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How To Delete Messages on Twitch?

Alex Ortiz
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Hey there, fellow streamer (or maybe just an avid Twitch watcher)! Ever been bugged by some not-so-nice comments in the chat? We’ve all been there. But guess what? You can totally clean up your chat and get rid of those pesky messages. Whether you own a channel or you’re helping out as a moderator, this guide is for you. Ready? Let’s dive in.

  • Finding the Delete Option Did you know both Twitch and YouTube give you a nifty little tool to zap unwanted messages? Yep! It’s super simple. To start, you’ll be looking for the “Deleted Messages” option.
  • Navigating Your Twitch Account Here’s your game plan:
    • Go to your Twitch account and click on the “Accounts” tab.
    • Look out for the section labeled “Deleted Messages.” This is where all your deleted messages hang out.
    • When you spot a message you’d rather forget, just choose “Delete” from the menu. And poof! It’s gone.

Sometimes, someone might say something in the chat that’s a big no-no. Maybe it hurt your feelings or it’s just plain rude. Now, you don’t always have to go all out and ban them or give them a timeout (although that’s totally up to you). If you feel like giving them another shot, you can just delete that particular message.

Well, now you know! With the steps above, you can keep your Twitch chat clean and fun for everyone. Remember, it’s your space, so make sure it feels good for you and your viewers. Happy streaming! 🎮✨

How To Delete Message On Twitch

Let’s face it – sometimes, we all face some pesky messages or accounts that we just want to do away with. Whether it’s on Twitch or Pokémon Go, I’ve got you covered. So, sit tight and let’s make your online experience a tad bit smoother.

Zap Those Twitch Messages Away! 🎮

Follow these easy-peasy steps to make those unwanted Twitch messages disappear:

  • Hop into Your Dashboard
    • Click on that cute little profile icon to dive into your creator dashboard.
  • Into the Chat Settings We Go!
    • Once you’re in the stream manager, find and click on that cog wheel (looks like a little gear) right below the chat button.
    • Dive into the chat settings.
  • Turn On the Magic Tool
    • Activate the “Show Mod Icons” option. This lets you see some cool tools to manage messages.
  • Time to Clean Up!
    • See a message you don’t like? Just click on the trashcan icon next to the sender’s name. And… ta-da! It’s gone.
  • Quick Heads Up!
    • Deleting messages this way only works on the Twitch platform. Sadly, the Twitch app doesn’t let you do this. Oh, and if you use streaming software like Streamlabs or OBS, they won’t let you delete individual messages either (at least not for now).
  • Alternative Action: Not in the mood to just delete a message? If someone’s being a chat troublemaker, you can give them a timeout. This zaps away all the messages they’ve sent so far. Cool, right?

Pokémon Go Account – Gotta Delete ‘Em All! 🐾

Wait! Before we hop into Twitch again, are you looking to delete a Pokémon Go account? More details on that would help, but always ensure you’re certain about it. Because once it’s gone, there’s no catching it back!

How to delete a message on twitch as mod?

awesome Twitch mod! Sometimes, chat can get a little wild, right? But worry not – I’ve got a super-simple guide to help you delete those messages that might stir up trouble. So, whether you’re on duty during a stream or you’re the one behind the camera, let’s make sure everyone has a good time.

Why Might You Want to Delete a Message? 🤔

While streaming or moderating, there might be times when someone sends a message that raises an eyebrow. Maybe it’s slightly off-topic, a tad rude, or just doesn’t fit the vibe of the chat. You might not want to hit them with a ban or even a timeout. Instead, you just want that specific message gone. Here’s how you can do just that!

Enter: The Mod View 🔍

This is Twitch’s very own superhero mode for mods like you. Mod View is like a control center, giving you all the tools you need to keep chat neat and fun.

  • Getting There: If you’re a moderator, click on the little sword icon at the bottom of the chat window. This brings up the Mod View.
  • Quick Tip: Want to see all the channels you’re moderating? Just head over to And if you want to jump to a specific channel? Add the channel name right after that URL.

Steps to Clear Away That Pesky Message 🗑️

  • Dashboard, Here We Come!
    • Start by clicking on your profile icon. This takes you right into your creator dashboard.
  • To the Chat Settings!
    • In the stream manager, spot that cogwheel (it’s next to the chat button) and give it a click.
  • Unleash the Mod Tools!
    • Make sure you turn on the “Show Mod Icons.” It’s like opening your tool kit.
  • Zap That Message!
    • Find the message you want to get rid of. Click on the trashcan icon right next to the user’s name. And just like magic, the message vanishes.

How To Timeout Someone On Twitch?

Sometimes, you just need to give someone a little break from chatting. Here’s how:

  • Choose Your Chat Room:
    • Jump into the chat room where you want to put someone on timeout.
  • Timeout Time!:
    • Spot the little clock icon? That’s your friend. Click on it next to the user’s name, and bam, they’re on timeout.
  • What Does This Do?
    • That person won’t be able to send any new messages in the chat for 600 seconds (that’s 10 minutes!).
  • A Bit More Flexibility:
    • Want to change the timeout duration? While Twitch doesn’t let you adjust this directly, there are tools like FrankerfaceZ that give you more control. Use them wisely!

How To Delete A Message In Your Twitch Chat?

Want to delete a specific message? Let’s make that magic happen.

  • Turn On Your Tools:
    • First, you’ll want to enable the “Show Mod Icons” setting. Trust me, it’s easy.
  • Get to the Right Place:
    • Head over to and click on your profile picture (you’ll find it in the upper right corner).
    • A dropdown menu will appear. From here, select “Creator Dashboard”.
    • Now, go to your chat section in your creator dashboard. Here, click on the little Settings icon (looks like a gear or cog).
    • Slide the “Show Mod Icons” switch to the ON position.
  • Time to Delete:
    • Once you’ve turned that on, you’ll see some extra icons beside chat messages.
    • Find the message you want to vanish, and simply click the delete button next to it.
    • After a confirmation message, the chat will be deleted. Poof! Gone!

How To Ban Someone In Twitch Chat

Sometimes, as much as we love our viewers, there might be one or two who cross the line. And for times like those, the ban hammer might be necessary. Here’s a quick guide to show you how to swing it.

Why Can’t I Delete Others’ Messages on Twitch? 🤔

First off, you might be wondering why you can’t delete messages from someone else’s chat. Simply put, if everyone could delete any message they wanted, things could go south real quick. It would be chaos! And as you guessed, it’s to prevent folks from causing mischief or covering up their tracks after saying something they shouldn’t have.

Banning: Step-by-Step Guide 🚫

Ready to keep your chat a friendly and respectful place? Let’s get to it.

  • Get to Your Chat:
    • Open up your Twitch chat window. That’s your command center!
  • Find the Ban Icon:
    • On the far left of the user’s message, you’ll spot an icon that looks like a “no entry” sign. That’s the Ban Icon.
  • Ban Away!:
    • Give that icon a click and say goodbye to any troublemakers.

What Happens When You Ban Someone?

When someone gets banned:

  • Their messages vanish from the chat.
  • They won’t be able to chat in your channel anymore.
  • Only a streamer or a moderator can lift the ban. So it’s not a decision to take lightly.

A Quick Note on IP Bans 🌐:

If someone’s IP address gets banned, they can’t just create a bunch of new accounts to sneak back into chat. It’s like the Twitch bouncers know their face and won’t let them back in, no matter how many disguises they wear.

How To Delete Your Own Messages On Twitch?

Whether you’re a streamer, mod, or a viewer, there might be times when you want to manage what you’ve said or check those secret notes sent to you. No worries, here’s a guide to help you with that.

#1: Deleting Your Own Twitch Messages 🗑️

Sometimes, we type something and immediately wish we hadn’t. It happens to the best of us! If you want to erase that message from existence, here’s how:

  • Go to Your Chat Box:
    • Spot that little cog wheel? It’s right next to the chat button at the bottom of the chat box.
  • Time for a Clean-up:
    • Click on the cog wheel and then select “Clear My Chat”.
  • Who Can See What?:
    • Even though you’ve cleared the chat, remember streamers and other viewers might have already seen the message. So always think before you type!

#2: Checking Private Messages on Twitch 💌

Private messages on Twitch are like your secret chatroom. Perfect for those side conversations without the entire world listening in.

  • Got a Twitch Account?:
    • If not, create one! You need an account to send or receive private messages.
  • Head to ‘Message History’:
    • Once you’re logged in, navigate to the “Message History” section of your account.
  • Spot the “Private Messages” Link:
    • Click on this link, and you’ll be directed to all your private conversations. Chat away, but remember to keep it respectful!

How do I see hidden messages on Twitch?

Ever feel like you missed out on some chat while you were away? No sweat! Here’s how you can catch up:

  • Using the ‘Twitch Chat History’ Tool:
    • Simply log into your channel on the Twitch website.
    • This tool will showcase all chat messages sent and received since your last login. It’s like your personal Twitch time machine!
  • Analytics are Your Friend:
    • The “Twitch Chat Analytics” tool is like your personal chat detective. It tells you:
      • How many cool peeps are chatting in your channel.
      • How chatty they are.
      • The hot topics they’re discussing.

Can You Delete Your Own Messages On Twitch?

Accidentally sent a message or had second thoughts about it? Here’s the scoop:

  • The Reality of Deleting:
    • If you delete a message from the Twitch chat, it’ll vanish from your chat box. But here’s the catch – it stays visible to everyone else in the Twitch chat room.
  • But, Can I Actually Delete My Messages?
    • To be frank, once you send a message in the chat, it’s out there for everyone to see. So, think before you type. The delete option only removes it from your view, not everyone else’s.

How do I clear my Twitch cache?

So, you’re looking to clear out that Twitch cache? Let’s dive right in!

  • Understanding Cache:
    • Think of cache like your room. Over time, it collects stuff you don’t really need anymore. Similarly, your browser collects data to help Twitch run smoother, but sometimes you just need to clean up!
  • Steps to Clear Cache:
    • The exact steps might vary a tad depending on your browser. But generally:
      • Go to your browser’s settings.
      • Look for options like “Clear Browsing Data” or “History.”
      • You’ll see an option to clear cached data or images. Give it a click.
    • Oh! And remember to occasionally clear cookies. It’s like doing a deep clean!

How To Unban Someone On Twitch

Accidentally banned someone? Or think someone deserves a second chance? Here’s how to reverse that ban:

  • Steps to Unban:
    • Hop into your Twitch chat as a streamer or moderator.
    • Simply type “/unban USERNAME” (replace ‘USERNAME’ with the person’s actual Twitch username, and no need for those quotation marks).
    • Hit enter and voila! They’re back in the game.
  • What Happens When You Unban?:
    • When you unban someone, their past messages won’t magically reappear. It’s like water under the bridge – gone but not forgotten.
    • Remember, it’s your space. You decide who gets to hang out. Unbanning just means they get another shot at chatting.

Wrapping Up the Twitch Journey

There you have it, Twitch enthusiasts! From managing your cache for a seamless streaming experience to ensuring a vibrant community through bans and unbans, we’ve got it all covered. The digital realm of Twitch offers an incredible space for creators and viewers alike. It’s essential to know these basics to keep your channel running smoothly and your community thriving. Always prioritize creating a safe, interactive, and fun environment. As you continue your Twitch journey, keep these tips in mind, and never hesitate to explore and learn more.

Happy streaming, and may your channel always be a hub of positivity and engagement! 🎉🎮

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