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How to Do a Subathon on Twitch?

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Hey there! So, you’ve got a bunch of awesome followers on your Twitch channel? That’s super cool! Ever thought about hosting a subathon? Not sure what that is? No worries! I’m here to break it down for you, and trust me, it’s going to be fun!

Imagine getting all your fans to support you at the same time. A subathon is like a special party on your Twitch channel where you encourage everyone to subscribe. It’s like a game – the more people subscribe, the more fun things you do on stream. This could be anything from dancing to playing a particular video game. The coolest part? Every time someone subscribes, they add more time to your streaming clock. It’s like a fun challenge!

By the way, ever wonder where the name “subathon” came from? It’s a mix of two words: “subscriber” and “marathon.” Neat, right?

And guess what? Hosting a subathon can be like hitting the jackpot! When your fans subscribe, donate, or even gift others a subscription, it means more support (and cash!) for your channel.

Alright, excited to learn more? Let’s jump right in!

How to Host a Subathon on Twitch?

If you’ve ever wondered how to host a subathon on Twitch, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive right into it, step by step, and get your subathon party started!

#1 Plan Your Subathon

The first thing you want to do is think about your awesome followers. What do they love to see? It’s super important to consider what your viewers like because this event is all for them. So, why not chat with your moderators, editors, and, most importantly, your community? They’ll give you some great ideas!

Before starting, think about what you want to achieve. Do you want a certain number of new subscribers? Or perhaps you’re looking to hit a particular donation target? Write it down!

You’ll need to give your fans a reason to subscribe, right? Think of cool rewards or incentives. Maybe a dance break, a funny challenge, or a special shoutout for subscribers?

How long do you want your stream party to last? A few hours? A whole day? Remember to set a max time so you don’t end up streaming forever and messing up your sleep schedule!

Here’s a pro tip: streaming for a long time can be exhausting. Don’t forget to schedule in some rest breaks. Stretch your legs, grab a snack, or just take a deep breath. Your energy is key to keeping the vibe alive!

Alright, with these steps in mind, you’re well on your way to hosting an epic subathon!

#2 Announce Your Twitch Subathon

You’ve planned out your subathon, and now it’s time to let everyone know. Exciting, right? Here’s how to create a buzz and get everyone hyped up!

Give Them a Sneak Peek

When you tell your fans about your subathon, tease them with some of the cool rewards and incentives they can expect. It’s like giving a movie trailer – you show some exciting bits to make sure they tune in for the main show!

Shout It Out on Social Media

Don’t just mention it once – remind your followers a few times! You can post about it throughout the week leading up to the big day. This keeps the excitement building and ensures they won’t forget.

Ways to Attract a Bigger Crowd:

  • Countdown to Excitement: Just like a movie premiere or a big game, build up the hype! You can share countdowns, behind-the-scenes sneak peeks, or fun trivia about what to expect.
  • Eye-catching Thumbnails: You know that first impression counts, right? Design a cool and catchy thumbnail for your subathon announcement. Something that makes folks go, “I HAVE to watch this!”
  • Share Some Snaps: Post promotional pictures of you prepping for the event or even some teasers of the incentives. It’s like showing a backstage pass to your fans!
  • Get Your Squad Involved: Your moderators are like your backstage crew. Ask them to help spread the word. The more voices talking about it, the louder the buzz!

So there you go! By following these steps, you’ll have a crowd eagerly waiting to join your subathon.

#3 Set up a Timer

So you’ve got the hype going, and now it’s time to set up the fun part – the timer! It’s like a magical clock that adds more time every time someone subscribes. So, let’s set it up together!

What’s This Timer Thing?

In a subathon, with every new subscription, the timer increases, which means you stay live a bit longer. It’s a fun way to get more subs and engage with your fans!

Setting Up with ‘Marathon Timer’

Never used ‘Marathon Timer’? Don’t worry; I’m here to guide you!

  1. Head to the Website: First, go to the ‘Marathon Timer’ website.
  2. Logging In: Find the button that says ‘login with Twitch’ and give it a click.
  3. Input the Details: Once you’re in, you’ll be asked for some info. Don’t fret! This is just stuff like your token and authorization. Just follow the prompts.
  4. Navigate to the Setup Page: Here’s where the magic happens! You’ll notice something called ‘Tips and Bits’. Think of this like a tip jar, where fans can throw in a few dollars (kind of like when you tip your favorite barista).
  5. Connect for Donations: Want to receive these tips? Of course, you do! Click on ‘Connect to Streamlabs’ to set that up.
  6. Final Touches: All that’s left is to decide how much extra time gets added for each sub or donation. Maybe 5 minutes for a sub? 10 minutes for a big donation? You decide!

#4 Configure Subathon

We’re making progress! Now, let’s fine-tune your subathon settings to make sure everything runs smoothly. Trust me, it’s not as tricky as it sounds. Just follow along!

The timer settings are the heart of your subathon. Setting them right ensures you have a fun, manageable stream. Let’s break it down!

Time Settings

  • Dollar and Bits Adjustment: First up, find the option for ‘TIPS and BITS’. Change the dollar amount to 1 and set the bits to 100. Think of this as setting the value for the tips and cheers you’ll get from your fans.
  • Set the Time Reward: For every dollar or 100 bits someone gives, how much extra time do you want to add? Here, you’ll keep the seconds at 120 for both. This means for every tip or cheer, you’re adding 2 minutes to your stream. Sounds exciting, right?

Bonus for Gifted Subs:

  • Just below the previous settings, you’ll spot an option that says ‘include gifted subs’. Gifted subs are when someone generously pays for a subscription for someone else. Kinda like buying a friend a coffee!
  • Should you count these in your subathon? Absolutely! I recommend ticking and activating this option. It’s a fantastic way to appreciate the love and generosity in your community.

Alright, with these settings in place, your subathon is starting to take shape! Just a few more steps, and you’ll be all set to host an unforgettable streaming event.

Add Time

  • Decide Your Stream Duration: Here, you get to choose how long you initially plan to stream. Maybe you’re thinking a few hours or perhaps an all-day event?
  • A Little Tip: Even though there’s an option to set this time, it might be best to leave it for now. Remember, with a subathon, the fun part is that your fans get to influence how long you’re on! So keep it flexible and see where the journey takes you.

Set Timer

  • Pick a Start Time: Think of this as setting an alarm clock. When do you want to kick things off? Morning? Afternoon? Set a time that works for you and your audience.
  • Max Out the Fun: Here, you decide the absolute maximum time subs can add to your stream. For instance, if you set it to 10 hours and your fans keep subscribing, once you hit that 10-hour mark, no more time gets added. This way, you can ensure you don’t end up with a never-ending stream (as fun as that might sound!).

Font Setting

  • Customize to Your Heart’s Content: With this setting, you can change how your text appears. Want a bright color that pops? Or maybe a cool font that reflects your personality? Dive in and make your choices!
  • Test It Out: Before you finalize, run a test stream on Twitch. It’s a great way to see how your font choices look in action. You can adjust and pick what feels and looks the best for you.

Timer Widget

  • Link It Up: To show your subathon timer on your stream, you’ll need to connect it to your streaming software, like Streamlabs or OBS.
  • Here’s How to Do It:
    1. On the ‘Marathon Timer’ site, look for the option that says ‘Click here to unhide Widget link.’ Give it a click. This is your golden ticket!
    2. Open up your streaming software. In the sources section, click the Plus (+) icon to add a new source.
    3. Select “Browser” from the dropdown menu that pops up. This is where the magic happens!
    4. Now, paste that special link you got from the Marathon site into the URL section.
    5. Hit ‘OK’, and voila! You’ll see your timer appear, usually on the upper left of your screen. But you can drag and place it wherever you think it fits best.

Add a Panel

  • The Benefits of a Panel: Think of a Twitch panel as a helpful signpost. It’ll provide your viewers with all the essential details about your subathon. So, they won’t have to keep asking, “How does this work?”
  • What to Include: In this panel, make sure to explain:
    1. How much each sub-tier is worth.
    2. An overview of your subathon event.
    3. Maybe even some fun incentives or surprises you have in store!
  • Pro-Tip: Create a quick command (like !subathonDetails) which, when typed in chat, will display all this information. Share this command with your mods so they can assist any curious viewers.

Go live

  • Check Twice, Stream Once: Make sure you’ve covered everything. Maybe even run through a quick checklist:
    1. Timer set? ✔️
    2. Font looking snazzy? ✔️
    3. Panel and command ready to inform viewers? ✔️
  • Take Care of You: Hosting a subathon is exhilarating but also demanding. So, make sure you’re feeling 100%. Grab a good meal (maybe even some snacks for later), take a quick nap if you need it, hydrate, and take a deep breath.

Subathon Stream Ideas

Okay, now that we’ve set the stage, it’s time to sprinkle in some magic! Here are some brilliant ideas to make your subathon unforgettable:

#1 Add Extra Time

  • The Classic Move: The most popular subathon idea is adding time to your stream. It’s like when you’re watching your favorite TV show and wish the episodes were longer. That’s what this does!
  • Why It Rocks:
    1. Your viewers get more of what they love: you!
    2. Every new subscriber means you’ll get around $5 in your pocket.
    3. Your channel community grows stronger with every extended minute.
  • How Much Time to Add? The amount of time you add for each sub depends on your audience size.
    1. Big Audience: If you’ve got thousands of fans watching, maybe add just a few seconds for each sub. Otherwise, you might end up with a week-long stream!
    2. Smaller Crowd: If you’re cozying up with a dozen or so viewers, consider adding 10-15 minutes for each sub. This gives them great value and makes the stream feel super special.

#2 Eat Weird or Spicy Food

  • The Challenge: Eat Something Weird or Super Spicy!
  • How It Works:
    1. Set Milestones: Once you hit a certain number of subs, treat (or maybe torment?) yourself with some unique or fiery food.
    2. Time Trials: Set a timer and challenge yourself! Can you eat a spicy pepper and go a full minute without reaching for that glass of milk?
    3. Engage Your Viewers: Have them vote on what you should eat, or maybe even hold a fun bet to make things even more interesting.
  • Why It’s Great: People love reactions! Your dramatic response to that spicy ghost pepper or weird delicacy will keep them entertained and coming back for more.

#3 Play Games

  • The Challenge: Dive into the World of Video Games.
  • How It Works:
    1. Listen to Your Audience: Not sure what game to play? Take a poll and let your viewers decide! They’ll love being a part of the decision-making process.
    2. Compete & Reward: Challenge your viewers! If they can beat you in a game, maybe they win a cool prize or a special shoutout.
  • Why It’s Great: Gaming is a fantastic way to keep the energy high, especially when you’re hours into your stream. Plus, it’s a great way for viewers to interact with you and feel more connected.

#4 Give a Virtual Tour of Your Home

  • The Challenge: Virtual Home Tour
  • How It Works:
    1. Set a Sub Goal: Tell your viewers that if you reach a certain subscription milestone, you’ll give them an exclusive peek into your personal space.
    2. Make It Interactive: Maybe let viewers vote on which room to explore first, or share fun stories connected to certain items in your home.
  • Why It’s Great: It offers a personal touch. Viewers will feel more connected to you when they see where you live and work.

#5 Giveaways

  • The Challenge: Host Giveaways
  • How It Works:
    1. Set Goals: Offer cool prizes or experiences once you hit certain subscription targets.
    2. Ask Your Audience: Use polls to find out what kind of prizes they’d love to win. Maybe it’s exclusive merch, a signed photo, or something unique.
    3. Offer Unique Prizes: For instance, if you’re an artist streamer, how about a consultation call? Let your subscribers pick your brain and learn from your expertise!
  • Why It’s Great: It creates excitement and anticipation. The chance of winning something cool will definitely motivate viewers to subscribe.

#6 Live Jamming Sessions

  • The Challenge: Host Live Jamming Sessions
  • How It Works:
    1. Make a Playlist: Create a lively or mellow playlist, depending on your audience’s mood.
    2. Engage Your Viewers: Ask them to pitch in song suggestions and let their choices lead the way!
    3. Unleash Your Inner Star: Sing along, dance, or play an instrument. Let the music take over!
  • Why It’s Great: Music brings people together! Sharing these moments can create a unique bond with your audience, and trust me, time will fly!

#7 Mix and Match

  • The Challenge: Mix and Match Activities
  • How It Works:
    1. Plan Ahead: Prepare a list of fun challenges or activities for different subscription milestones.
    2. Engage Your Audience: Let them decide the sequence or vote on what they’d like to see next.
    3. Keep It Dynamic: Rotate between dancing, eating challenges, gaming, or any other fun ideas. This way, there’s always something new around the corner!
  • Why It’s Great: The element of surprise will keep your audience hooked. They’ll stay tuned in anticipation of what’s next, and the variety ensures there’s something for everyone!

Can You Sleep During a Twitch Subathon?

I get it. Hosting a subathon can be super exhausting, especially if it’s a marathon session. The big question popping in everyone’s mind is: “Can I take a nap while my stream is still on?” Let’s break it down.

Good news, sleep enthusiasts! Twitch gives a nod to those wanting to catch some Zzz’s during a subathon. But it wasn’t always this way.

In the past, Twitch put a big red “NO” on sleeping during streams. They dubbed it as “Idle Content”. Basically, they weren’t fans of you doing nothing on live stream, and sleep fell into that category. But as of February 2021, Twitch had a change of heart and began allowing sleep streams.

Just because you can doze off doesn’t mean you can completely check out. Twitch’s terms of service still hold you responsible for any naughty or rule-breaking chat that happens while you’re off in dreamland. So, if your viewers go rogue and start posting inappropriate content, you might wake up to some not-so-pleasant consequences. Always make sure you’ve got solid moderators in place if you plan on sleeping!

It’s worth noting that some streamers have taken the subathon to a whole new level. Emilycc holds the title for the longest subathon on Twitch, coming in at a whopping 178 days. Talk about dedication!

And let’s not forget about Ludwig Ahgren. His subathon was unique because there wasn’t a set end time. Instead, every subscription added more time to his stream, turning it into a wild, unpredictable event!

Yes, you can grab a blanket, cozy up, and sleep during a Twitch subathon. But always remember to keep an eye (or an ear) on what’s happening in your chat. After all, it’s your channel, and you’re responsible for it, awake or asleep.

What is an Uncapped Subathon on Twitch?

Heard about uncapped subathons on Twitch? I bet you have, especially with all the buzz Ludwig Ahgren stirred up. Let’s dive deep and understand what this magical realm of unlimited streaming is all about.

An uncapped subathon on Twitch is like your usual subathon, but with a major twist: there’s no set end time. Imagine a streaming marathon that potentially goes on… well, forever (or at least until the streamer decides to call it quits).

The beauty of this? It’s a fantastic way to gain new subscribers and bond with your audience over a longer period, without the pressure of a ticking clock counting down to the end.

So, in a standard subathon, you have a countdown timer. As people subscribe or donate, extra time is added to the clock. But once it hits zero, game over, stream’s done.

Now, introduce the idea of an uncapped subathon. Here, the timer keeps getting extended with each subscription, potentially making the stream endless.

Let’s give credit where credit is due. The whole concept of the uncapped subathon shot to fame thanks to streamer extraordinaire, Ludwig Ahgren. This dude embarked on a streaming adventure that lasted a whopping 31 days, and guess what? He bagged an impressive 1.8 million followers in the process. Talk about commitment!

Originally, every new subscriber added 20 seconds to his stream. But Ludwig, being the smart cookie he is, soon realized this could lead to an eternal streaming loop. So, he tweaked it, reducing the 20 seconds to 10 seconds per subscriber. And to ensure he didn’t stream indefinitely and become a Twitch zombie, he set an upper limit of 31 days.

The uncapped subathon is a brilliant evolution in the world of streaming. It showcases dedication, builds a robust community, and yes, it’s a bit wild. But isn’t that what makes streaming fun? So, if you’re up for a challenge and want to bond with your viewers in a unique way, maybe give the uncapped subathon a shot.

Conducting a Sleep Subathon

The Concept: The idea is simple – stream yourself while you sleep. While this might sound uneventful, many viewers find it oddly intriguing, leading to increased viewership and a unique kind of community bonding.

Steps to Set It Up:

  • Choose Your Category: Twitch now offers dedicated categories like “sleep” or “I am only sleeping.” Pick what suits your stream best.
  • Gear Up: Set up your streaming equipment in a way that captures your sleeping space comfortably and securely.
  • Safety First!: Here’s where it gets tricky. Even when asleep, you are responsible for any breaches of conduct on your stream. This is why collaborating with trusted mods is vital. They can keep the stream engaged, play games, or conduct Q&A sessions. They’re your night guardians!
  • Beware of Misclassification: Ensure you’re correctly categorized. Many streamers have faced bans for misleading content. Honesty is the best policy!

The Concept: Reaction videos have been around for a while on platforms like YouTube. On Twitch, the trend has evolved into streamers watching and reacting to various content in real-time.

How It Works:

  • Content Choice: Streamers pick trending shows, anime, memes, or any other popular content.
  • Engagement: The reactions and commentary by streamers provide a fresh take on familiar content, making it entertaining for the viewers.

But There’s a Catch:

  • Copyright Concerns: “React content” treads a fine line on Twitch. Reacting to copyrighted content you don’t own can get you in hot waters. Twitch often issues DMCA strikes and bans for such breaches.
  • Risk Vs. Reward: Despite the risks, many opt for this approach to boost viewership and engagement. But it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons and be aware of the potential consequences.


The digital landscape of entertainment has seen a seismic shift with platforms like Twitch paving the way for real-time engagement and community-building. It’s not just a platform for gamers or casual streamers; it’s a thriving ecosystem where content creators can turn their passion into profit.

While the privilege of watching is free for viewers, the potential rewards for dedicated streamers are enormous. But like any ecosystem, thriving in Twitch requires more than just showing up. It demands understanding the dynamics, evolving with the trends, and ensuring that one’s content is both engaging and authentic. Subathons have emerged as a brilliant strategy to boost engagement, and when done right, they can elevate a streamer’s presence significantly.

This comprehensive guide on Twitch Subathons equips you with the tools and insights to venture confidently into the world of extended streaming. It’s a canvas for your creativity, a stage for your skills, and with the right approach, the sky’s the limit. Here’s to breaking new records, forging deeper connections with your community, and scaling the heights of streaming success! 🚀🎮🎥

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