What Does Grey Circle Around Snapchat Bitmoji Mean?

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Hey there! Have you ever heard of Snapchat? If you haven’t, let me tell you, it’s one of the coolest apps out there, especially loved by young tech fans. You can send pictures and videos that only last a short time, or post “Stories” that stay up for a day. It’s like sending a little surprise that doesn’t last forever!

Now, I won’t lie to you; some people find Snapchat a little confusing at first. It’s got some weird symbols and buttons that can make you go, “Huh? What’s this for?” Like, how do you even know if someone’s added you as a friend, or if they’ve seen the awesome pic you sent?

Don’t worry! That’s what we’re here for. In this chat, we’re going to break down what those boxes, arrows, and other funky symbols really mean. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be Snapchatting like a pro! Stick with me, and we’ll navigate Snapchat together!

What Do the Different Colored Boxes Mean in Snapchat?

So, you’re seeing different colored boxes on Snapchat and wondering what they all mean? Let’s break it down together.

Gray Boxes: What’s Going On?

When you see a gray box, it usually means you haven’t snapped with that person before. It’s like a “Hey, let’s start chatting!” signal. But sometimes, it could mean that maybe they haven’t added you as a friend yet or, oh no, they might have blocked you. Think of gray as a “waiting for something to happen” color.

Red Boxes: Photos Without Sound

  • Filled Red Box: You sent a photo (without any sound) to someone, and guess what? They haven’t opened it yet.
  • Empty Red Box: Good news! They’ve seen the photo you sent.

Purple Boxes: Photos With Tunes

  • Filled Purple Box: You sent a photo, but this time with some audio or maybe a cool song. The person hasn’t checked it out yet.
  • Empty Purple Box: Yay! They’ve watched and listened to your snap.

Blue Boxes: All About Chatting

  • Filled Blue Box: You’ve sent a text chat (no pics or sound), and they haven’t read it.
  • Empty Blue Box: They’ve read your message. Hopefully, they’ll reply soon!

A little secret? If the box is filled with color, it’s like a wrapped gift—they haven’t opened it yet. But once they check it out, the box becomes empty. It’s like they’ve unwrapped the gift you sent them!

What Do the Different Colored Arrows Mean in Snapchat?

Ready for some more Snapchat decoding? This time, let’s chat about those arrows. They’re all about the stuff you’ve sent to others.

Red Arrows: For Silent Snaps

  • Filled Red Arrow: You’ve sent a silent photo Snap—no sound, just the image. They haven’t seen it yet!
  • Hollow Red Arrow: They’ve checked out the photo Snap you sent. Hope they liked it!

Purple Arrows: Snaps with Sound

  • Filled Purple Arrow: Sent a Snap with some sound or music? This tells you they haven’t viewed it yet.
  • Hollow Purple Arrow: They’ve opened and heard your audio Snap. Maybe you sang them a birthday song?

Blue Arrows: Just Chatting

  • Filled Blue Arrow: This means you’ve sent them a plain old text chat. They haven’t read it.
  • Hollow Blue Arrow: They’ve seen your message! Fingers crossed they write back soon.

Gray Arrows: Waiting on Friendship

  • Filled Gray Arrow: This one’s a bit different. You sent a friend request, but they haven’t added you back (yet!). Let’s hope they click that “accept” button soon!

Arrows: Your Snapchat Sent Box

So basically, these arrows are like your outbox in an email. They show what you’ve sent and give you a little hint about whether the person has seen it or not. And the colors? They just help you know what kind of message you sent.

What About the Other Snapchat Symbols?

Ready to dive a little deeper into the world of Snapchat symbols? Let’s uncover what those other icons mean.

You know when you send such an awesome Snap that your friend just has to see it again? Snapchat’s got symbols for that!

  • Red Circle Arrow: They loved that silent Snap so much they replayed it!
  • Purple Circle Arrow: Your Snap with sound was so cool they had to hear it again!

When Someone Screenshots Your Snap or Chat

Uh-oh! Someone captured that moment you sent them. Here’s how to tell:

  • Double Red Arrow with Three Lines: They took a screenshot of your silent Snap. Hope it was a good one!
  • Double Purple Arrow with Three Lines: They saved a screenshot of your Snap with sound. Maybe you had a catchy tune?
  • Double Blue Arrow: They’ve taken a screenshot of your chat. Hope it was something fun!

Easy Peasy Way to Remember

I know, I know—it feels like a LOT of icons. But here’s a quick trick to remember:

  1. Red: Silent Snaps (no sound).
  2. Purple: Snaps with some kind of audio.
  3. Blue: All about text chats.

Starting with these basics will help you get the hang of things. And before you know it, you’ll be a Snapchat symbol pro!

Wrapping Up

Alright, let’s put a bow on this! Snapchat might seem like a maze with its funky symbols and unique look, but it’s really an awesome way to stay connected with buddies. I hope our chat today made things a bit clearer for you.

Still scratching your head about some Snapchat symbols? Or just wanna share your favorite Snap story? Drop your thoughts or questions in the comments below. Let’s keep the conversation going!

Catch you on the Snap side! 📸

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