard plastic that ensures the wagon has a long-lasting service life.

It features a pull-along handle that is located underneath the wagon, which can be folded and stored in a compact space in order to allow for convenience during storage.

It also has tiny holes at the bottom of the wagon tray, which is designed to ensure the smooth and easy process of cleaning the cart.

All that is required then is to hose the cart down as the dirt and grime will simply run through the tiny holes.

  • It features two seats in the wagon that allows for twins or for two kids
  • It is also constructed with safety as a top priority e.g. seatbelts
  • It has four different cup or bottle holders
  • It features an extra-long handle that can be folded under in order to allow for easy storage
  • It is ideal for kids between the ages of one and four

#3 Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon

The Radio Flyer company was established in 1917, with the aim of creating smiles on children of all ages, and also of helping them to make and develop fun memories. They have since been committed to the production of quality products towards achieving this purpose.

The Red Flyer Classic Walker Wagon is one of the different ways through which this aim is achieved. The wagon is constructed as both a push wagon, and a pull wagon, and it is constructed from solid and natural wood.

It is ideal for use by children with little feet who are just learning how to walk and also for older kids who can already run.

This classic walker wagon includes a resist push feature, as well as furniture-friendly bumpers. The resist push feature makes it an ideal toy as it helps the little children just learning to walk to build their confidence and balance in safety.

On the other hand, the furniture-friendly bumper helps ensure that your house furniture is safe as the little children learn how to walk.

The wooden wagon also features removable wooden stake sides, as well as rounded corners that enhance the fun experienced by the kids, and help prevent scratches, respectively.

It also provides these children with the capacity to load, unload and move objects around in an imitation of the activities carried out by the grownups around them.

  • It is made from solid and natural wood
  • It features rounded corners that prevent scratches
  • It is able to function as a push wagon, and as a pull wagon
  • It is ideal for use by children between the ages of one and four
  • It is unable to accommodate children older than four or five years old

#4 Roadmaster Pacific Cycle 34″ Steel Wagon

The Roadmaster Pacific Cycle Steel Wagon is the ideal child wagon to choose if what you desire is elegance and sleekness, as well as a simple design devoid of frills.

The pacific cycle is a pull wagon that you will find to be an excellent treasure and toy for your child. A toy that will help your kid achieve several hours of imaginative fun.

The product is constructed using durable and quality steel hardware, which ensures that it has a long service life. The process involved in dismantling this children’s wagon is relatively easy, in a similar way to that required for assembly.

Additionally, the wagon is easy to maneuver as it has 8-inch wheels with rubber tires, which improves traction and, thus, renders it capable of moving over different kinds of terrain.

It also features rounded edges that ensure the safety of the child, as well as a no-pinch handle design. It uses a long reach steel handle without any pinch pivot.

The all-steel hardware of the Roadmaster Pacific Cycle Steel Wagon uses a powder coat finish, and it has been designed with versatility, which is provided by the air steel bed and undercarriage it has.

This ensures that the kid enjoys the activities of moving his different toys and favorite objects around.

  • This kid wagon is produced from durable and quality all-steel hardware, which ensures its durability
  • It is extremely easy to disassemble and assemble this product
  • The edges of this wagon are smooth and rounded, in order to prevent scratching of any form
  • It can only be pulled

#5 Radio Flyer Folding Wagon For Kids And Cargo

The Radio Flyer Folding Wagon is also known as a 3-in-1 EZ Folding Wagon for kids, because of the multiple functions it serves. It is designed to attract not only kids but also their parents.

This product is the perfect tool to take along on family vacations and excursions, especially when there are specific items or objects to be taken along.

It is produced from DuraClean fabric, which makes cleaning easier as the fabric requires only one wipe to clean. It features two cup holders and quiet ride tires.

It is also a foldable wagon and can be unfolded to become a bench wide enough to accommodate two, such that you can enjoy a trip to the park with your little child while using this wagon to pull your picnic.

On arrival at your destination, you can then delight in the meal you have prepared while using the wagon as a bench.

This tool is not only a toy for kids, it can also come handy in your home, working environment or school, as it has a wide range of versatility. Some of the versatile functions this wagon serves are moving the child, gear or items within the house, school or work environment etc.

  • It is amazingly portable as it comes with a fold-up design
  • The wheels of this wagon are quiet and they ride smoothly
  • It features two cup holders which are located in front
  • It is able to function in three capacities which include seat riding for two kids, as a bench seat, and to also haul cargo
  • It has a telescoping handle which does not extend far
  • When the wagon is overfilled, it can tip over easily

#6 Little Tikes Deluxe Ride and Relax Wagon with Umbrella

The Little Tikes Deluxe Ride and Relax Wagon are constructed using an excellent deluxe style, and it provides a tone of versatility such that it can be used to transport two kids at the same time and also carry out a wide range of activities.

The wagon features sides that can be removed (thereby converting it to a flatbed that is ideal for moving loads of items), and also an attached umbrella (which is optional and serves as protection from the sun on sunny days, or other elements).

The tool is constructed using durable materials, and it is painted in a beautiful color with accents of red, which makes it perfect to use for both boys and girls.

It also features a cooler that is attached to one side and can be used for storing food, including small snacks, water, and juice boxes. The wagon can also be converted into a bench, thereby providing relaxed seats that go along with the cooler and storage area.

Besides the aforementioned features, the Little Tikes Deluxe Ride and Relax Wagon has seat belts that enhance its safety and security. Essentially, the deluxe ride and relax wagon offer kids plenty of convenience, comfort and control.

  • It is a versatile and convertible toddler’s wagon
  • It comes with canopy and sides that can be removed
  • The handles can be flipped underneath so as to enable easy and convenient storage
  • The wagon can be easily converted into a bench for sitting, as well as to a cart for hauling supplies
  • It features seatbelts and drink holders
  • It features fixed positioned handle which makes it reluctant to turn corners

#7 Step2 Wagon for Two Plus Blue

While a large percentage of wagons that are able to accommodate two kids do so by a slight margin, the Step2 Wagon for Two Plus is specifically designed for that purpose.

This model makes use of reliable and durable construction materials that permits the movement of the little children to be carried out in comfort, style, and safety.

This tool features easy latch opening doors and two different contoured seats, as well as a deep leg well that provides extra room for the feet, which enhances the comfort.

Also, beneath the rear seat of the wagon, there is an additional compartment that is perfect for holding specific items such as the snacks and toys of the kids and the phone or key of the parent.

Additionally, it is fitted out with two safety belts that ensure your kids and the cargo you use it to transport is safe and secure.

The Step2 Wagon for Two features a long handle that makes it easy to pull the wagon, as well as a tag-along trailer plus that, can be attached to it for use in situations where you require additional space for storage.

The handle can be folded easily and kept under the car to make it easier to keep in storage. The process of assembling the tool requires minimal adult supervision before it can be ready for use. It is suitable for use by children who are aged 18 months and above.

  • It is made of sturdy materials and can be set up easily
  • It features seatbelts that provides extra safety onboard
  • It has a storage compartment that is ideal for snacks
  • It is easy to manage the product during use
  • The match for the door is strong, thereby making it almost impossible for children to unlatch on their own
  • It cannot conveniently accommodate
  • The wheels may come wide of the wagon at any point
  • The plastic may also break easily

#8 Radio Flyer Deluxe All-Terrain Family Wagon

The Radio Flyer Deluxe All-Terrain Family Wagon is ideal for use in families with two kids as it has been optimally designed to be able to transport two kids at the same time.

It is a durable plastic wagon that is easy to clean and maintain and has also been engineered to last. The design of the wagon is infused with advanced safety features, which include two seatbelts that are able to enhance its safety and keep your cargo and kids secure.

It is constructed using sturdy ten inches all-terrain air tires, which provide the little children with a smooth and comfortable ride, on every kind of floor surface, such that it can function as an off-road wagon.

The wagon has a folding wagon design that makes its seats foldable, thereby providing different tones of flexible seating and storage. It also features a five-way flip and storage options, which include: a flatbed, covered storage and ride, xl storage and ride, activity storage, and seating for two.

The Radio Flyer Deluxe All-Terrain Family Wagon features pull-along handles that ensure that the wagon is easy to maneuver and control and can also be folded and stored away underneath the wagon when it is not in use.

It also has small holes in the bottom of the wagon which makes it easy to hose and clean when it is dirty.

  • It has a removable UV protection canopy, with a handle that can be folded over in order to ensure easy storage
  • It features four child and adult cup holders that makes it easy to access drinks and snacks
  • It is ideal for big kids and for infants
  • The tires are suitable for all terrains
  • It has a five-way flip and fold seat design
  • It also has seatbelts which improves safety
  • It has some design flaws

#9 Radio Flyer All-Terrain Cargo Wagon

The Radio Flyer All-Terrain Cargo Wagon is perfect for use on beaches, picnics, etc. It features a large wooden wagon body that helps ensure that it has maximum hauling capacity.

The sides of the wagon are removable, and they are constructed using wooden stakes, which allows for excellent storage and hauling capacity, as well as for ultimate flexibility.

It has 10-inch rugged air tires, which ensure that it is capable of moving over any terrain smoothly and comfortably. It also has an extra-long handle that can be folded under in order to allow for convenient and easy storage.

Similar to a lot of other toddler wagons, it is red in color. It comes with a feature not present in most wagons, which is a controller turning radius that provides it with balance during turning and prevents it from tipping over.

Although the wagon uses All-Terrain tires, it may not be capable of working on rough off-road terrains. Finally, the wagon has an excellent weight capacity and can hold up to 200 pounds of weight.

As such, it can be used by eighteen-month old kids. It is also suitable for one-year old kids, and for two-year old kids, etc.

  • It has a no-pinch call joint that keeps the fingers safe
  • It has a controlled turning radius
  • It features real air tires
  • It is highly durable
  • It may feel too bumpy to little children
  • It sometimes feels uncomfortable

#10 Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon

The Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon is designed to hold heavy cargo without being prone to wear and tear, such that the children can easily haul their toys and stuffed animals around, and even the adults can make effective use of it.

The wagon is a versatile storage and hauling tool that comes with a pull along with the cart. It features two mesh cup holsters, two cup holders and a rear folding table. The fabric used in constructing this wagon is 600D, which is able to protect your child and cargo from UV rays, as well as from mildew.

Despite the several tons of load the wagon can hold, it can still be collapsed to less than ten inches in thickness as a result of the easy accordion-style fold it possesses.

That is, it folds up into an accordion-like frame after use before insertion into its storage bag. When it is folded up, it attains a thickness of about nine inches, which helps ensure that it occupies very little space.

It features a heavy-duty frame and extra-large wheels. This makes it efficient for haulage and also enables it to roll through sandy terrain.

The wagon comes with six different color options.

  • This wagon comes in six different colors
  • It uses the 600D fabric which provides protection from UV rays and mildew
  • It is easy to setup
  • It has a very large capacity to hold cargo, and can be fully collapsed
  • It features an adjustable handle that improves transport
  • Some complain about it being uncomfortable to the children
  • It may feel bumpy to the children

Choosing The Best Kids’ Wagons Buyer’s Guide:

Kids’ wagons are very useful and quite necessary to have especially if you will be moving around with your children a lot. Their benefits are diverse, but below we will examine some of these benefits. You will surely find one of them a good enough reason to invest in a kids’ wagon.

They Are Useful As A Storage Unit

One of the several benefits you will get from purchasing a kid’s wagon is the fact that they are also useful for storing items such as your kids’ toys.

This will help in the organization of the room such that you will able to locate things easily where they are placed since they will have a designated place where they are stored.

And asides from the fact that these wagons are useful for keeping toys in the home, they are also useful for transporting these toys to a location where they will be needed.

That is to say; your kids will be able to use their wagon to transport their favorite playthings to a place where they need them for their fun and games.

The simple fact that you will be directing your kids where to store their toys will also help instill a sense of organization in them from an early age. They can then hone and develop this as they get older through other means.

Apart from this, that cheap wagon that you purchased for your kid can also come in really handy to you, the parent. You can also utilize it as a storage unit, or a transportation unit at the very least.

Say you have to go to the park with your children one day, or even to the beach, you can pack snacks and drinks in the wagon, as well as the utensils you will need to serve them.

If you are heading out to the beach with your children a lot, you should look at buying a beach wagon, as this will definitely be more helpful than other types.

Get Your Kids To Engage In Physical Activities

Exercising is an activity that should be encouraged right from childhood. But seeing as there is only so much that kids can do, and also seeing as they are prone to get bored easily, it becomes necessary for them to be encouraged to take up physical activities that are fun.

Buying your kid a wagon is a way to do this, seeing as they will be required to pull the wagon around after themselves. This will require them to expend energy and use their body muscles to work, thereby resulting in them getting some much-needed workout.

This physical exertion will help them get an early start to exercising, which will make probably result in them getting a feel for it and being interested in it as they grow up. And building a habit of exercising is definitely the way you want your kids to go.

Help Them Develop A Sense Of Ownership And Responsibility

Yet another advantage that is certain to come with your buying children wagons, whether they are for toddlers, babies, infants, twins, or big kids is the fact that it can serve as a means of instilling what ownership feels like in them, as well as a way to teach them to be responsible for something.

A cool wagon, which is how the kids will see it, will be a major source of pride to them. And with pride comes ownership and territoriality. It is important to teach kids how to handle these two from a young old, which is what buying them a car wagon will help you do.

Also, buying a toy wagon for your children will help teach them responsibility from a young age, since they will be responsible for taking care of said wagon, and making sure that no damage comes to it.

That is to say, purchasing a child wagon goes beyond simply providing an avenue for your kids, toddlers, and babies to have fun, it also presents you with a way to teach them some values that will stay with them throughout their lives.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Kid’s Wagon

There are several factors to consider when in the market for a kid’s wagon. And seeing as this toy can come to mean a lot to your kid as well as help in his/her development, you should endeavor to spare no expenses (time, money, and energy), in choosing the best child wagon possible.

The following are some of the things you should be on the lookout for when looking to buy your children a ride in a wagon, as they will help you decide in which exactly you should choose;

The type of wheels/tires: one of the most important features you should consider when on the lookout for when in the market for a kid’s wagon is the quality of the tire used.

You see, with the amount of dragging and maltreatment that is bound to be inflicted on the wagon by your children, it is necessary that you get one with very high-quality and rugged rubber wheels, plastic wheels, foam-filled wheels, or air-filled wheels.

As indicated, there is a wide range of options to choose from, although rubber tires seem to be the most popular. You can confirm whether or not the wheels of a particular wagon is of high quality or not by checking through reviews left by prior buyers of that wagon.

Whether Or Not The Wagon Has A Canopy

Yet another factor that should feature in your decision as to which wagon to buy is whether or not it has a canopy. Think of the climate you are in, and whether or not your kid likes to spend a lot of time outside, and let that help you decide which option to go for, whether a wagon with canopy or one without.

There are several high-quality wagons with removable canopies, and you can go for those. While you are not obligated to buy a wagon with a canopy, it is strongly advisable that you do so, as you do not want to expose your one-year-old, or two years old child to harsh weather conditions.

What The Seating Area Is Like In The Wagon

Yet another criterion that should be considered when looking to buy a kid’s wagon is what type of seating area it is. There are different types of wagons, with each having its own type of seating area.

It is usually helpful to have a padded seating area in a big wagon though more than it is in a little wagon. This is more because children spend more time in big wagons than they do in little wagons.

One major reason for this is that big wagons can fit two kids and more comfortably, and being able to enjoy the company of a friend or sibling greatly increases the allure of wagons for kids, which results in them staying much longer than they do in little wagons.

Whether Or Not The Wagon Got Seatbelts

One other factor you should put into consideration when buying a kid’s wagon is whether or not it comes with seat belts. During your research, you will find that some wagons come with this attribute while some do not.

Those that come with seat belts are generally more expensive than those that come without, however, which is why you should put some thoughts into whether or not it is needed.

For 1-year-old and 2-year old kids, wagons with seat belts will be great as it will help ensure their safety when playing with their wagon. For big kids like those who are 5-year-old kids, however, you do not have to buy a wagon with seat belt as children in this age range are better able to handle themselves and prevent an injury than younger ones.

Whether Or Not There Is A Pull Handle In Wagon

The pull handle is one of the most important features that any kid’s wagon should have. The pull handle is that component of the wagon that your kid will use in dragging his/her toy wagon around.

No matter their age, whether they are 6 months old or older, and no matter their number, whether they are just 3 kids or 4 kids, the pull handle is essential to their use of the wagon.

Without the pull handle, there is simply no pulling the wagon around, which means that half the fun that can be gotten from the wagon is lost. Because of this, you should endeavor to buy a cool wagon that has a quality and sturdy pull handle.

Buying a high-quality pull handle will help to significantly reduce the possibility of your kid’s car wagon or his canopy wagon from falling over when he is on a race with it for one purpose or the other.

What The Design Is Of The Kids Wagon

While the design of the wagon you plan to buy isn’t critical to its functioning and can thus be overlooked, it is, nevertheless, quite important, especially since you will be buying for kids.

Kids like their colors, and if you so much as buy them a toy – imagine buying a collapsible wagon with a canopy that is painted brown – when they would have preferred another – say a travel wagon painted red – you can have a war on your hands. Or imagine buying them a pull wagon when they would have preferred to have a push wagon.

Wagons come in different shapes and sizes. And if you are to ensure that your children are pleased with your choice of a wagon for them, you will have to put some thought into what you buy.

This is especially true if you have multiple children, who can’t be pleased with the same choice. As an example, imagine that you buy a ride in wagons for 3 kids or canopy wagons for 4 kids, or maybe you buy red wagons for all your children, and then after getting home, they threw a tantrum and rejected your gift because they are not their choice and they don’t have the same preferences.

Or imagine buying a particular wagon for 1-year-old, and another for your 2-year-old based on their respective weights, and then the one-year-old wants that of the two-year-old.

This will lead to complications that you certainly would like to avoid beforehand. For this reason, you should endeavor to put some thought into the type of wagon you buy.

Whether Or Not There Is An Integrated Cup Holder Inside It

Several children wagon also come equipped with an integrated cup holder or cooler. You should, however, not just jump at the chance to buy one of these. You should at first wonder whether or not you need them, or whether or not you don’t.

Purchasing a wagon with these features, when they are not needed, will clearly be a waste of money since they won’t be used. As such, do a soul searching to identify what is required from the wagon, and make the purchase accordingly.

Check Which Brand Manufactured The Wagon!

Whenever you are buying a product, especially one that, in one way or the other, concerns your children, it is usually the best option to stick to well-known and well-established brands.

There are several reasons for this. From safety to durability to design, and so on, you will find that products from well-established brands generally floor those from unknown and upcoming brands.

In this case, one of the most important reasons why you should endeavor to purchase your children’s wagon from a well-established brand is safety.

No matter the age of your children, and no matter their number, safety is a factor that should definitely be top of your mind when buying a wagon for them.

Also, the type of wagon does not matter; whether it is a collapsible wagon, a covered wagon, a fold-up wagon, a plastic wagon, an off-road wagon, or whatever, you should endeavor to ensure that you highly prioritize the safety of your kid before buying one. This is especially true if you are buying the wagon for two kids or more.

The areas that are usually examined when talking about wagon safety include the rigidity of the chassis, as well as the general structural integrity of the wagon.

And since you might not really be able to tell about how durable those are without first seeing the product, you should endeavor to read up reviews by other parents who have bought the particular wagon you are looking for.

What The Weight Is Of The Wagon?

When searching for a wagon to buy for your kid, you should endeavor to find out just how much said wagon weighs, and just how much weight it can support.

Apart from helping to ensure longevity, since knowing its weight limit will mean you won’t overburden it, the weight is also important as to just how effective wagons are at maneuvering.

The volume of weight that a particular wagon can handle is dependent on the material used in the construction. Generally, wooden wagons, which also have some parts of them made of wood, can support the most weight.

These are heavy-duty wagons, and they have the capacity to support as many as 300 pounds of weight. Asides that, they are also great for flexibility and are thus, bound to be enjoyed by your kids. A high-density polyethylene plastic wagon can support as many as 200 pounds of weight.

With this knowledge at hand, you can tell that for big kids, or for multiple kids, you will do well to purchase a wood wagon that has an infusion of metal, since it will be the best able to support their weight.

In Conclusion To Choosing Wagons For Kids

Wagons are useful for a variety of purposes, as you would have inferred from reading through this article. They can be used as a storage unit for storing your kid’s toys, as a means of transporting utensils and materials for a picnic at the park, and as a source of fun and enjoyment for your children.

When buying one, however, it is important that you understand what to look for, as this will help you choose the best wagon, which is the wagon that meets your child’s needs.

There are several types of wagons, such as a ride in wagons, fold in wagons, and so on. This makes it important that you know what your kid’s preference is in order to get the best wagon for him/her.

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