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How To Share Discord Profile Link [Copy & Share]

Alex Ortiz
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Hey there! Are you finding it tricky to share your Discord profile with others? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Unlike other social media platforms where sharing your profile is just a click away, Discord works a bit differently, especially if you’re new to it.

But hey, knowing how to share your Discord link is super important. Why? Because it helps your friends or other cool people you meet online to find you on Discord easily. Imagine meeting someone who loves the same video games as you do, and you want to chat about it on Discord. Sharing your profile link is the way to go!

In this fun and easy guide, I’m going to walk you through, step-by-step, on how to share your Discord profile link with others. It’s going to be a piece of cake, so let’s dive in! 🎮👍

Sharing your Discord profile link might seem a bit complicated at first, but I’m here to make it super simple for you! Let’s break it down:

Normally, if someone wants to find you on Discord, they just type your username in the search bar. But, there’s a quicker and cooler way to do this – by using your Discord profile link!

Now, you might think, “Can’t I just copy and paste my Discord link on other social media?” Well, it’s not that straightforward. But don’t worry, I’ll show you how to do it step by step.

On Desktop

Ready to share your Discord profile with your friends? Let’s get started!

Step 1: Open Discord

First up, open your favorite web browser and head over to the Discord Website. If you aren’t already logged in, go ahead and sign in with your details.

Step 2: Dive into User Settings

Next, click on the little Settings icon right next to your profile picture. This is where all your user settings are. Scroll through these options and find the one that says “Advanced”.

Step 3: Activate Developer Mode

On the Advanced settings page, you’ll see an option for “Developer Mode”. Just click on the toggle button next to it to turn it on. It’s like a secret switch that gives you more power!

Step 4: Grab Your User ID

Now, stay on the Settings page and click on “My Account”. You’ll see your account details pop up. Look for the three dots beside your ID and click on “Copy ID”. This copies your unique user ID.

Almost there! Open a new browser tab and type in But wait, replace [UserID] with the user ID you just copied. Voilà! You’ve got your complete Discord profile link. Copy this link.

On Mobile Device

Using Discord on your phone? No problem! Here’s how you can share your Discord profile link from your mobile device. It’s just as easy as on a desktop, with a few simple steps:

Step 1: Open the Discord App

First, find the Discord app on your phone or tablet. Tap on it to open it up. If you’re not already logged in, go ahead and sign in.

Step 2: Access Your Profile

Now, look at the bottom right corner of the screen. You’ll see your profile picture there. Tap on it to open up a menu with more options.

Step 3: Activate Developer Mode

In this menu, scroll until you find “App Settings”. Under this section, tap on “Advanced”. Here, you’ll see an option for “Developer Mode”. Just like on the desktop, toggle this on to activate it.

Step 4: Copy Your Unique ID

Head back to the main Settings page. Look for the three dots at the top right corner of the screen. Tap on them and select “Copy ID”. This will copy your Discord user ID to your clipboard.

Now, you’re almost done! All you need to do is join this ID with the standard Discord link. Open up your web browser and type in Remember to replace [UserID] with the ID you just copied. And there you go! You’ve got your Discord profile link ready to share with your friends on any platform. It’s a great way to connect with more people on Discord, right from your mobile device! 📱🔗🎉


So, there you have it! Sharing your Discord profile isn’t as straightforward as it is on other social media apps, but it’s definitely doable with a few simple steps.

To recap, the key is to find and copy your unique user ID on Discord. Whether you’re using a desktop or a mobile device, you just need to activate Developer Mode, copy your ID, and then merge it with the standard Discord profile link. Remember, the magic happens when you replace [UserID] in the link with your own user ID.

Once you’ve got your complete Discord profile link, you’re all set to share it on any social media platform or with friends directly. This is a fantastic way to grow your network on Discord, connect with more people who share your interests, and maybe even make some new friends along the way!

And that’s it! Now you’re a pro at sharing your Discord profile link. Go ahead, give it a try and see how it helps you connect with others in the vast and exciting world of Discord. Happy chatting!

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