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How To Factory Reset Xbox One Without Turning It On?

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How To Reset Xbox One Without Turning It On

You’re Just a Few Steps Away!

Guess what? You can give your Xbox One a fresh start without even turning it on! Sounds cool, right? All it takes is a USB flash drive and a tiny system restore file. And, guess what, it’s gonna be quick – only about 5 minutes!

Here’s What You Need:

  • Your Trusty Computer: Any computer will do, as long as it’s running Windows and can connect to the internet.
  • USB Flash Drive: Make sure it’s formatted as NTFS and has at least 4GB of free space. It’s like the magic wand for this trick!

Got those? Perfect! Let’s get your Xbox One feeling brand new.

Step 1: Load The Reset File Onto A USB Drive

  • First things first, pop that USB drive into your Windows computer.
  • Open up your web browser and type in this magic link: This will let you download a .ZIP file – that’s your key to resetting the Xbox One.

Now, let’s handle that file:

  • Double-check your USB drive: Make sure it’s empty and formatted as NTFS. If there are any other files, move them somewhere safe!
  • Find the .ZIP file you just downloaded. Right-click on it and select Extract All. This will unzip or “open” the file.
  • Inside, you’ll see a file named “$SystemUpdate”. It’s like gold. Copy that file and paste it into your USB drive.
  • Once you’re done, safely eject your USB drive from the computer. Think of it as unplugging it nicely!

Step 2: Boot Up Your Console In Reset Mode

Did you know Microsoft snuck in a little secret mode for us? It’s like a hidden door that helps the Xbox search for that special file we saved on the USB. But hey, we don’t want our Xbox doing this every time, right? So, you’ll need a special button dance to activate this mode. Let’s go!

How to Start Fresh with Your Xbox One:

  • Disconnect and Chill: Turn off your Xbox One. Unplug the internet cable (if you have one connected) and also the power cable. It’s like giving your console a little break. Let it relax for about 30 seconds.
  • Power Up, But With a Twist: Plug the power cable back in. Now, insert that magic USB drive into the port on the back of your Xbox.
  • Button Bonanza!: Here comes the fun part! Find the Pair button on the side and the Eject button on the front. Hold these two buttons together.
  • Now, Turn It On: While still holding those buttons, give the big Xbox button on the front a press to turn it on. (I know, you might feel a bit like a contortionist. But hang in there!)
  • Listen Carefully: Keep holding onto the Pair and Eject buttons until your ears catch two beeps or tones. They’ll come a few seconds apart and should take no longer than 15 seconds. When you hear that second beep, you can let go!
  • Wait a Bit: Your Xbox is now working its magic. Give it a few moments to restart. Feel free to do a little victory dance.
  • Unplug and Replug: Once the console’s back in action, pull out the USB drive. And if you had an internet cable unplugged earlier, now’s the time to plug it back in. Your Xbox wants to connect with the world again!

Final Words

I really hope this guide was your hero today. Fingers crossed that your Xbox One is up and running smoothly, even if it was giving you the cold shoulder earlier with that freezing or blank screen.

No worries! If your Xbox is still being a bit moody, maybe it’s time to call in the experts. The Xbox support team is ready and waiting to jump in. They’ve got a super handy 24/7 live chat. And if you’re more of a talk-on-the-phone person, you can ring them up from 6:00AM to 5:00PM Pacific Time, all week long.

Stay awesome and game on! 🌟🕹️

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