How To Transfer Tiktok Drafts To Another Phone?

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Woohoo! You’ve got a shiny new phone in your hands – how exciting is that? Maybe your old phone gave up on you, or perhaps you treated yourself to a sleek upgrade. Whatever the reason, here’s the tiny hitch: we’ve all been in that spot where we wonder, “Uh-oh, how do I get all my stuff from the old phone to the new one?”

Especially those fun TikTok drafts you spent hours creating, right? We certainly don’t want all that creativity and hard work to vanish into thin air. So, no stress – your TikTok drafts can totally hitch a ride to your new device, and I’m here to walk you through it, step by step, with a big smile! 🚀📱

Keep reading, and we’ll dive into a smooth journey of moving all those cool drafts safely to your brand new phone without any hassle. Stick with me, and you’ll see – it’s as easy as pie!


Ah, TikTok drafts! Ever started making a TikTok video, got halfway through, and thought, “Hmm, I’ll finish this later”? That, my friend, is what we call a draft. 🎥✨ It’s like pausing your favorite video game – you can jump back in whenever you’re ready.

TikTok knows we all have those moments when we start something and then, oopsie, we get distracted! Maybe your friend texted you, or perhaps you decided to go grab a snack. 🍎📱 Whatever made you hit the pause button, TikTok’s got your back by automatically saving that video-in-the-making as a draft.

These unfinished video gems are tucked away safely in your TikTok app, and guess what? You can pop back to them whenever you like, finish up, and share them with the world! But where are they hiding, you ask? Oh, worry not! I’m here to be your guide on this mini adventure to uncover and protect these hidden treasures, especially when you’re switching over to your brand-spanking-new phone! 🗝📲

So, let’s embark on this fun journey together and ensure not a single bit of your creativity gets left behind! What do you say? Ready to dive in? Let’s do it! 🚀🎉


Guess what? Keeping all those TikTok drafts safe and sound on your new phone is super easy! So, let’s turn that worry into a happy dance, shall we? 🕺💃 Let’s chat about how you can save all those awesome, half-done videos and not lose a single second of your creativity!

Imagine you made a super cool TikTok video. You worked super hard on it, but whoops, it’s not finished yet! And you definitely don’t want to lose it, especially if you’re moving things over to a shiny new phone or want to share it with a fellow TikTok buddy. 📲👯

Here’s Your Easy-Peasy Guide:

  1. Open TikTok: First things first, pop open your TikTok app. Whether you’re team Android 🤖 or team iPhone 🍎, this works for both!
  2. Navigate to Settings: Look up at the top left corner of your screen and see those three little lines? Tap them!
  3. Find Those Drafts: After you tap, a menu will slide open. Now, tap on “Settings” and then give “Drafts” a little tap too.
  4. Save to Your Device: Once you’re hanging out in the Drafts area, find and tap “Save to Device.” And voila! Your creative drafts are now snug and safe, right in your device!

Now, isn’t that just a stroll in the park? Your TikTok drafts are safely saved, and you can breathe easy knowing they’re ready to roll onto your new phone or be shared with a friend! 📹🌳


Hopping onto a new phone but want your TikTok drafts to come along for the ride? I totally get it! 🚂📱 Whether you’ve got another iPhone, switched to an Android, or even if you’re sliding those drafts over to another TikTok account, your video pals don’t have to be left behind!

Let’s go on a little journey and get those drafts transferred over together. Ready, friend?

Packing Up From the Old Phone:

  1. Let’s Start at “Me”: Open your TikTok app on your old phone and give a tap on the “Me” tab at the bottom. It’s like your personal TikTok home!
  2. Find the Drafts: See those three dots up in the top right corner? Tap them! Now, hit “Drafts” and you’re in!
  3. Picking Your Video Pals: Up in the top right corner, there’s a “+” sign. Give that a tap, and let’s start choosing which drafts are coming with you on this new adventure! Just select all the ones you want to bring along.
  4. Time to Export: Once your video buddies are all picked out, tap “Export” in the top right corner. Your drafts are now packed up and ready to roll!

Unpacking on the New Phone:

  1. Back to “Me”: Now, grab that shiny new phone and open TikTok! Tap on the “Me” tab again.
  2. Import Time: Tap those three dots in the top right corner once more and find “Import.” Give it a tap, and your drafts will find their new home in your new device!

And there you go, adventure companion! 🎉 Your TikTok drafts have successfully moved into their new home, ready to be finished and shared whenever you’re ready.

Wasn’t that journey smooth and fun? 🚀🏡 Your creativity didn’t get left behind, and now you’re all set to keep TikTokking on your new device! So, what are we waiting for? Let’s create some more, and keep those fun drafts rolling in! 📹🎊


Did you know you can create a cozy little backup for all your TikTok drafts? Yep! This means even if you jump from one phone to another, your video creations will always be safe and sound, waiting for you. Let’s explore how to tuck them in nicely so you can always find them later, shall we?

Keeping Your TikTok Drafts Safe and Snug:

  1. To Your Profile, We Go: Pop open your TikTok app and let’s go straight to your profile page!
  2. Into the Settings: See those three little dots in the top-right corner? Tap them, and then tap ‘Manage account.’
  3. Time to Backup: Now, scroll a little and find ‘Backup and restore.’ This is the cozy blanket we’re wrapping our drafts in!
  4. Choosing a Safe Spot: Now, you get to pick where you want to keep your backups safe – in iCloud or on your phone. If you’re team iPhone, 🍎 iCloud might be your superhero since it’s super reliable!
  5. Back it Up: Lastly, tap ‘Back up now’ and let TikTok tuck all your drafts safely into their backup bed!

🔐 In a Nutshell: Safety First!

To make sure none of your awesome TikTok creations ever get lost, always back them up! It’s like giving them a safe little home where you can always find them, even if you switch phones or accounts. With a backup, all your hard work stays protected, and you can come back to finish those drafts whenever inspiration strikes next! 🎥💡

Choosing the right backup option for you just means picking the coziest, safest spot for your drafts. So, whether it’s iCloud or your phone, your drafts will always be there waiting for you, safe and sound!

Ready to keep creating without ever worrying about losing your work? 🎨🚫📵 Let’s go, and remember: your creativity is precious, so let’s keep it safe together! 💖🔒

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer TikTok drafts to another phone?

Yes, you can transfer TikTok drafts to another phone using different methods.

How can I transfer TikTok drafts to another iPhone?

To transfer drafts to another iPhone, you can use the TikTok app's built-in feature called "Backup & Sync". Simply enable it on your old iPhone and log in with the same TikTok account on your new iPhone to restore the drafts.

Is it possible to transfer TikTok drafts to an Android phone?

Yes, you can transfer TikTok drafts to an Android phone by using the "Backup & Sync" feature. Make sure to enable it on your old phone and then log in to the same TikTok account on your new Android phone to retrieve the drafts.

What if I don't have the "Backup & Sync" feature on TikTok?

If you don't have the "Backup & Sync" feature, you can manually transfer the drafts by exporting them from your old phone and importing them into your new phone. You can use third-party apps or cloud services to transfer the drafts as well.

Are TikTok drafts transferred automatically when I log in to a new device?

Generally, TikTok drafts are not transferred automatically when you log in to a new device. You need to specifically enable the "Backup & Sync" feature or manually transfer the drafts using other methods.

Do I need an internet connection to transfer TikTok drafts to another phone?

Yes, you will need an internet connection to transfer TikTok drafts to another phone. Whether you use the "Backup & Sync" feature or any other method, the drafts need to be uploaded and downloaded, requiring an internet connection.

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