Update T-Mobile LG G4 H811 to 6.0 Marshmallow Official

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Hey there, tech enthusiasts! If you’re rocking the LG G4, the Android phone sensation of 2015, you’re in for a treat. The successor, the LG G5, is set to make waves in 2016. But guess what? The Marshmallow update is already making its way to LG G4 phones worldwide, bringing a fresh wave of features and improvements.

Update T-Mobile G4 H811 to Marshmallow Official

Get ready to level up your LG G4 game because the much-awaited Marshmallow OS is here, and it’s bringing a truckload of improvements and cool features. Buckle up as we explore some of the exciting additions making their way to your T-Mobile LG G4.

What’s New in Marshmallow?

The Marshmallow update for LG G4 isn’t just a regular software tweak; it’s a game-changer. Here are some of the fantastic features making their debut on your device:

  1. Power to the Phone: DOZE Mode: Experience the magic of extended battery life with DOZE mode. Your phone becomes a master at power-saving, ensuring you get the most out of every charge.
  2. App Permissions Make Sense: Marshmallow introduces a smarter way of handling app permissions. You have the power to control what your apps can access, putting you in the driver’s seat of your phone’s privacy.
  3. Now on Tap – Your Digital Assistant: Need information on the fly? Now on Tap has got your back. Get instant access to relevant information without leaving the app you’re in. Talk about convenience!
  4. And More Goodies: Marshmallow isn’t stopping there – it’s bringing a bag full of other goodies to enhance your LG G4 experience.

Battery Woes and the Marshmallow Mystery

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room – some international G4 users have been singing the blues about Marshmallow’s impact on battery life. The big question: Will T-Mobile G4 users face the same dilemma? It’s too early to tell, folks. Since this is the initial update, any battery hiccups might just get a patch in future updates. Fingers crossed, right?

Let the Update Extravaganza Begin!

Enough chit-chat; let’s dive into the good stuff. It’s time to give your T-Mobile LG G4 the official Android M treatment. But before we embark on this exciting journey, a word of caution: Read the disclaimer and instructions below to ensure a smooth update process.

Disclaimer: Proceed with caution, and make sure you read and understand the instructions thoroughly before diving into the update process.

Necessary Instructions Before Proceeding

Alright, before we kick off the exciting journey of updating your T-Mobile LG G4 to Marshmallow, let’s make sure we’ve got our bases covered. Follow these necessary instructions like a pro:

  1. Check Your Model: First things first, double-check your phone’s model. Head over to Settings >> About Phone. Ensure it proudly displays H811. If it does, you’re good to go!
  2. Backup Your Treasures: Think of your important files – contacts, messages, photos, videos – as treasures. Before we set sail into Marshmallow land, it’s wise to back them up. Better safe than sorry, right?
  3. Power Up for Success: Imagine your phone is an adventurer about to embark on an epic quest – charge it up to at least 70%! This ensures your device is ready for any surprises and avoids power failure issues during the update.
  4. Get Your PC Ready: Your PC is the trusty sidekick in this adventure, so make sure it has the LG USB Drivers installed. It’s like having the right tools in your superhero utility belt – essential!

Now, with these preparations in place, you’re all set to make the leap into Marshmallow greatness. So, gear up, charge up, and let’s get that T-Mobile LG G4 upgraded to the official Android M. The excitement is building – are you ready? Let’s do this!

Download Required Files

Now that we’ve laid the groundwork, it’s time to gear up for the big update. Here are the key files you need to download before taking the plunge into Marshmallow:

  • Marshmallow Magic File: This is the star of the show – the G4 H811 Marshmallow KDZ file. It’s your ticket to the latest Android goodness. Download it here.
  • Your Trusty Sidekick – LGUP Tool: Meet LGUP, your new best friend for flashing KDZ files. It’s the hero in our story, making the update process a breeze. Get LGUP Tool here.

With these files securely in your arsenal, you’re ready to rock the Marshmallow update for your T-Mobile LG G4. Download them, keep them handy, and get ready for the next exciting chapter in your phone’s adventure. Ready, set, download!

Update T-Mobile LG G4 H811 to Marshmallow, Steps

Embark on the journey to upgrade your T-Mobile LG G4 H811 to the delightful world of Marshmallow. Follow these steps carefully, and you’ll be enjoying the sweet features of the new OS in no time!

Step 1: Preparing Your Arsenal

  • Download the Marshmallow KDZ File: Grab the Marshmallow KDZ file for your G4. Look for the file named H81120i_00_0201.kdz.
  • Get LGUP Tool: Download the LGUP tool and make sure to extract its contents.

Step 2: Setting Up Your PC

  • Install DLL and LGUP Files: After extracting LGUP, you’ll find two files. Install the DLL file first, then proceed to install the LGUP file on your PC.

Step 3: Launching LGUP Tool

  • Fire It Up: Launch the LGUP tool on your PC. We’re getting closer to the Marshmallow magic!

Step 4: Connecting the Dots

  • Connect Your LG G4 H811: Now, connect your LG G4 H811 to your PC. LGUP will do its detective work and display your phone on the LGUP tool screen.

Step 5: Choosing Your Path

  • Upgrade Option: Click on the “upgrade” option in LGUP and select the file path. This is where you’ll choose the Marshmallow KDZ file from Step 1.
  • Choose Your Fate: In the process section, you have two options:
    • Refurbish: A full factory installation wiping all data.
    • Upgrade: No data will be erased; your phone will be updated.

Step 6: Initiating the Magic

  • Press Start: With all the settings in place, click the “Start” button. Your T-Mobile LG G4 will now begin its transformation to Marshmallow greatness. Be patient; the magic takes a little time.
  • Unplug and Rejoice: Once the process completes, your device will reboot automatically. You can then unplug the cable, and voila – your T-Mobile LG G4 is now rocking the new Marshmallow.


And there you have it, fellow tech explorers! We’ve navigated the exciting terrain of updating your T-Mobile LG G4 H811 to the sleek and feature-packed Marshmallow OS. Let’s wrap up this tech adventure with a quick summary of the journey we’ve undertaken.

Recap of Your Marshmallow Mission:

  • Preparation is Key: We started by ensuring your phone’s model is H811, backing up your precious data, and juicing up your device to a hearty 70%.
  • Essential Downloads: Armed with the G4 H811 Marshmallow KDZ file and the trusty LGUP tool, you were ready to usher in the Marshmallow magic.
  • Step-by-Step Guide: We walked through each step with precision:
    • Downloading the Marshmallow KDZ file and LGUP tool.
    • Setting up your PC with DLL and LGUP files.
    • Launching the LGUP tool and connecting your LG G4 H811.
    • Choosing the upgrade path and initiating the magic with the Start button.
  • Two Paths, One Outcome: Whether you chose the full factory installation with Refurbish or the data-preserving Upgrade option, the result was the same – your T-Mobile LG G4 upgraded to the delicious Android M.

After the reboot, a quick visit to Settings >> About Phone confirmed the success of your Marshmallow makeover. Your T-Mobile LG G4 is now equipped with the latest features, improved battery management, and a host of other goodies.

A huge shoutout to all tech enthusiasts who embarked on this journey with us! If you have any questions, thoughts, or just want to share the excitement, drop a comment below. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe for more Android adventures. Until the next tech expedition, happy exploring with your freshly updated T-Mobile LG G4! Thanks for joining us. Bye for now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I update my T-Mobile LG G4 to Marshmallow?

Updating to Marshmallow brings a slew of new features, including DOZE mode for improved battery life, enhanced app permissions, and the convenient Now on Tap feature. It's a worthwhile upgrade for a better user experience.

Is it necessary to back up my data before the update?

Yes, it's highly recommended to back up essential files like contacts, messages, photos, and videos before proceeding with the update. This ensures that your precious data is safe in case of any unexpected issues during the update process.

What is the difference between the Refurbish and Upgrade options during the update?

Choosing the Refurbish option results in a full factory installation, erasing all data on your device. On the other hand, the Upgrade option updates your phone without wiping data. Users can choose based on their preference for a clean slate or keeping their existing data.

Can I update my T-Mobile LG G4 to Marshmallow without a PC?

The presented method involves using the LGUP tool on a PC. While there might be other methods available, this guide specifically outlines the steps for updating using LGUP, which is a reliable tool for the process.

What should I do if my LG G4 model is not H811?

This guide is specifically tailored for the T-Mobile LG G4 model with the designation H811. If your phone has a different model, the steps and files mentioned may not be suitable. Ensure you have the correct information for your device before proceeding with the update.

Are there any potential risks involved in manually updating my phone to Marshmallow?

While the provided steps are designed to be straightforward and safe, any manual update process carries some level of risk. It's crucial to follow the instructions carefully, read disclaimers, and ensure your device is compatible. If you have concerns or encounter issues, it's advisable to seek assistance or professional guidance.

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