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Configure And Use Mic On PS5 Headset Or Controller

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Hey there, PlayStation 5 gamers! 🎮 Are you looking to step up your game with some top-notch audio? Well, you’re in the right place! Currently, the PlayStation 5 doesn’t have controllers with fancy built-in microphones, so if you’re aiming for crystal-clear audio during your gaming sessions, you’ll need an external mic. But don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it sounds!

First things first: Why a USB microphone? When you’re deep in the gaming world, you want to feel like you’re part of the action, right? A USB microphone is your ticket to that immersive experience. It’s like having a superpower where everyone can hear you loud and clear, whether you’re strategizing with your team or just chatting during the game.

Now, let’s get down to business. How do you set up this magical device on your PS5? It’s all about getting those microphone settings just right so everyone can hear you without any hiccups. Most gaming headsets connect to your PS5 through a USB cable or a wireless receiver. Got a headset with a 3.5mm connector? No problem! Just plug it into your DualSense controller, and you’re good to go. This way, you can chat using the controller’s built-in microphone.

Here’s a quick checklist for a smooth setup:

  • Connect Your Headset: If it’s a USB headset, plug it into the PS5’s rear USB port. For a headset with a 3.5mm cable, connect it directly to your controller.
  • Charge Up: Make sure your controller’s batteries are fully charged.
  • Check the Mute Button: You don’t want to be speaking into the void, so ensure the mute button on your headset is turned off. This is usually a little button on the ear cup or along the headphone wire.

Stay tuned, as we’ll dive into more details about adjusting the microphone settings for each type of headset. Get ready to make your voice heard in the gaming world! 🎤

Configure the PS5 Headset Mic

Alright, let’s get your headset mic ready to roll on the PlayStation 5. It’s pretty easy to set it as your main microphone, so you can chat away with your friends while gaming. Just follow these steps, and you’ll be all set:

  • Head to the Main Menu: Power up your PS5 and go to the main menu. This is where all the magic begins.
  • Find the Settings: Look for the gear icon in the upper-right corner of your screen. That’s your gateway to the console’s settings.
  • Dive into Sound Settings: In the settings menu, you’ll see a bunch of options. Click on “Sound,” and then select “Microphone.” This is where you control all things audio.
  • Choose Your Mic: Now, you’ll see an option that says “Controller Microphone.” Click on it. But here’s a twist – you’ll want to mute this one. Why? Because you’re setting up your awesome gaming headset as the primary mic! So, go ahead and mute the controller microphone using the drop-down menu.
  • Select Your Gaming Headset: After muting the controller mic, it’s time to pick your gaming headset. Under the “Input Device” section, choose your gaming headset. This tells your PS5, “Hey, this is the microphone I want to use!”

And voilà! You’re all set to chat with your gaming buddies. Your headset is now the star of the show, ready to capture every word you say. Happy gaming and chatting! 🎧

Enable PS5 Controller’s Mic

If you’re all about using that handy 3.5mm cable to connect your gaming headset directly to your DualSense controller, you’re in luck! Setting up the controller’s built-in microphone is super easy. Let’s walk through the steps to get you chatting with your gaming friends in no time:

  • Head Back to the Main Menu: Just like before, start on your PS5’s main menu. This is your command center for all the settings.
  • Access the Settings: Look for the cog symbol (it’s like a little wheel) in the upper-right corner of the screen. This is your key to the settings kingdom.
  • Navigate to Sound Options: In the settings menu, click on “Sound,” and then go to “Microphone.” This is where you’ll make the magic happen for your controller’s mic.
  • Select the Controller’s Microphone: In the ‘Input Device’ field, you’ll find an option for the controller’s microphone. Go ahead and select it.
  • Turn It On: Now, it’s just a matter of switching the status to “On.” This is like saying, “Hey, I’m ready to talk!”

And there you have it! Your controller’s microphone is all set up and ready to go. You can now chat with your teammates or friends using the microphone on your controller. Get ready to dive into some awesome gaming conversations! 🎤

Modify The PS5 Mic Settings

Customizing your microphone settings on the PS5 is a breeze, and it’s key to making sure you’re heard just right, whether you’re strategizing with teammates or just chatting during a game. Let’s dive into how you can adjust these settings to suit your needs:

  • Start at the Main Menu: Once again, your journey begins at the PS5’s main menu. This is your control panel for everything on your console.
  • Find Your Way to Sound Settings: Look for the “Preferences” option, then navigate to “Sound” and finally “Audio Output.” This is where you’ll fine-tune your audio setup.
  • Adjust Your Mic Level: Here you’ll find a setting called ‘Adjust Microphone Level.’ This is super important because it lets you change how loud your voice is transmitted to others. You want to be heard clearly, so play around with this setting to find the perfect volume.
  • Control Your Sidetone Volume: If your headphones are compatible, you can use the ‘Sidetone Volume’ setting to adjust how loud you hear your own voice in your headset. This can be really helpful to make sure you’re not too loud or too soft in your own ears.
  • Quick Adjustments During a Game: Need to make a quick change while you’re in the middle of a game? No problem! Just hold down the PlayStation button on your controller. This brings up a quick menu. From there, choose ‘Mic’ and adjust your volume level right there and then.

And just like that, you’ve customized your PS5 microphone settings to perfection. Now, whether you’re giving out commands or just sharing a laugh, everyone will hear you just the way you intended.

How to utilize the PS5 controller as a microphone for Party and game chat

Ready to use your PS5 controller as a microphone for chatting in parties and games? It’s a great way to stay connected with your friends and teammates without any extra gear. Here’s how to set it up:

  • Access the Quick Menu: Start by pressing the PlayStation button on your PS5 controller. This button is your shortcut to a lot of handy features, including the Quick menu.
  • Find the Mic Option: Once you’re in the Quick menu, look at the bottom of the screen and scroll to the right. There, you’ll find the “Mic” option. Select it to open up more settings.
  • Adjust the Mic Settings: A window will pop up at the bottom of the screen. Here, you want to make sure that the Mic option is set to “Wireless Controller.” This tells your PS5 that you’re using the controller’s mic for your voice chat.
  • Set the Mic Level: Now, scroll down to the bottom of this window and click on “Adjust Mic Level.” Sometimes, the mic level is set quite low by default, so you might need to bump it up a bit.
  • Fine-Tune the Input Volume: After clicking “Adjust Mic Level,” a popup will appear. You’ll see a Microphone Slider at the bottom. Use this to adjust the Input Volume to your liking. A pro tip: lower the Microphone slider a bit to avoid picking up background noise or the sounds of your controller’s thumbsticks and buttons. This helps in keeping your voice clear and easy for others to hear.

And that’s it! Now your PS5 controller is all set up to double as a microphone for your game and party chats. This way, your voice comes through clean and crisp, making your gaming experience even more engaging and fun. Happy gaming and chatting! 🕹️

Make sure your PS5 controller is working as a Mic now

Great! Your PS5 controller is all set up to be used as a microphone. But let’s make sure everything’s working perfectly so you can jump into your game or party chat without any hiccups. Here’s how to check that your controller’s mic is good to go:

  • Head to Game Base: Start off by going to Game Base on your PS5. This is where you’ll find all your party chats and game groups.
  • Join a Party Chat: In Game Base, pick any of your party chats to test out your mic. Once you’re in the party chat, look for the Headphone option at the bottom of the window. Click on it to join the voice chat.
  • Adjust the Microphone Volume: If you’re ready to start talking right away, you might want to tweak the microphone volume. You’ll find this option right next to your name in the party chat. Adjust it to a level where you can be heard clearly.
  • Test Your Mic: Now, give it a test! Start speaking and see if everyone in your voice chat party can hear you. This is the moment of truth to confirm that your microphone is functioning as it should.
  • Know Your Mute Button: There’s a handy little microphone mute button right beneath the PlayStation button on your controller. Pressing this button mutes your microphone, which is great if you need a moment of silence. Want to mute all audio, including your microphone? Just hold down this button. It’s a quick and easy way to go silent when you need to.

And that’s it! Your PS5 controller is now not just a tool for gaming but also your gateway to clear and effective communication in your games. Happy gaming and chatting! 🎮


As we wrap up, let’s take a moment to appreciate how your PlayStation 5, coupled with its versatile controller, can enhance your gaming experience through crystal-clear communication. By now, you should be comfortable setting up your external USB microphone or using your controller as a mic, fine-tuning the audio settings to ensure your voice is heard just right, and checking to confirm everything is working smoothly.

Remember, whether you’re strategizing with teammates in an intense match or simply catching up with friends in a party chat, clear communication is key. With these easy steps, you’ve transformed your gaming sessions into a more immersive and interactive experience. Your voice is now a powerful tool in your gaming arsenal, ready to command battles, forge alliances, or share a laugh.

So, grab your controller, join your next game or chat party, and make your voice heard. Happy gaming, and here’s to many more hours of fun and seamless communication on your PS5!

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