How To Get Verified On Linkedin? Right Now

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Hey there! 😊 So you wanna get verified on LinkedIn, huh? That little blue tick can be pretty nifty in the professional world, especially when you’re trying to stand out in this bustling jungle of job seekers and opportunities. It’s like wearing a badge that says, “Yup, it’s the real me!” and in the wild web, that counts for a lot!

Picture LinkedIn as your friendly neighborhood where all the professionals hang out – kind of like a Facebook but with a lot more ties and briefcases. It’s a massive online community, boasting a whopping 722 million profiles, where you, me, the savvy marketers, the CEOs, and even the fresh graduates come together, share stories, and yes, scout for new opportunities.

Imagine being in a space where over 30 million companies are chit-chatting about their cultures, posting job openings, and looking for someone just like you! Cool, right?

Here’s the deal: Recruiters? They’re swimming in a sea of resumes every day (can you imagine?!). Your profile needs a little extra sparkle to catch their eye amid the hundreds of other hopefuls, and that’s where a strong, shiny LinkedIn profile comes in handy. It doesn’t just say who you are; it showcases your brand.

In the vast sea of professionals on LinkedIn, maintaining your individuality and positioning yourself effectively is a bit like finding a cozy spot under the sun – warm and fruitful. With the LinkedIn platform, you’re not just a name and a resume. You’re a brand, a story, and a journey all bundled into one.

We’re going to dive into the “How?” of getting verified on LinkedIn in a moment. But before that, keep in mind that this isn’t just about a tick mark. It’s about authenticity, building trust, and yes, networking with ease. So, strap in and let’s journey towards securing that sweet blue tick together!

Why do You need LinkedIn verification?

Let’s chat a bit about why you might want to get that shiny blue tick next to your name on LinkedIn. We’ve all seen them on various social media platforms – on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, that little blue badge hanging out right next to some pretty big names like Christiano Ronaldo, for instance. It whispers to us, “Hey, this is the real deal!” It’s not a fan page or some fake account trying to snag your personal details.

LinkedIn’s Verification – Your Digital Seal of Authenticity

LinkedIn, that bustling digital professional hub, has thrown its hat into the ring with its own way to showcase account legitimacy. Getting verified on LinkedIn isn’t just a trophy for your digital shelf. It’s a badge that shouts out to the world, “I’m genuine, trustworthy, and just the professional you want to connect with!”

Spicing Up Your LinkedIn Profile for Recruiters 🚀

But wait, there’s more to it! By sporting that badge, LinkedIn is giving a nod to all your provided information, signaling that it’s not just accurate but has passed through their verification process. And that, my friend, sends a wave of credibility your way when viewers, especially recruiters, peek at your profile.

Picture this: a recruiter lands on your profile and sees that verified tick. Instantly, you’re not just another profile in the pile. You’ve got that extra dash of authenticity that makes you pop in a sea of potentials!

LinkedIn’s Verifiability Feature: Your Personal Brand’s Muscle 💪

Did you know that LinkedIn’s verifiability feature allows you to buff up your work experience and even skills to make them look even more legit and genuine? Yup, by weaving your work journey into your LinkedIn story, it not only brands you as a verified professional but also beefs up your personal brand strength.

Imagine being viewed as a candidate who’s not just sharing a work story but one that has been given a thumbs up by LinkedIn itself!

Making Hiring a Breeze for Employers 🌬️

Now, here’s a nugget for the employers: this feature isn’t just a boon for the candidates. It also simplifies your hiring journey. With the verification feature, you can breathe a little easier knowing that the background checks, from verifying employment history to credentials and even peeping into criminal histories to ensure no nasty surprises, are taken care of. It’s like having a safety net, ensuring that you steer clear of frauds and scams that might tarnish your company’s reputation.

In offering this feature, LinkedIn is essentially giving you a certificate of authenticity regarding a candidate’s work journey. So, why do you need LinkedIn verification? Well, whether you’re an aspiring candidate or a meticulous employer, that little blue tick is like a shield of credibility in the vast digital world of professionals.

Steps To Get Verified on LinkedIn?

We’ve talked about the “Why,” so now let’s get into the “How” of getting your profile that dazzling blue tick on LinkedIn, shall we?

Embarking on the Verification Adventure 🚀

I know, I know, the big question is blinking in bright neon lights: “How do I get verified on LinkedIn?” Good news! It’s not as complex as it may seem. The process is pretty straightforward – ask (nicely!) and ye shall receive…maybe, after a bit of a wait and a few steps.

  1. Sending a Request to LinkedIn – You pop over to the LinkedIn Lookup App and shoot off a request to verify your account.
  2. Patiently Waiting – Keep those fingers crossed for a few days, waiting for a magical four-digit number to pop into your company email.
  3. Entering the Magical Code – Zip back over to the LinkedIn Lookup App, pop in that code and voila! You’re not just you; you’re a verified you, complete with a blue checkmark lounging next to your name.

But hey, quick reminder: not having a blue tick doesn’t necessarily mean a profile is hiding something fishy. Some folks might simply not have jogged through the verification process yet!

Let’s Walk Through the Verification Steps Together, Shall We? 👣

Ready to dive into the detailed steps? Grab your digital pen and let’s jot down the steps together!

  1. Navigating LinkedIn – Click the “Me” icon on your LinkedIn profile, using the top menu.
  2. Diving into Settings – In the drop-down menu, select “Settings & Privacy.”
  3. Account Ahoy – From the left menu, go ahead and select “Account.”
  4. Finding the Verification Request – Under the “Account” section, find and click “Request a verified badge.”
  5. Permission and Confirmation – By hitting “Continue,” LinkedIn will want to make sure the profile is yours and will check if your name and image are cool to use.
  6. Email Verification – Click “Verify Email” on LinkedIn and follow their instructions.
  7. Phone Verification – Easy peasy, just click “Verify Phone” and follow along!

Once you’ve verified your email and phone number, LinkedIn will peer over your request for a verified badge. If you get the nod of approval, bam! Your profile will sport a shiny verified badge.

The Importance of Perspective 🌈

It’s vital to sprinkle a bit of reality here: LinkedIn’s verified badges are like golden tickets – only a select group of high-profile folks and organizations get them. So while it’s super exciting to try, remember that not everyone will get one, and that’s totally okay!

Boosting Your Chances at Verification 🚴‍♂️

Aiming to up your chances of becoming verified on LinkedIn? Stick to the steps above and ensure your info is as accurate and complete as can be.

And there we have it, a simple(ish) pathway to trying to get verified on LinkedIn! Whether your profile gets that blue tick or not, remember: your experience, skills, and connections are where the true value lies! Let’s keep shining, shall we? ✨

How to Get Linkedin Verification Badge?

Let’s continue our chat about LinkedIn, especially about that snazzy blue checkmark, aka the verification badge. You see them next to some names and it’s like a little halo of legitimacy and importance, right? So, how about we dive into how to potentially get one for your profile? 🤿

What’s in a LinkedIn Verification Badge Anyway? 🤷‍♂️

When we talk about the LinkedIn verification badge, we’re referring to a neat little blue checkmark that cozies up next to a LinkedIn member’s name. It’s LinkedIn’s way of saying, “Yup, we checked them out and they are who they say they are!” Only a select few high-profile folks and organizations—think celebrities, big-shot politicians, and well-known companies—get to boast of this badge.

So, how do they get it, and how might you nab one yourself?

Navigating Through the LinkedIn Verification Voyage 🗺️

A little step-by-step is always handy, isn’t it? Let’s walk through those steps for chasing down a LinkedIn verification badge:

  1. Start at ‘Me’ – Click on that “Me” icon on your LinkedIn profile, up in the top menu.
  2. Into the Settings We Go – Hit “Settings & Privacy” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Accessing Account – From there, you’ll click “Account” on the left menu.
  4. Requesting Your Badge – Spot the “Request a verified badge” option under “Account”? Click it!
  5. Profile Confirmation – LinkedIn will want to check that the profile is indeed yours and that your name and pic are good to use. Click “Continue” to say “Yes, all good!”
  6. Email Verification – Click “Verify Email” and follow the breadcrumbs (or, um, instructions).
  7. Phone Verification – A similar path for your phone number – click “Verify Phone” and again, follow through!

Once you’ve done all this, LinkedIn will mull over your verification request. If the stars align and it gets approved, you’ll get a nifty notification and that shiny verification badge!

A Reality Check About LinkedIn’s Verified Badge 💙

Keep in mind, this badge of honour is only handed out to a really small, select bunch of high-profile entities. It’s like a digital VIP list, and not everyone makes the cut, which is totally okay!

Ensuring your info is accurate and complete as you follow the above steps nudges your chances up a bit, but there’s no guaranteed ticket to the verified badge club.

What Does Having a Verification Badge Actually Mean? 🌟

Having a badge can amp up your credibility and authentic vibe on LinkedIn, making it a smoother sail for others to connect with you. But here’s a bucket of real talk: having that badge doesn’t guarantee skyrocketing success or that your content will be seen by more eyes on LinkedIn.

It’s a nifty visual of validation for your identity and profession but doesn’t override the importance of genuine, engaging content and active, authentic networking on the platform.


We’ve been on quite the LinkedIn adventure together, haven’t we? I’ve loved every second of it and I hope you found some treasures in our chat. Before we part ways, let’s wrap up our insights with a neat little conclusion, shall we?

Despite how it might seem, getting verified on LinkedIn isn’t like scaling Everest. It’s more like hopping over a tiny molehill in your backyard! It’s a matter of shooting over a verification request and patiently (or if you’re like me, impatiently) waiting for a four-digit number to pop up in your LinkedIn Lookup App to seal the deal. It’s a simple journey, but like all quests, it does need you to take that first step!

If you’re wondering “Why should I even bother?” – well, verification sprinkles your LinkedIn profile with an extra dash of credibility. Imagine it like garnish on your favorite dish, it just makes everything pop a bit more, right? It sends a signal – you’re the real deal, your skills are legit, and what you’re serving up on your profile isn’t just some clever marketing spice. It’s the actual, mouth-watering meal that is you.

But let’s not forget, that tiny badge can echo a big statement in the digital realm: “I’m genuine and you can trust my profile!” You’ll stand out in the endless sea of profiles, winking at employers and connections alike with a badge that whispers, “This professional is verified and true.”

But remember, whether you get that badge or not, your worth isn’t determined by it. Your skills, your experiences, and your authentic interactions? Those are your true north stars guiding your LinkedIn journey.

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