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How to Download Steam Workshop Mods: 2 Free Ways to Enhance Your Gaming Experience

Alex Ortiz
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Everyone’s talking about games nowadays. More and more people are playing games, and guess what? I think big gaming communities like Steam play a big part in that. On Steam, not only can you play the newest games, but you can also try out special game modifications, or “mods” for short.

But hold on a second… remember that super popular tool everyone used to download mods from the Steam workshop? Yep, it’s no longer working. And if you’ve been trying some other online tools, scripts, or browser extensions, bad news—those aren’t working anymore either.

Don’t worry! In this chat, I’m going to guide you through some fresh ways to manually grab mods from the Steam workshop.

Alright, let’s not wait any longer. Here we go…!

How to Download Steam Workshop Mods 2024 [ 2 Free Ways ]

Hey there! Before we go any deeper, let’s chat about what “mods” are. Imagine you have a toy and you add cool stickers, colors, or maybe even a cape. That’s what mods do to games! They’re like special add-ons that can change how a character looks, give them new stuff, or even add entirely new adventures. Some people also call them “skins.” Think of them as fun game makeovers! Most of the time, super passionate gamers or the game creators themselves make these mods.

Today, I’m going to show you two awesome ways to download these mods from the Steam workshop for free. And oh, if you’re using Windows 11 and need the latest Steam app, you can get it [here](link to the Steam download).

1. Let’s Use WorkshopDL!

A New Shiny Tool:

WorkshopDL is like this brand new magic wand that lets you easily download mods from the Steam workshop. It’s pretty user-friendly, and you won’t have to mess with confusing computer codes. Even cooler? It can also help you get mods for games outside of Steam, like those on Epic Games.

How to use it:

  • Get WorkshopDL: Start by downloading WorkshopDL from the given link.
  • Unzip the Downloaded File: Once you have it, right-click on the file and choose “Extract All…” to unzip it.
  • Start the App: Inside the folder you just opened, find the WorkshopDL app, right-click on it, and pick “Run as administrator.”
  • Oops, a Warning?: If your computer warns you with a “Windows protected your PC” message, no sweat! Click “more info” and then hit “Run anyway.”
  • Pick Your Mod: Head over to the Steam community, find a game mod you love, and copy its link.
  • Paste the Link: Back in the WorkshopDL app, paste the link where it says “workshop mod URL”.
  • Generate the Download: Click anywhere blank in the app. It’s doing its magic to prep the download link for you.
  • Hit Download: Just click “Download,” and your mod will start downloading.

Quick Note: After all the files are done downloading, you can click “Yes” to see where they’re saved on your computer.

2. Let’s Try the Official SteamCMD!

The Tried-and-True Way:

If you want another way, or if the first method’s acting up, SteamCMD is your trusty backup. It’s super reliable because it’s from Steam themselves. And get this: you can use it even if you’re not signed up on Steam or don’t have an active account. Plus, it can work for other games you got from, let’s say, not-so-official sources.

How to use it:

  • Grab SteamCMD: First things first, download SteamCMD from the given link.
  • Unzip the File: Like before, right-click on the file and select “Extract All…” to open it up.
  • Launch the App: Inside that folder, right-click on the steamcmd app and pick “Run as administrator.”
  • Wait a Bit: Give it a few minutes to get everything ready. When you see “Loading Steam API…OK”, you’re good to go!
  • Know Your Game’s IDs: Every game and mod has special numbers called AppID and ModID. For this example, we’ll get mods for a game called “RimWorld”, but you can use other games too!
  • Login Time: In the Steam client window, type “login anonymous” and press Enter.
  • Start the Download: Once connected to Steam, type in “workshop_download_item <AppID> <ModID>” and hit Enter.
  • Success!: When it says “Success”, it means your mod’s downloaded! Check the mentioned spot on your computer to find it.

Install Mods from Steam Workshop

So, you’ve downloaded some cool mods, and now you’re wondering, “How do I add them to my game?” Well, you’re in luck! Setting up mods can be a bit like solving a puzzle, but once you know where the pieces go, it’s super easy. And here’s some great news: You don’t even need an active Steam subscription. Yep! This method works whether your game is from Steam or from somewhere else. Just a heads up, different games want their mods in different “homes,” so we’ve got to make sure we put them in the right spot!

Adding Mods on Steam: Easy-Peasy!

If you’re playing a game on Steam, adding mods is a walk in the park! Here’s how:

  • Go to Settings in your Steam app.
  • Click on Options.
  • Now, find the Mods tab and click on it. Voila! Your mods are ready to rock.

But What If My Game Isn’t On Steam?

No worries! For games that aren’t on Steam, we’ve got a slightly different path. Let’s use the game “Prison Architect” as an example.

Here’s your step-by-step guide:

  • Find Where Your Game Lives on Your Computer:
    • For “Prison Architect,” it’s like going to a specific room in a big house. Go to: “User > AppData > Local > Introversion > Prison Architect”.
  • Add Your Mods:
    • Remember the mod file you downloaded? You’ll need to unzip (or “open up”) that file. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see your mod files ready to move.
    • Now, take those files and put them in the mods folder in your game’s directory (that’s the room we found in step 1).

Quick tip: Sometimes, your downloaded mods might not be in a zip. They could look like “.gma”, “.mod” or even other types. If that’s the case, instead of the mods folder, pop them into the Assets folder.


We’ve been on quite the adventure, haven’t we? Let’s take a moment to reflect on what we’ve learned.

You now know how to grab those fantastic mods from the Steam workshop, even if you don’t have the game on your computer. Pretty neat, right? So whether you’re using your laptop, desktop, or even your friend’s computer, you can snag those mods and use them on non-Steam games too.

I did my homework for you! I checked out different places, even deep-dived into discussions on sites like Reddit, to make sure I’m giving you the best info.

Remember, gaming is all about having fun and making the experience your own. With these mods, you can do just that!

So, until our next gaming adventure, keep those joysticks rocking and enjoy every modded moment! 🎮🌟

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