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PS4 Is Overheating | Symptoms, Causes & Solutions [2024]

Alex Ortiz
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Hey there, gamers! Have you ever noticed your PS4 acting a bit weird, like running super slow, freezing, or even crashing out of nowhere? Well, there’s a sneaky culprit behind these problems: heat. That’s right, heat is like kryptonite for electronics, including your beloved PS4. When it gets too hot, it starts to have all sorts of issues that can really mess up your gaming experience.

Let’s dive into this a bit. All gaming consoles, like the PS4, are built with special designs to manage heat and keep cool. But you might wonder, “Why does my PS4 overheat if it’s made to stay cool?” The answer is pretty simple: yes, the PS4 can overheat, just like any other gadget, especially as it gets older or if something inside isn’t working right.

In serious cases, an overheating PS4 might just shut down or freeze without any warning. And it’s not just about the immediate problems. Overheating can shorten the life of important parts inside your PS4, like the brain (CPU), the part that handles all the awesome graphics (GPU), and where all your game data is stored (hard drive).

Your PS4 has a bunch of parts that get hot when you’re using it. Some, like the CPU and graphics card, can get so hot, it’s like they’re on fire (not literally, but you get the idea). So, keeping your PS4 cool is super important, especially when it’s hot outside.

There are a couple of main reasons why your PS4 might overheat. First, if there’s something wrong with the parts inside, like the hard drive or GPU, they could be making more heat than they should. Second, the PS4 has a built-in fan to keep things cool, but sometimes it doesn’t do its job well.

In this article, we’ll show you how to figure out if overheating is your PS4’s problem. We’ll also talk about what makes the PS4 too hot and how you can stop this from happening in the future. So, let’s get started and save your PS4 from turning into a mini-oven!

How Your PS4 Cools Itself

Alright, let’s get into how your PS4 manages to keep its cool. Knowing this is key to understanding why it might overheat.

Your PS4 is like a mini computer, and just like any computer, it gets pretty warm when it’s running. To handle this, it uses airflow as its main cooling method. Imagine your PS4 as a little house: it needs to bring in fresh, cool air from outside and get rid of the hot air that builds up inside. This airflow is crucial for keeping all the parts inside your PS4 from getting too hot.

Now, depending on which PS4 model you have, the cooling system looks a bit different. In the basic PS4 model, there’s a single fan that blows out hot air and some vents on the side. It also has a heat sink, which is like a metal sponge that absorbs heat, attached to the EMI shielding (that’s the stuff that stops electronic interference). The PS4 Pro takes this up a notch with a bigger heat sink and a fan that’s designed to cool all the parts inside more effectively.

Sony, the makers of PS4, had a big challenge: they had to create a cooling system that could handle the powerful APU (that’s the part that does all the heavy lifting for games) without letting the console overheat. This is super important, especially because the PS4 has its power source inside.

The airflow design inside your PS4 is pretty smart. It was inspired by two different versions: the N and the G. The design splits the incoming air so some goes to the top of the unit and some to the bottom. Then the air flows through the heat sink, cools down the parts that need it, and exits through the back. The fan inside your PS4 works in a special way to spread this air evenly throughout the console, and Sony even designed it to be as quiet as possible.

Even the fan’s motor is fancy – it’s a three-phase unit that’s super efficient at using power. Plus, there’s a sensor inside your PS4 that checks how hot the air coming out is, so it can adjust to different room temperatures.

But despite all this cool tech, your PS4 still gets pretty warm with a lot of use (though usually stays below 50 degrees Celsius). Thermal images show that the hottest part is where the APU and the system memory are. So, even with a great cooling system, it’s normal for your PS4 to heat up a bit when you’re deep into gaming.

Causes of PS4 Overheating

Now, let’s talk about why your PS4 might start feeling like a mini stove. Overheating in game consoles, including the PS4, is pretty common, especially as they get older. But, even a brand-new PS4 can heat up if it’s working really hard. This happens when the PS4’s cooling system (the fan, heatsink, and vents) can’t get rid of the heat fast enough.

Here’s the thing: all electronic devices, like your PS4, naturally produce heat. That’s just part of how they work. Even the latest and greatest consoles, like the PS5, can get quite toasty. But usually, the PS4’s cooling system should be able to handle this heat.

So, why does your PS4 start to overheat? Let’s break down some of the most common reasons:

  • Pushing the Limits with Games and Apps: When you play really demanding games or use intense applications, your PS4’s brain (CPU) and its graphics powerhouse (GPU) can get super hot.
  • Too Many Browser Tabs: Each browser tab eats up some of your PS4’s energy and can add to the heat.
  • Apps That Won’t Play Nice: Sometimes, apps crash or freeze, and your PS4 has to work overtime to fix these issues, which can lead to more heat.
  • Fan Problems: Your PS4’s fan is key to keeping it cool. If it’s not working right, things can heat up quickly.
  • Blocked Air Vents: If the air vents on your PS4 are covered or blocked, hot air can’t escape, and the inside of your PS4 turns into an oven.
  • Old Software: Outdated PS4 software might not be as efficient, causing your console to work harder and get hotter.
  • Too Much Sun: If your PS4 is in direct sunlight or a hot room, it can overheat because the cooling system is only designed to handle heat from inside the PS4.
  • Defective Parts: Sometimes, a broken part inside your PS4, like the CPU, power supply unit (PSU), graphics card (GPU), or hard drive (HDD), can create extra heat.

All these factors can make your PS4 heat up more than it should. So, it’s important to keep an eye on these things to ensure your PS4 stays cool and runs smoothly.

Symptoms And Signs of PS4 Overheating

Let’s figure out how to tell if your PS4 is overheating. Sometimes it’s pretty obvious, like when you get an error message straight up telling you it’s too hot. But other times, it’s not so clear-cut. Just because your PS4 feels hot doesn’t always mean it’s overheating. It’s normal for it to get warm during regular use. However, there are certain signs that can alert you to an overheating problem:

1. Sluggish Performance

If your PS4 starts to act slow or laggy, it could be a sign of overheating. This slowdown happens because as the parts inside your PS4 get hotter, they don’t work as well. Also, since the PS4 is pretty compact, dust can easily block air from moving around inside, making things even hotter.

2. PS4 Crash/Freeze

Overheating is one of the most common reasons your PS4 might suddenly freeze or crash. When it gets too hot, some components inside might stop working to protect themselves from damage. This sudden shutdown of parts can cause your game or app to freeze or your whole PS4 to crash.

3. Random Shutdowns

If your PS4 suddenly turns off on its own, it’s a serious sign. This is what we call a “hard crash”. Remember how we talked about the CPU (the brain of your PS4)? It’s designed to shut down automatically if it gets too hot, kind of like a self-defense mechanism. This prevents it from getting damaged by extreme heat.

4. The PS4 Fan is Too Loud

If you notice your PS4’s fan making a lot of noise, it’s trying to tell you something. When the airflow inside isn’t enough to cool things down, the fan goes into overdrive to try to push out the heat. This loud fan noise is often what drives people to get their PS4 checked or even think about getting a new one.

5. Glitches and Errors

Too much heat can make your PS4’s CPU go haywire, leading to all sorts of weird errors and glitches. You might see things like your cursor disappearing, sound problems, or clicks not registering properly.

6. Texture Artifacts

For all the gamers out there, an overheating PS4 can show some odd graphics issues in your 3D games. This usually happens when just one part of your PS4, like the GPU (which handles the game graphics), is too hot. You might see missing textures, weird blocks of color, or funky shapes in your games.

7. Your Room Has a New Heater

Believe it or not, your PS4 can actually make your room feel warmer when it’s overheating. It’s like comparing a warm day in Tennessee to a hot day in Florida. If your gaming room starts to feel like a sauna, it might be your PS4 heating up the place.

So, keep an eye (and ear!) out for these signs. If you notice any of them, it’s a good idea to check on your PS4’s temperature and make sure it’s not overheating. After all, taking good care of your console means more smooth and enjoyable gaming sessions

What Causes PS4 to Overheat

Now, let’s unravel the mystery behind why your PS4 might overheat. There are a bunch of different reasons this can happen. Sometimes it’s a problem with a part inside the PS4, or it might be a software issue. Let’s break it down:

  • Malfunctioning Components: Sometimes, a part inside your PS4 might not work properly, affecting how the CPU (the brain) or GPU (the graphics part) operates. This can cause overheating.
  • Hardware Driver Issues: These are the little programs that tell the hardware in your PS4 how to work. If they’re acting up, it can lead to overheating.
  • File Conflicts or Corruption: Imagine your PS4 getting confused by messed up or conflicting files. This can make the CPU and GPU work incorrectly, leading to extra heat.

But, the most common culprit is usually the cooling system not doing its job right. Here’s what might go wrong with the cooling system:

  • Dust Clogging: Dust can block the grills where air comes in (intake grills) or goes out (exhaust ports). This messes up the airflow, making it hard for your PS4 to stay cool.
  • Fan Problems: If the fan that’s supposed to keep everything cool is clogged with dust or not working right, it can’t help cool down your PS4.
  • Old Thermal Grease: This is the stuff between the heat sink (which helps get rid of heat) and the CPU/GPU. Over time, it can break down and not work as well, leading to more heat.

You can actually fix many of these issues yourself, but some might be a bit tricky.

If you’ve made sure your PS4 is clean and has good airflow, but it’s still overheating, it could be a hardware defect or a problem with the PS4’s system files. This might be due to a corrupted PS4 database. It could also be caused by a game or app not being installed correctly, or a problem with a PS4 system software update.

So, if your PS4 is getting too hot, it’s a good idea to check these potential causes to figure out what might be going wrong. This way, you can get your PS4 back to running cool and smooth!

Fixing PS4 Overheating Issue

If your PS4 is getting too hot, don’t worry! Most of the time, the issue is with the cooling system, and there are several things you can do to fix it. Let’s go through them step by step:

  • Check the Fan:
    • The Sound Check: When you turn on your PS4, listen for the fan’s “vroom” sound. This sound should start strong and then get quieter as your PS4 boots up. If you don’t hear this sound, or it seems weaker than usual, your fan might not be working properly.
    • Visual Inspection: If you’re unsure about the sound, you can peek inside the PS4’s ventilation holes with a flashlight to see if the fan is moving. If you don’t see any movement, or if you’re not comfortable opening up your PS4, it’s time to take it to a repair shop.
  • Don’t Block the Vents:
    • Avoid placing your PS4 on soft surfaces like beds or blankets, as these can block the airflow through the vents. Always use a hard, flat surface like a wooden table to ensure proper ventilation.
  • Clean Your PS4:
    • Turn off and unplug your PS4 before starting.
    • Open the cover and look for dust. You can use compressed air or a leaf blower (on a low setting) to blow away the dust, focusing on the fan and other main components.
    • Cotton buds can be handy for cleaning narrow spaces. Remember, the goal is to remove any blockages caused by dust, not to make it spotless.
  • Reapply Thermal Paste:
    • Thermal paste is a substance that helps transfer heat from the CPU/GPU to the heatsinks. Over time, this paste can degrade. If the above steps don’t solve the overheating issue, consider reapplying thermal paste. This is a bit more complex, so if you’re not confident in doing it yourself, it’s best to seek professional help.

These steps should help you fix the overheating issue with your PS4. Regular maintenance, like keeping it clean and ensuring good airflow, can prevent many of these problems from happening in the first place. Happy gaming, and here’s to a cooler, happier PS4!

Preventing Your PS4 From Overheating

Worried about your PS4 getting too hot? No problem! There are some simple things you can do to prevent overheating and keep your gaming sessions smooth. Let’s check them out:

  • Regular Cleaning is Key:
    • Dust is sneaky and can build up inside your PS4 over time, clogging the fan and messing with the airflow. This trapped heat can prevent your PS4 from cooling down properly. To avoid this, make sure to clean both the inside and outside of your PS4 regularly.
  • Ensure Proper Ventilation:
    • Location, location, location! Make sure your PS4 is in a spot where it can breathe easily. Keep it away from walls or anything else that might block the vents. Also, avoid placing it near radiators or heating vents, as they can add extra heat.
  • Consider an External Cooling Station:
    • External cooling stations or fans for your PS4 can be a great help. They increase airflow, which takes some pressure off the internal fans. This not only keeps your PS4 cooler but also reduces the noise from the internal cooling system. Plus, using these cooling aids can potentially extend the life of your console.

Remember, a well-ventilated, clean PS4 is a happy PS4. These tips should help you prevent any overheating issues and make your gaming experience even better. Keep cool and game on!


So, we’ve learned that PS4s can overheat and get too hot sometimes. But don’t worry, it’s usually not a huge deal and can often be fixed pretty easily. Most of the time, a good cleaning of the vents and the fan will sort things out and get your PS4 back to its cool, calm, and collected self.

In some cases, you might need to go a step further by rebuilding or initializing the PS4’s database. This can help resolve any deeper software issues that might be causing overheating.

Remember, we’ve covered almost every method you can use to fix an overheating PS4 in this article. So, if your PS4 starts to feel like it’s turning into a little oven, don’t panic. Just go through the steps we’ve talked about, and you should be able to get things back to normal.

Happy gaming, and here’s to keeping your PS4 cool and running smoothly!
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