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How to Fix PS5 HDMI Not Working Problem

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Hey there, gamer friend! 😊 Is your PS5 playing hide and seek with your TV, showing a “No Signal” message? Don’t worry! Let’s walk through some easy steps to bring them back together.

1. Power Cycle Magic Trick

Making Your PS5 Feel Brand New

  • Step 1: Start by pressing and holding the power button on your PS5 for about 15 seconds. Think of it like asking your PS5 to take a deep breath and chill.
  • Step 2: Unplug all the cables from your PS5. Imagine you’re giving it a tiny break from all its hard work.
  • Step 3: Now, give that power button another long press for 15 seconds. It’s like making sure your PS5 has truly relaxed.
  • Wait Time: Let your PS5 have a mini vacation. Leave it unplugged for 2 to 3 minutes. Maybe grab a snack while you wait? 🍪
  • Step 4: Connect all the cables back, plug it in, and push that power button. Your PS5 is refreshed and ready for action!

2. Still Playing Hide and Seek?

Checking the Connections and Booting Up

If the TV is still acting like it can’t see your PS5, let’s check a few more things:

  • Cable Check: Make sure the HDMI cable (the one connecting your PS5 to the TV) is feeling good. Maybe it’s loose or not connected right.
  • Safe Mode Boot: Try turning on your PS5 in a special mode called ‘safe mode’. If it wakes up in this mode, you can change a setting called ‘HDCP Mode’ to ‘HDCP 1.4’. Sounds technical, but it’s just telling your PS5 and TV to chat in a simpler language.

There you have it! I hope these steps help your PS5 and TV get back to being best buds.

HDMI Cable Connection

Having some issues with your PS5 HDMI connection? Don’t sweat it! Let’s get that sorted out. 😊

1. Where’s the HDMI Port on My PS5?

The HDMI port is like the PS5’s little door to your TV. You can find it at the back of your PS5, snugly sitting between the spots where you plug in the power and internet cables.

2. Cleaning and Checking Time

Giving Your HDMI Connection Some TLC

  • Step 1: First, ensure that this little door (HDMI port) is clean. No dust or gunk blocking the way.
  • Step 2: Make sure the HDMI cable is nicely tucked into that port. Think of it like putting on a seatbelt – it should be clicked in securely.

3. What About the TV Side?

Remember, it’s a two-way street!

  • TV’s HDMI Port: Check the spot on your TV where the HDMI cable goes in. Make sure it’s also clean and the cable is snuggly fit.
  • Switch It Up: TVs are cool and often have more than one HDMI spot. So, if one’s acting up, try another! And while you’re at it, see if switching to a different HDMI cable helps.

4. The Special HDMI Cable

Your PS5 is a bit fancy. It came with its own special HDMI cable called HDMI 2.1. Always best to use that one since it’s like the PS5’s best friend. They understand each other super well!

Now that you’ve given your HDMI connection some love, hopefully, your PS5 and TV are chatting happily. Enjoy the game time! 🎮📺👍

Boot your PS5 to Safe Mode

Sometimes, your PS5 might need a little break and some extra care, kinda like when we have a bad day. Let’s guide it into Safe Mode – a cozy, problem-solving space. Follow along with me!

1. What’s Safe Mode?

Just like your computer has a chill mode to fix things (Windows Safe Mode), your PS5 has one too! It lets you access cool tools to troubleshoot issues.

2. Let’s Dive into Safe Mode!

Taking Your PS5 on a Safe Adventure

  • Step 1: Begin by pressing and holding down the power button on your PS5. Wait till you hear two beeps. It’s like the PS5 saying “I’m ready!” The light on the console might flash a bit before it completely turns off. It’s just saying “night night” for a brief moment.
  • Step 2: Time to wake it up! Press and hold the power button again, but this time for just 7 seconds. Let go when you’re done.
  • Step 3: Hear another beep? Press the power button once more. Your PS5 is now ready to enter Safe Mode. Your screen will show something new and different – that’s the Safe Mode space!
  • Step 4: Grab your DualSense controller (that’s the PS5’s game controller). Use the USB cable to connect it to the PS5. Now, press the PS button on the controller. It’s like saying “hello” to your console.

3. Making Some Safe Choices

Guiding Your PS5 in Safe Mode

  • Option to Click: Choose the option called “Change Video Output” on the Safe Mode menu.
  • Next: After that, select “Change HDCP Mode”. This is like choosing a new way for your PS5 to talk to your TV.
  • Adjust: Change the conversation style by setting the HDCP mode to “HDCP 1.4”. It’s a simpler chat setting for your PS5 and TV.
  • Almost Done: Now, just restart your console. It’s like waking up from a good nap – all refreshed!

Looks like your PS5 and TV might not be getting along because of the HDR feature. No worries – sometimes we all need a little break from certain friends! Let me help you switch off that HDR and HDMI Device Link. Here’s a super easy guide:

1. Wait, What’s HDR?

HDR (High Dynamic Range) makes your games look super pretty with better contrast and colors. But sometimes, not all TVs can handle all this beauty. That’s why turning it off can help.

2. Let’s Get Started! 🚀

Switching Off HDR on Your PS5

  • Step 1: Turn on your PlayStation. If you see the main screen, great! If not, you might need to connect it to a different TV just for now.
  • Step 2: Go straight to your “Settings.” It’s like the PS5’s little handbook.
  • Step 3: Dive into “Screen and Video.” Then, tap on “Video Output.”
  • Step 4: Spot the “HDR” option? Click on it and choose to turn it off. It’s like telling your PS5, “Let’s keep things simple for now.”

What’s HDMI Device Link? It’s a feature that lets your TV and PS5 chat with each other. But sometimes, too much chatting can cause problems!

  • Step 1: Jump back into “Settings.”
  • Step 2: This time, head over to “System,” and then find “HDMI.”
  • Step 3: There’s a switch for “Enable HDMI Device Link.” Flick that switch to turn it off. It’s like putting your PS5 in “Do Not Disturb” mode.

4. Connect Back to Your Main TV 📺

Once you’ve done all of this, try connecting your PS5 back to your original TV. Fingers crossed, they should be friends again!

Hope this helps you out! Remember, gadgets can be a little tricky sometimes, but with a bit of patience, they usually come around. Happy gaming! 🎉🎮🍿

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