How To See Your Spotify Birth Chart [Check Eligible Or Not]

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Hey there! 🎧 So, have you checked out this super cool thing on Spotify yet? It’s like finding out your music personality. If you’re on Instagram, you’ve probably seen some friends sharing it. If you’re scratching your head wondering what I’m talking about, no worries!

I got you.

Let’s dive into what this “Spotify birth chart” thing is and how you can find yours.Imagine if your favorite tunes could tell a story about you. That’s what Spotify’s doing!

They’ve created something that’s kind of like a horoscope, but for music. It’s called the Spotify birth chart. It gives you a little snapshot of your musical DNA. Cool, right?

If you’re an Instagram lover like me, you might’ve seen people posting these colorful charts showing their top songs and artists. That’s the Spotify birth chart! If you haven’t seen them yet, you’re in for a treat.

Okay, now the fun part! Want to see what your musical DNA looks like? I’ll guide you on how to find your own Spotify birth chart in the next section. Stay tuned! 🎶

Eligibility for Only You on Spotify:

Before we jump into the super fun “Only You” experience on Spotify, let’s make sure you’re eligible. Don’t worry, I’ve broken it down into super simple terms for you.

1. Have You Been Jamming Out? 🎧

First things first, you’ve gotta be a true music fan. Here’s what that means:

  • You should have listened to at least 30 songs for at least 30 seconds each.
  • These songs should be from 5 different artists.
  • And you must have done this in the past 6 months.

2. When Did You Join Spotify?

Got a Spotify account? Great! But here’s the catch: If you created your account after May 24th, 2021, you’ll have to wait a bit before joining the “Only You” party.

3. The Magic Number is Three!

You’ll get to see some cool stories about your music choices. But there’s a minimum! You’ll only see the “Only You” campaign if you’re eligible for at least 3 stories. Don’t worry, Spotify won’t show you less than that.

4. Tech Check! 📱

Are you an Apple or Android person? Either way, you’re good to go. Just make sure you’ve got:

  • The Spotify app on either iOS or Android.
  • And it should be at least version 8.6.26.

5. All Spotify Lovers Welcome! 💚

Guess what? It doesn’t matter if you’re jamming on a free account or you’ve gone all-out with a Premium one. Everyone’s invited to the “Only You” party!

◆ How to see your Spotify birth chart?

Yes, you, the one who has a song for every mood and moment. You know how every December, Spotify gives us a cool little wrap-up of our year in music? That’s called Spotify Wrapped. It’s like a musical yearbook that shows off the songs, artists, and podcasts we just couldn’t get enough of.

Now, there’s something even cooler: the Spotify Birth Chart. Let’s walk through how you can check out your musical DNA step-by-step:

Simple Steps to See Your Spotify Birth Chart: 🎵

  1. Hop on Spotify: Start by opening the Spotify app on your device and logging in.
  2. First-Time Magic: If it’s your first time checking out the “Only You” feature on this device, it might pop up all by itself when you open the app. Look for it on your Home tab. If you can’t find it, don’t worry! I’ve got your back.
  3. Find It Yourself: Head on over to the ‘Search’ button at the bottom. Then, scroll a little, and under the ‘Browse All’ section, you’ll find an option that says “Only You”. Give that a tap!

Now, let’s talk about what you’ll see:

  • Your Sun Sign: This isn’t about horoscopes, but music! It’ll show the artist you’ve been jamming to the most in the past six months.
  • Your Moon Sign: Ever have those artists or songs you listen to when you’re feeling all the feels? That’s this sign. It represents the music that touches your emotional side.
  • Your Rising Sign: This one’s about the newbies in your musical life. It’s all about an artist you’ve recently started loving.

Isn’t that just the coolest? Every December, it’s like we all get a mini Christmas gift from Spotify. And judging by all those posts you see on social media, I’m not the only one who thinks so!

Your Dream Dinner Party:

Have you ever daydreamed about having dinner with your favorite artists? Imagine the stories, the laughter, the deep chats about life, and of course, the music! With Spotify’s latest feature, you can create a soundtrack for that dream dinner.

Pick Your Top 3 Artists for the Ultimate Dinner

Imagine a table set for you and three of your favorite music legends. Who would they be? Well, Spotify is giving you the chance to choose! Once you’ve picked your dream trio, Spotify will whip up a special mix for each one. This will set the perfect mood for your imagined evening of great conversation and delicious food.

Props to Spotify for the cool visuals! 📸

Spotify’s New Treats for Us Throughout the Year 🎉

Not just content with giving us end-of-year treats, Spotify is on a mission to keep the magic alive throughout the year. After crafting playlists for our pets (yes, pets!), they’ve now given us the ‘Audio Birth Chart.’

The “Only You” Experience! 🌟

Under this fancy umbrella named ‘Only You,’ Spotify has some sparkling new features. It’s all about celebrating your unique taste in music. They’ve got personalized playlists, surprises for those who love checking their horoscopes (but in a musical way) with the musical birth chart, and so much more. The aim? To give YOU a tailor-made experience that connects you even more with the music you cherish.

When you dive in, you’ll notice a phrase up top: ‘Discover how you listen.’ Curious? Tap on it! It’ll show you stats and fun tidbits in a snazzy style, kind of like Instagram stories. You’ll learn if you’re the super fan of one artist or if you like to mix it up.

Steps to get your musical birth chart on Spotify:

Have you heard about the cool new feature on Spotify that’s all about your musical DNA? It’s super fun and a bit like astrology, but for your music tastes. Let me guide you on how to check it out:

1. Dive into the “Only You” Section

Open up your Spotify app and find the section called ‘Only You.’ Within this space, you’ll see an option for your musical birth chart. Give it a tap!

2. Meet Your Musical Astrologer

Get ready for some magic! By choosing the birth chart option, you’re unlocking info that’s like having a musical astrologer just for you.

3. Discover Your Sun Sign in Music ☀️

Now, this isn’t about whether you’re a Leo or a Pisces. In the world of Spotify, your Sun Sign shows the artist you’ve listened to the most in the past six months. Kinda like your main musical squeeze!

4. Dive Deep with Your Moon Sign 🌙

Ever have those songs that you play when you’re feeling all kinds of emotions? Well, your Moon Sign reveals the artist that truly gets your feels and emotional side.

5. Check Out Your Rising Star 🌟

Lastly, the Rising Sign is all about new discoveries. It’ll show you the artist you’ve recently been jamming to non-stop.

Some folks are saying that this feature feels like Spotify knows them better than they know themselves. Crazy, right?

Wrapping Up Your Musical Journey 🎶✨

Well, there you have it! From dream dinner parties to deep dives into your musical DNA, Spotify continues to amaze us with personalized experiences. As you navigate through these features, it’s almost like embarking on a musical self-discovery.

It’s truly fascinating how music intertwines with our emotions, memories, and even our identities. So, next time you hit play, remember that you’re not just listening to a song; you’re adding another note to your unique symphony.

Until then, keep the tunes rolling and let your musical story shine bright! 🎧🌟

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