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Something Went Wrong PS Store (Fix It!)

Alex Ortiz
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Hey Gamers, Let’s Solve a Mystery! 🎮

Did you know that almost 3 out of 4 gamers using the PlayStation Store have bumped into a super annoying message that says “Something Went Wrong”? Yeah, that’s a lot of us!

I’m a huge fan of gaming, just like you. So, imagine how I felt when I was all set to grab a new game from the PlayStation store, and bam! Up pops this irritating error message. I tried again and again, but no luck. It was like hitting a brick wall.

But guess what? I didn’t give up! I turned into a bit of a detective, trying different things to squash this bug. And you know what? I finally cracked the code and figured out why this pesky error was happening and how to make it go away.

In this article, I’m going to be your gaming guide. I’ll tell you all about what causes this glitch and share some super easy steps to fix it. So, let’s dive in and get our gaming back on track!

Why Does The “Something Went Wrong” Error Occur On PlayStation?

Ever wondered why you see that annoying “Something Went Wrong” message when you’re just trying to have some fun on your PlayStation? It’s like a puzzle, right? Well, there are a few sneaky reasons this might be happening:

  • Internet Connection Hide and Seek: Sometimes, your internet plays a game of hide and seek with your PlayStation. If your internet connection is not playing nice, your PlayStation might get a little confused and show you the error message.
  • Server Maintenance – The Invisible Cleanup Crew: Think of PlayStation’s servers like a big, busy city. Now and then, they need to clean up and fix the roads. When they’re doing this maintenance work, you might get the error message because the city is ‘closed’ for a quick clean-up.
  • PlayStation Account Hiccups: Your PlayStation account is like your ID card for the gaming world. If there’s something a bit off with it, your PlayStation might not recognize you properly, and yep, you guessed it, it might show you the error message.

Don’t worry, though! We’re going to look at some super simple ways to fix these issues and get you back to gaming in no time!

How To Fix Something Went Wrong PS Store

Got the “Something Went Wrong” error on your PlayStation? No worries, I’ve got two superhero-like methods to fix it!

Method 1: Check The PlayStation Network

First off, let’s play detective and check if the PlayStation Network is the troublemaker. Sometimes, the PlayStation Store gets a bit moody because the PlayStation Network is having a rough day.

Here’s how to check:

  • Start Your Investigation: Go to your PlayStation’s Settings.
  • Dive into the Network: Click on Network.
  • Find the Clues: Choose connection status.
  • Look for Green Signals: Select “view status of PlayStation network services.” If you see green checkmarks, everything’s cool there.

Method 2: Restore Licences

Restoring licenses is like doing a magic trick that makes your PlayStation remember all the games you have.

Do this to start the magic:

  • Enter the Secret Room: Head over to Settings and then to “Users and Accounts.”
  • Find the Magic Wand: In the “Other” section, find and select “Restore.”
  • Let the Magic Happen: Wait a bit. This usually takes less than a minute.
  • Ta-Da! Licenses Restored: You’ll get a message that the magic trick worked!

Method 3: Check Your Internet Connection;

Sometimes, the “Something Went Wrong” error is just your PlayStation telling you, “Hey, I can’t talk to the internet properly!” So, let’s be tech wizards and fix that!

  • Stable Internet, Please: Make sure your internet isn’t playing hide-and-seek. It needs to be steady and strong.
  • Router Magic: Try a soft reset of your router – it’s like giving it a quick nap.
  • Less Crowd, More Speed: Disconnect devices that are hogging the internet. More speed for your PlayStation!
  • The Ethernet Superpower: If you can, switch from Wi-Fi to a direct ethernet cable. It’s like a super-speedy highway for your internet.

Method 4: Make Purchase Via The Console If The PS Store Website Or App Doesn’t Work

If the PlayStation Store website or app is being a bit grumpy, go old school and buy directly from your console. It’s like visiting the store in person!

  • Find the Store: On your console’s home dashboard, look for the PlayStation Store icon.
  • Enter the Digital Store: Open the PlayStation Store on your console.
  • Choose Your Adventure: Now, pick the game you’ve been eyeing and get ready to dive into a new world!

From my gaming detective work, I’ve learned that many gamers have outsmarted this error by purchasing directly through the console. It’s surprisingly easy and effective!

Method 5: Ensure That You Have Sufficient Funds On Your Card

Before you hit that buy button, make sure your card isn’t playing a game of empty-pocket with you. Here’s what to do:

  • Money Detective: Be sure your card has enough money in it. Sometimes we forget to check, and oops, the wrong card gets used!
  • Double-Check: Always double-check your card balance. You don’t want to get all excited about a new game only to find out your card is on a diet!

Method 6: Pay With A Wallet Fund (If Card Payment Doesn’t Work)

If your card is being stubborn and not working, try this cool hack: Use your PlayStation wallet! It’s like having a secret stash of gaming cash.

Here’s how to fill up your wallet:

  • Start Your Wallet Adventure: Go to Settings, then “Users and Accounts”, and finally, “Payment and Subscriptions”.
  • Add Some Cash: Tap on “Add Funds” and pick your Debit/Credit card.
  • Choose Your Treasure: Decide how much money you want to add, then hit “Continue”.

By using your PlayStation wallet, you’re like a gaming ninja, bypassing the card hassle and diving straight into the fun!

Method 7: Update Your PlayStation

Guess what? Sometimes, your PlayStation just needs a little refresh to get rid of that pesky “Something Went Wrong” error. It’s like teaching your PlayStation new tricks!

  • Check for Old Tricks: Your PlayStation might be using old software, which can cause trouble. It’s like trying to play a new game with old rules.
  • Be a Smart Gamer: Before you start scratching your head over errors, check if your PlayStation needs an update. It’s often overlooked, but super important!
  • Updating Time! 🔄: Here’s how you give your PlayStation a quick refresh:
    • Jump into the System Settings.
    • Select System Software Update.
    • Press the ‘Update’ button like a boss!
  • Restart and Roll: Once the update is done, restart your PlayStation. It’s like waking up with superpowers!

Now, try buying that game again in the store. With your PlayStation all updated and shiny, things should go smoothly!

Other Solutions You Can Try

1. PlayStation Cache Clean-Up – Like Spring Cleaning! 🧹

Your PlayStation might be holding onto too much old stuff in its cache, which can lead to error messages. Time for a clean-up!

  • Press the PS Button: It’s on your controller.
  • Power Down: Go to the Power option and turn off your PlayStation.
  • Secret Beep Trick: Press and hold the power button on your console until you hear a beep. This is like saying “abracadabra” and magically clearing the cache!

2. Restart Your PlayStation – A Quick Refresh! 🔄

There are three nifty ways to restart your PlayStation:

  • Quick Menu Magic: Press the PlayStation button on your controller. In the menu, go to “Power,” then choose “Restart PlayStation.”
  • The Power Button Hold: Press and hold the Power button on the console for about seven seconds. Wait for the second beep – that’s your cue!
  • Sign Out and Sign In – The Classic Move: Sometimes, just signing out and back into your account can fix things.
    • Go to Settings > User Account > Other > Sign Out.
    • After signing out, you’ll see a message on the home screen. Click “Sign In” and enter your PlayStation Network account details.

3. PlayStation Support – Call in the Experts! 🤝

If you’ve tried everything and still no luck, it’s time to call in the experts. Reach out to the PlayStation support team for some superhero assistance. They’re like the detectives of the gaming world!

Final Thoughts: Becoming a PlayStation Problem-Solving Hero! 🎮🌟

I totally get how super annoying and frustrating it is when that “Something Went Wrong” error pops up. But hey, now you’re armed with all these cool tricks and tips from this article!

Think of it like solving a mystery or cracking a puzzle. With these steps, you’re not just a gamer; you’re a PlayStation wizard! You can wave goodbye to that pesky error message and get back to what’s really important – having an awesome time gaming.

Remember, every problem has a solution, and now you’ve got a whole toolbox of them. So go ahead, dive back into the PS Store, and enjoy your gaming adventures without any hitches. You’ve got this!

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