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PS5 Controller Orange Light Issue | Fixed by Experts

Alex Ortiz
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Hey there, gamers! Ever been deep into your PS5 gaming session and noticed that the light on your controller turns a flashy orange? Don’t freak out just yet – we’re here to unravel the mystery behind it.

So, you’re zoned into your PS5 game, and suddenly, your controller’s light decides to go orange. Is this normal, or should you be sweating? Most of the time, it’s totally cool. That orange glow doesn’t necessarily mean your console or controller is on the fritz. It’s usually just letting you know something’s up, but it’s not a crisis.

Imagine your PS5 taking a little nap in what’s called “rest mode.” When this happens, the controller’s light bar switches to orange. It’s like the console’s way of saying, “Hey, I’m just catching some Z’s, but don’t worry, I’m still here.” It’s also a signal that your controller is soaking up some juice, getting ready for the next gaming extravaganza.

Here’s the deal: when your PS5 is in rest mode, and your controller is hitched up via USB, that orange light starts doing a little dance. It blinks slowly until your controller is all charged up and then gracefully bows out. That’s its way of saying, “I’m full, I’m good, time to power down.”

Uh-oh, if that orange light keeps partying even when it should’ve called it a night, we might have a hitch. It could be a couple of things: your controller isn’t in sync with your PS5, or there’s a little glitch – either in the hardware or software. No need to stress, though. We’re about to dive into the rainbow of colors and figure out how to fix this.

Stay tuned as we unravel the secrets of the PS5 controller lights. If you’re stuck with a stubborn orange glow, we’ve got your back. Let’s dig into the various hues and crack the code on resolving these light show mysteries. Ready to get this sorted? Let’s roll!

Meaining of PS5 controller Orange Light

Alright, gamers, let’s crack the code of the PS5 controller’s orange light. Depending on its behavior – whether it’s solid or doing a little dance – it’s trying to tell you one of two things.

If that orange light is holding its ground without any flashy moves, it’s all good. Your PS5 is either taking a breather in standby mode, or the controller decided to take a break while still soaking up some charge. In simple terms, it’s like your controller saying, “I’m not fully charged yet, but no worries, I’m getting there.”

Now, if your orange light is throwing a party with some flashy blinking, it’s just doing its job – charging up. When your controller is plugged in, it’s like a disco for your PS5, with the orange light blinking away until it’s fully juiced up. Once it hits that 100%, the light gracefully exits the stage.

So, here’s the scoop. In most cases, the orange light is just doing its thing, and there’s no need to hit the panic button. It’s not a sign that your PS5 or controller is throwing in the towel. They’re just communicating, and it’s all normal.

Now, let’s talk real talk. When should you start getting concerned about that orange glow? Stay tuned as we unravel the situations when the orange light on your PS5 controller might be trying to tell you, “Houston, we have a problem.” Get ready, because we’re about to dive into the nitty-gritty of when that orange light means more than just a light show. Ready for the inside scoop? Let’s keep going!

Why PS5 controller Orange Goes Light

Ever wondered why your trusty PS5 controller decides to rock the orange light unexpectedly? Well, buckle up because there might be a glitch in the matrix.

If your PS5 controller throws an orange light fit, it’s like the controller’s way of signaling, “Houston, we’ve got a problem.” Let’s break down a few common scenarios when this orange light may be trying to tell you something’s not quite right.

Picture this: you plug your controller in, and the orange light starts its slow blink routine. But, oh no! When you hit the PS button, nada. It’s like the controller decided to take a nap. This could be a sign that the USB cable in the mix is playing hard to get – it might be damaged or on the fritz. If you’re going wireless and still see that orange flash, it could be a Bluetooth hiccup.

2. Solid Orange: Settings Gone Wild!

If your controller is giving you the strong silent treatment with a solid orange light, it might be a rebel in the settings department. Tweaks to your controller or console settings could be causing this standoff. Or, it might be pointing fingers at a corrupted driver software on your PS5.

3. Cross-Device Shenanigans: Are You a Serial Device User?

Using your PS5 controller on different devices? Well, that might be the culprit. Sometimes, the orange light makes an appearance when your controller is juggling too many devices.

4. Battery Blues and USB Woes

Low on battery or dealing with a finicky USB port? These could be major players in the PS5 controller’s orange light drama. If the juice is running low or your USB port is throwing a tantrum, the orange light might be its way of saying, “Help, I need power!”

5. Hardware Hiccups: The PS Button Strikes Back

Uh-oh, hardware failure alert! If your PS5 controller is having a moment, like the PS button refusing to play nice, that orange light might be its cry for help.

Solving the Mystery: How to Tame the Orange Light?

So, what’s the fix? Fear not, fellow gamer, we’re diving into the solutions to silence that orange light and get you back to your gaming haven. Stay with us as we unveil the magic tricks to tame the PS5 controller’s mischievous orange glow. Ready to banish the orange light blues? Let’s roll!

Fixing the PS5 controller Orange Light

If your PS5 controller is throwing an orange light rave and then ghosting you, or if it’s stuck in a perpetual orange blink, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and fix the glitch. We’ve got your back with a step-by-step guide to kick that orange light to the curb.

Method #1: Restart Your Console and Controller

When in doubt, restart! It’s the golden rule for troubleshooting. Here’s your play-by-play:

  • Console Break Time: Power down your PS5 completely. Give it a breather by disconnecting all the gadgets and pulling the plug from the power outlet. This mini power nap drains away any lingering electrical vibes, setting the stage for a clean slate.
  • Controller Chill: Don’t forget your trusty controller. Power it down and unplug it from any power source, including the PS5 itself. Oh, and say goodbye to the controller’s battery for a moment.
  • Timeout: Let both your console and controller take a break for a solid 5 minutes. Go grab a snack or stretch your legs – they deserve it!
  • Power Play: After the timeout, it’s showtime. Plug the PS5 back in, but don’t hit that power button just yet. Connect your controller to the console using a USB cable (make sure that USB port is alive and kicking). Now, power up the PS5 while it’s still hooked up.
  • Moment of Truth: Check if the orange light has packed its bags and left the party. If it’s gone, you’re golden!

Method #2: Clean the Inside of Your PS5

Dust can be a console’s worst enemy. Let’s make sure your PS5 isn’t housing a dust disco. Here’s how:

  • Clean Sweep: Regularly clean your PS5 to keep it in top shape. Dust can cause all sorts of trouble, and we don’t want that.
  • USB Check: Peek inside those USB ports on your PS5. Any debris or dust playing hide-and-seek? Clean them out – it’s like giving your console a breath of fresh air.

Follow these steps, and you’ll be the hero of your PS5 realm, vanquishing that pesky orange light. Ready to reclaim your gaming throne? Let’s dive in and fix that glitch!

Method #3: Connect Your Controller To Another Device

Alright, gamers, time to put on our detective hats. If that orange light is causing a ruckus, we need to figure out if it’s the controller or the console playing tricks on us.

  • Device Swap: Let’s mix things up. Connect your PS5 controller to another PS5 system or a PC. Does it behave? Is the orange light still throwing a party? If the controller acts all proper on this new turf, it’s pointing fingers at your PS5.
  • Cross-System Shenanigans: If your controller dances smoothly on one PS5 but goes haywire on another, blame it on the software. There might be some software mismatch going on. Time to consider a genuine DualSense controller.
  • Universal Disco: Now, if that orange light is flashing on every device like it’s auditioning for a light show, we’ve got a controller problem on our hands.

Method #4: Hard Reset Your PS5 controller

When in doubt, reset it out! Here’s the lowdown on hard resetting your PS5 controller:

  • Reset 101: Hard resetting is the secret weapon in your troubleshooting arsenal. It’s like a CTRL+ALT+DEL for your controller.
  • Master the Art: Learn the ropes of resetting your PS5 controller. Knowing the drill is half the battle.

These methods are like our superhero cape against PS5 controller troubles. Whether it’s a console conspiracy or a controller conundrum, we’re on the case! Ready to unlock the secrets and restore peace to your gaming kingdom? Let’s dive into the next level of troubleshooting magic!

Method #5: Resetting the PS5 Connections

Hey gamers, if the PS5 controller’s orange light is giving you the blues, here’s a nifty trick to reset those connections and bring harmony back to your gaming world.

  • Navigate the Settings Universe:
    • Dive into your PS settings and locate the mystical realm of Bluetooth devices.
  • Say Goodbye, Forget Device:
    • Spot the troublesome controller, press the options button, and bid it farewell. Click “forget device” – it’s time for a fresh start.
  • Hold and Sync:
    • With your PS5 powered up, hold both the PS button and the Share button simultaneously for a few magical seconds. This move resets all connections and sends out a signal to find a new buddy.
  • Watch the Light Show:
    • Keep an eye out for the PS5 controller bar – it’s going to throw a little light show. Flashing means it’s on the lookout for a new connection.
  • Spot the Controller:
    • Witness the controller’s grand entrance on the Bluetooth devices screen. Now, grab another PS5 controller (if you have one) to navigate down and pair it up.

No Backup Controller? No Problem!

  • Summon the Phone Army:
    • Don’t fret if you’re a one-controller kind of gamer. Grab your trusty Android/iOS sidekick.
  • Remote Play Magic:
    • Download the Remote Play App and install it on your phone. Disconnect the PS5 controller from Bluetooth devices and reattach it to your PS5 using your phone’s magical touch.
  • Remote Play Steps:
    • Log into your account via the Remote Play app. Ensure it’s the same account tied to your PS5 console.
    • The ‘start’ button will appear – press it and let it connect to the console.
    • Navigate to settings > devices > Bluetooth devices > select your DualShock controller using the touch D-pad.
    • Choose options > Forget device > Give it a thumbs up.
  • Revive the Controller:
    • Press the PS button and the Share button on your controller. A blue light will dance in celebration. That’s your cue – pair it up, and you’re back in the gaming groove.

And there you have it, fellow gamers! The power to reset connections and banish that orange light drama. Ready to reignite the gaming flames? Let’s dive into the reset magic!

Method #6: Change Your PS5 controller Cable

Hey gamers, if your PS5 controller is stuck in a never-ending blinking orange dance while charging, it might just be picky about its cable. Time to switch things up!

  • Spot the Culprit Cable:
    • If that orange light is playing games while charging, your cable might be the culprit. Swap it out with a trusty Android charging wire or grab a shiny new DualShock4 cord.
  • Plug and Observe:
    • Connect the USB to the DualSense cord and watch the magic unfold. If the light switches to a solid orange, you’ve cracked the code – the old cable was causing all the fuss.
  • The USB Saga:
    • USB cables are notorious for throwing tantrums. If swapping out the cable does the trick, you’ve dodged a common issue. Keep those cables in check!

Method #7: Factory Reset Your PS5

  • Last Resort Reset:
    • When the going gets tough, the tough hit the factory reset button. This is your ultimate troubleshooting move. It wipes the slate clean and starts anew.
  • Why the Reset?
    • Sometimes, the PS5 controller firmware gets a bit haywire, especially if it’s not the original DualSense controller. A factory reset can be the cure to the blinking orange light blues.

Method #8: Try to Fix your PS5 controller

  • Conductive Film Swap:
    • For the tech-savvy warriors, changing the PS5 controller’s conductive film might be the secret weapon. Warning: This one’s for the experts. Don’t attempt it unless you’re ready for the challenge.
  • Battery Resurrection:
    • Feeling like your controller is on its last legs? The battery might be the culprit. Swap it out with a fresh LIP1522 battery for a controller revival.

Method #9: Use the Original DualSense Controller

  • Fake Controller Drama:
    • Using a knock-off controller might lead to a blinking orange light saga. Compatibility issues with the PS5 system software could be at play.
  • Original Wins:
    • If you’re dealing with a mystery controller, it might be time to invest in the real deal. Grab an original DualSense controller for a trouble-free gaming experience.

There you have it, fellow gamers! The toolkit to conquer the blinking orange light dilemma. Whether it’s a cable conspiracy or a knock-off controller showdown, we’ve got the methods to set things right. Ready to level up your troubleshooting game? Let’s dive into the fix-it adventure


In the vast realm of gaming, the PS5 controller’s light bar is like a mystical code, speaking to us in colors. Among them, the enigmatic orange light can be a head-scratcher. But fear not, fellow gamers, for we’ve unraveled the mysteries and armed you with the knowledge to conquer the blinking orange light saga.

Remember, when that orange light decides to dance, it’s usually just taking a breather in standby mode or soaking up some charge. No need to panic unless it’s throwing a blinking party – that’s the cue to take action.

From the power of a fresh start to the cable capers and even delving into the depths of a factory reset, our arsenal of methods is at your disposal. Whether you’re facing cable conundrums, controller quirks, or compatibility chaos, we’ve got you covered.

So, next time that orange light steals the spotlight, armed with this guide, you’ll be the hero of your gaming kingdom, banishing glitches and restoring peace. Ready to conquer the light show and get back to your gaming haven? Dive in, troubleshoot like a pro, and let the gaming adventures continue!

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