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PS5: “Can’t Start The Game Or App” Error | Fixed by Experts

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Let’s chat about the PlayStation 5 (PS5). It’s super cool and powerful, right? But did you know that when it first came out in November 2020, it wasn’t perfect? Yep, even the best things have their hiccups! Many players who managed to buy a PS5 (lucky them!) faced some annoying errors and glitches. It’s like getting a new toy and finding out it doesn’t work as smoothly as you hoped.

One big headache for PS5 users was this error message popping up: “Can’t Start The Game Or App”. Imagine this: you’re all set to play your favorite game, you hit ‘start’, and… nothing. Frustrating, right?

But don’t worry, it’s not all bad news. Sony, the company behind PS5, has been working hard. They’ve released updates that fixed a bunch of these problems. The coolest update? You can now add a second SSD to your PS5 – that’s more space for more games!

However, despite all these fixes, that pesky “Can’t Start The Game Or App” error is still bothering some players. It’s like that one bug at a picnic that just won’t leave you alone, no matter how many times you swat at it.

Stay with me as we dive deeper into this issue and find out more about what’s going on with our beloved PS5! 🎮

Things to Know Before Fixing PS5 Errors

Before you roll up your sleeves to fix any PS5 error, including the annoying “Can’t Start The Game Or App” one, there are a few things you should keep in mind. It’s like being a detective; you need to understand the clues to solve the mystery.

1. Decoding the Error Code

First off, those error codes that pop up aren’t just random jumbles of letters and numbers. They’re actually telling you what’s wrong. It could be anything from internet issues to a small hiccup in the game itself. Understanding these codes is your first step in fixing the problem. Think of it as a secret language that, once decoded, reveals the source of the trouble.

2. New Games Can Be Tricky

Here’s something interesting: even the best and newest games can have errors. When you see error messages or codes while playing a new game, it could mean a couple of things. Maybe the game doesn’t play well with your PS5 (that’s an incompatibility issue), or perhaps there’s just a tiny mistake in the game’s code. It’s like trying a new recipe and finding out you need to tweak it a bit.

3. Error Codes: The Helping Hand

These error messages and codes aren’t just there to frustrate you. They actually help you figure out what’s going wrong. And when you report these errors, you’re also helping the game or app developers fix the issue. It’s a win-win!

And hey, if you ever feel stuck or need some extra help, don’t hesitate to drop a comment below our articles. Our team is always here to lend a hand and guide you through any PS5 troubles.

Stay tuned as we explore more about keeping your PS5 happy and error-free! 🛠️

Understanding PS5 Error “Can’t Start The Game Or App”

Alright, let’s dig into this “Can’t Start The Game Or App” error on the PS5. You’re all excited to play a game or use an app, you click to start, and bam! You’re greeted with a message saying “Can’t Start The Game Or App”. What’s up with that?

This message is the PS5’s way of saying, “Hey, I’m having trouble here!” It means the console can’t process some important files that are needed to make your game or app work. Think of it like trying to bake a cake but finding out you’re missing a couple of key ingredients.

Why Does This Error Happen?

  • Corrupted or Damaged Files: Sometimes, files get corrupted or damaged. It’s like having a puzzle with missing pieces. The PS5 needs all these files in good shape to run your game or app properly.
  • Incompatibility Issues: Your PS5 might be having a tough time getting along with the game or app. This usually happens if there’s a mismatch between the game/app and the PS5’s system software.
  • Missing or Conflicting Drivers: Think of drivers as translators that help your PS5 communicate with the game or app. If these translators aren’t working right, or if they’re speaking the wrong language, things won’t run smoothly.
  • Hardware Problems: Sometimes, the issue might be with the PS5’s hardware itself. This can be caused by power issues like sudden surges or fluctuations, or simply because a hardware component is having a bad day.

So, there you have it – a quick look at why your PS5 might be telling you it can’t start a game or an app. Don’t worry, though. We’ll explore how to fix these issues and get you back to gaming in no time! 🎮🔧

Causes Of “Can’t Start The Game Or App” Error

Ever wonder why your PS5 sometimes says “Can’t Start The Game Or App”? There are quite a few reasons this might happen. It’s like being a detective and figuring out why a gadget isn’t working right. Let’s break down some common causes:

1. Pesky Bugs in the Code

  • System Software Bugs: Sometimes, the issue is with the PS5’s own software. Even the best software can have little flaws or bugs.
  • Game/App Bugs: The game or app itself might have some glitches.
  • Storage Device Driver Issues: The software that talks to your storage device (where your games and apps live) might not be getting along well with the rest of the system.

2. Corrupt or Missing System Files

  • Think of system files as a big library. If a book (file) is missing or damaged, you can’t read (use) it properly. That’s what happens here.

3. Overheating Hardware

  • If your PS5 is too hot, it’s like a car overheating. Dust and poor airflow inside the console can cause it to overheat, leading to errors.

4. Storage Device Problems

  • Malfunctioning Storage: Your game or app lives on a storage device inside your PS5. If this storage is having a bad day, your game might not start.
  • Full Storage: Just like a packed closet, if your storage is too full, things won’t work right.

5. Too Much Cache

  • Think of the cache like your brain’s short-term memory. If it gets too full, your PS5 might start forgetting things, leading to errors.

6. Unstable Power Supply

  • Power issues, like sudden surges or shorts, can cause trouble too. It’s like your PS5 getting a sudden jolt or drop in energy.

Understanding these causes is the first step in fixing that “Can’t Start The Game Or App” error. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you tackle each of these issues and get your PS5 running smoothly again! 🕹️🛠️

Fixing “Can’t Start The Game Or App” Error

1. Restart Your PS5

Experiencing the “Can’t Start The Game Or App” error on your PS5 can be a bummer, but don’t worry! Often, the simplest solution is just to restart your console. It’s like giving your PS5 a quick nap to refresh itself. Let’s go through the steps:

  • Power Down: Turn off your PS5 completely until the power indicator is off. It’s like telling your PS5, “Okay, time for a break!”
  • Unplug Time: Disconnect your PS5 from the wall outlet. This helps to reset the power flow to your console.
  • Peripheral Pause: Remove any extra devices connected to your PS5, including the DualSense controller.
  • Wait a Bit: Leave your PS5 alone for about 3 minutes. It’s like giving it a short rest.
  • Power Up Again: Plug your PS5 back into the outlet and reconnect only the DualSense controller.
  • Start Up: Turn on your PS5 with the controller connected, and let the system software fully load.
  • Check the Game/App: If your game or app is on an external storage device, plug it in and wait for the PS5 to recognize it. If it’s installed on the PS5’s internal storage, try launching it before connecting anything else.

Sometimes, this simple restart can work wonders and fix the issue. If it doesn’t do the trick, don’t worry – there are more methods to try!

2. Move Your Game/App to the Internal Storage

If your game or app is on an external storage device and it’s giving you trouble, moving it to the PS5’s internal storage might do the trick. Here’s how:

  • Settings: On the PS5 home screen, head to ‘Settings’.
  • Storage Management: Go to ‘Storage’ and then select ‘USB Extended Storage’ on the left.
  • Select Games to Move: Choose ‘Games and Apps’, and then pick ‘Move PS4 content’ or ‘Move PS5 content’, depending on your need.
  • Choose and Move: Select the games you want to move, and then hit ‘Move’ at the bottom right.
  • Confirm and Wait: Click “Ok” and wait for the process to finish.

After moving your game or app, it’s a good idea to restart your PS5 before trying to launch it.

3. Reinstall the Game/App

If a game or app isn’t working right, it might not be installed correctly, or some files could be missing or corrupted. Here’s how to reinstall it:

  • Delete the Game/App:
    • Go to ‘Settings’ on the PS5 home screen.
    • Scroll down to ‘Storage’ and select it.
    • Choose ‘Games and Apps’ to see all your installed games.
    • Find and select the game/app you’re having trouble with.
    • Press ‘Delete’ and confirm the action.
  • Reinstall:
    • After deleting, restart your PS5.
    • Re-download and reinstall the game/app.

Make sure your PS5 stays on during the deletion and reinstallation process.

By moving your game/app to internal storage or reinstalling it, you’re giving your PS5 a fresh start to hopefully run everything smoothly. Fingers crossed, one of these methods will kick that error to the curb! 🎮

4. Stay Up To Date

Keeping your PS5 system and games updated is crucial for smooth performance. Updates can fix bugs and compatibility issues that might be causing the “Can’t Start The Game Or App” error. Here’s how to update:

  • Updating the System Software:
    • Ensure your PS5 is connected to the internet. A wired connection is best.
    • Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘System’ > ‘System Software’ > ‘System Software Update and Settings’.
    • Select ‘Update System Software’. Download and install any available updates.
  • Updating Games/Apps:
    • On your PS5 Home screen, go to the ‘Games’ tab.
    • Find the game you want to update.
    • Press ‘Options’ on your controller.
    • Select ‘Check for Update’. If there’s an update, download and install it.

After updating, restart your PS5 to see if the error is resolved.

5. Eject the game disc and Re-insert It

If you’re using a PS5 with a disc drive and having this issue with a disc game, try this simple trick:

  • Eject the Disc: Take out the game disc from your PS5.
  • Reboot: Turn off your PS5 and then turn it back on.
  • Re-insert the Disc: Put the game disc back into your PS5.
  • Test: Try running the game again to see if the issue is resolved.

This method has worked for many users. Sometimes, just re-establishing the connection between the game disc and the console can clear up the error.

6. Rebuild the PS5 Database

Sometimes the solution is to rebuild your PS5’s database. This is like giving the console’s memory a thorough clean-up. It sorts everything out and can fix errors, including the “Can’t Start The Game Or App” error. Here’s how to do it:

  • Access the PS5 Database Manager: This tool helps you manage your PS5’s data.
  • Open a Backup File: In the Database Manager, click on “File” and select “Open Backup File”.
  • Start the Rebuild: Choose your backup file and click on “Start Rebuild Database”.

After this process, check if your issue is fixed.

7. Factory Reset PS5

If all else fails, a factory reset might be the answer. It’s a big step, as it will erase everything and take your PS5 back to how it was when you first got it. Here’s how to reset:

  • Settings: Navigate to the Settings menu (look for the cog icon).
  • System Software: Select ‘System software’.
  • Reset Options: Choose ‘Reset options’ and then ‘Reset your console’.
  • Confirm Reset: Select ‘Reset’.

Remember, this will delete all your data, so make sure to back up anything important first!

8. Contact the PlayStation Support & Game/App Developer

If you’re still stuck, it’s time to call in the pros:

  • PlayStation Support: Reach out to PlayStation Support for expert help.
  • Game/App Developer: Contact the developer of the game or app. They might have specific advice or fixes.

9. Wait for an Update

Sometimes, the only thing left to do is wait:

  • System Software Update: Keep an eye out for a new PS5 system software update.
  • Game/App Update: Also, watch for updates to the specific game or app.

Updates often fix these kinds of issues, so staying updated is key.

By trying these steps, you’re taking comprehensive actions to troubleshoot the issue. Here’s hoping your PS5 will be up and running smoothly soon!


Experiencing the “Can’t Start The Game Or App” error on your PS5 can be frustrating, but it’s not the end of the gaming road. We’ve journeyed through various methods to tackle this issue, from simple restarts to more complex solutions like rebuilding the database and even a factory reset.

  • Start Simple: Often, a quick restart or moving the game to internal storage can do wonders.
  • Stay Updated: Regularly updating your PS5 system software and individual games can prevent and fix many issues.
  • Clean and Cool: Keep your PS5 dust-free and well-ventilated to avoid overheating problems.
  • Database and Factory Resets: These are more drastic measures but can be effective in resolving persistent issues.
  • Seek Professional Help: When in doubt, contacting PlayStation Support and game developers can provide additional insights and solutions.

Remember, technology, while advanced, isn’t perfect, and encountering errors like this is a part of the gaming experience. Each problem also brings an opportunity to learn more about your console and how to maintain it. With patience and the right steps, you’ll likely overcome these hurdles and get back to enjoying your gaming adventures on the PS5.

Happy gaming, and may your PS5 run as smoothly as the games you love playing on it!

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