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Why Does PS5 Keep Disconnecting From WiFi?

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Having trouble with your PS5 and Wi-Fi? You’re not alone, and guess what? You’re in the right place to get help!

Imagine this: You’re in the middle of a super cool game or watching an exciting show, and suddenly, boom! Your PS5 says goodbye to the Wi-Fi. Annoying, right? Sometimes, this might happen with certain games or apps. Other times, it might just happen randomly, like a surprise guest at a party.

When you’re watching a show or movie, and this happens, the screen might start taking a little break (that’s called buffering) or even flash error messages like “Oops! Can’t connect!” or something like that.

But don’t worry! I’ve got your back. In this fun guide, we’ll chat about:

  • Why is your PS5 playing hide and seek with the internet?
  • How to make your PS5 and Wi-Fi BFFs forever!

Alright, let’s jump into the adventure and solve this together! 🎮🌐

Why Does PS5 Keep Disconnecting from WiFi?

let’s think of your PS5 like a little robot trying to talk to the internet. But sometimes, they can’t understand each other! Imagine trying to talk to a friend, but there’s a lot of noise around. That’s kind of what happens with your PS5 and Wi-Fi.

You could be chilling and downloading a new game, watching cool videos on YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, or just playing a game, and suddenly – poof! The internet is gone.

Now, why does that happen? There are a bunch of reasons:

  • Silly Software Mistakes: Sometimes, the PS5’s brain (that’s the software) gets a bit confused.
  • Connection Confusion: The PS5 sometimes can’t connect using its usual path, which is something called DNS servers.
  • Frequency Fumbles: There’s this thing called the 5.0 GHz frequency band. Sometimes, the PS5 struggles with it.
  • Changing Chat Settings: If the way the PS5 talks to the internet (network settings) changes, they might not understand each other.
  • Router Ruckus: Sometimes, the device that brings Wi-Fi into your home (the router) might be having a rough day.

PS5 Keeps Disconnecting from WiFi

Alright, friend, let’s play detective and solve this mystery! Here are some tried-and-true methods to make your PS5 and Wi-Fi best buddies again:

1. Power Cycle Your Router

Do you sometimes feel better after taking a short nap? Well, your router can feel the same way!

Here’s why this works: When you let your router take a nap (that’s called a power cycle), it wakes up with a fresh start. It’s like getting a new page to write on. This helps your router talk better with the big internet out there (that’s what “assign a new public IP” means).

Here’s how to give your router its mini-vacation:

  • Unplug the router (that’s its power source).
  • Let it dream for about 5 minutes.
  • Wake it up! Plug it back in and turn it on.
  • Wait till it’s fully awake (all the lights are on).
  • Now, ask your PS5 to join the party by connecting it to the router.

Voila! If your PS5 was having a little disagreement with the router, this should fix it. If not, it means the problem is with the PS5. If that’s the case, no worries! We have more tricks up our sleeve. Let’s dive into the next one!

When Your PS5 Doesn’t Want to Start the Game

Have you ever been super excited to start a game and then your PS5 just shows “Please Wait”? It’s like waiting for your ice cream on a hot day! Let’s look at a quick way to get that game going. (Note: I noticed the information was cut off here, so let me know if you want me to help with this further!)

2. Power Cycle Your PS5 Console

Ever felt like things work better after a short break? Your PS5 feels that way too sometimes!

Why does this work?

Restarting or “power cycling” your PS5 is like telling it to take a deep breath and start fresh. It’s like pressing the reset button. For some, it’s like magic! But for others, it’s a temporary magic trick.

Since it’s super quick, why not give it a try?

Here’s how to give your PS5 a refreshing restart:

  • Press and keep holding the PS5’s power button. Wait until the light stops blinking, and it says, “Okay, I’m taking a break!” (meaning it turns off).
  • Next, pull out the power cable from the wall (this is like unplugging its headphones, so it can’t hear anything).
  • Count to 60 (or hum your favorite tune for a minute)!
  • Now, plug the power cable back in and wake your PS5 up!

If everything’s good, your PS5 should be ready to roll. But if it’s still acting a bit grumpy, no worries. We’ve got another trick!

Talk in a Different Wi-Fi Language!

Sometimes, your PS5 might not like the Wi-Fi “language” (or frequency) it’s using. We can help it switch to another one, which I’ll show you next.

Uh-oh, PS5 Problems with Content? Let’s Tackle That!

Stuck with a “Can’t use this content” or “Can’t connect to server” message? No panic! We’ve got a solution for that too. (Note: I noticed the info was cut off here. Just let me know if you want to dive into this fix!)

3. Switch to 2.4 GHz Frequency Band

Alright, buddy, here’s another cool tip for you. Think of your Wi-Fi like a radio that has different channels. Sometimes, one channel might not be as clear as another.

You see, your router has two main “channels” or “frequency bands” to play on: 5.0 GHz and 2.4 GHz.

The 5.0 GHz is like a speedy race car – super fast but doesn’t go very far. On the other hand, 2.4 GHz is like a trusty bicycle – not as quick, but it can go longer distances.

For some reason, the PS5 sometimes gets a little moody on the 5.0 GHz channel. If you switch it to the 2.4 GHz channel, it might be happier!

Until the PS5 folks (that’s Sony) come up with a fix, this switch can be a game-changer.

Here’s how you play DJ and change the channel for your PS5:

  • Start with Settings, then head over to Network.
  • Choose Set Up Internet Connection.
  • Find the network you’re using, press the options button, and look for Wi-Fi Frequency Band.
  • Tell your PS5 to stick to the 2.4 GHz channel.

After you’ve done that, give your PS5 a quick restart, and it should be dancing happily with the Wi-Fi!

PS5 Screen Acting Funny? Let’s Sort That Out!

Got a screen that’s flickering like disco lights? Hang tight, I’ve got a cool solution for that. (Again, I noticed the info ended here, but I’m all ears if you want to go deeper into the solution!)

4. Change DNS Servers

Alright, let’s try another awesome trick! Think of DNS servers as your PS5’s phone book. It’s where your PS5 looks up the address of a website it wants to visit. If this “phone book” has some scribbles or mistakes, then your PS5 might get a bit lost and disconnected from Wi-Fi.

If you’ve never played around with this “phone book”, you’re using the default one. But guess what? There are other super-fast phone books out there – like the ones from Google and Cloudflare!

By switching, not only can you help your PS5 stay connected, but you might also make it run faster! It’s like giving it a pair of sneakers instead of slippers.

Here’s how you give your PS5 a brand new phone book:

  • Head to Settings, then Network, and pick Set Up Internet Connection.
  • Choose the Wi-Fi you’re using and click on Advanced Settings.
  • Find the DNS settings and set them to manual.
  • You’ll see two slots: Primary DNS and Secondary DNS.
    • For Google’s speedy “phone book”, fill in for Primary and for Secondary.
  • Once you’re done, give your PS5 a quick restart. It needs to start using its new phone book!

But wait, there’s more! You can also try Cloudflare’s fancy phone book:

  • Primary DNS:
  • Secondary DNS:

Once you make the change, you should see your PS5 stay best friends with the Wi-Fi!

Want to Turn Off the PS5’s Camera While Playing?

Ever felt like your PS5 is secretly recording your awesome game moves? Well, there’s a way to tell it, “No more secret videos!” Let’s dive into how you can do that! (Note: Just like before, I see the topic has changed, so let me know if you want to proceed with this!)

5. Test Internet Connection on PS5

Alright, my friend, let’s think of this as a mini-doctor check-up for your PS5’s internet connection. Sometimes, a quick test helps your PS5 understand its Wi-Fi better.

When you run this test, your PS5 will look at a bunch of things like its IP address (like its home address on the internet), if it’s connected well, if it can sign into the PlayStation network, and a few other geeky things.

Best part? Doing this test might give your PS5 a little nudge to reconnect and get back online.

Here’s how to give your PS5 its check-up:

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Choose Network, then Connection Status, and finally Test Network Connection.
  • Tap on Start Test.

Your PS5 will now think for a bit and then show you the results. Some folks said this was like magic! But others mentioned it was like a temporary magic spell.

6. Restore Default Settings in Safe Boot Mode

Okay, if the tricks above didn’t work, let’s try another magic spell: going back to basics. This means resetting your PS5’s settings to how they were when you first got it – but without losing any games or apps! Neat, right?

Here’s how you give your PS5 a fresh start:

  • Turn off your PS5. Wait until the little light stops blinking.
  • With the PS5 off, press and hold the power button. Listen closely! After the first beep, keep holding until you hear a second beep (around 7 seconds later).
  • Now, grab a USB cable and connect your controller to the PS5.
  • The screen will tell you to press the PS button on the controller. Go ahead and do it!
  • Find the option that says ‘Restore Default Settings’. Choose it and confirm.

This will set your PS5 settings back to when it was brand new (but keep all your games and apps). Fingers crossed, your PS5 should be super happy with the Wi-Fi now!

“Not Enough Storage” Mystery When There’s Space?

Let’s Dive In! I noticed you mentioned this common issue. If you want to tackle this next, let me know, and we’ll unwrap the mystery together! 🎮🌐

7. Update System Software on PS5 Console

Think of system updates like a spa day for your PS5. Every now and then, it needs a refresh to work its best. If your PS5 is still not being friendly with Wi-Fi, maybe it’s time to give it this treat.

Let’s walk through this spa day step-by-step:

  • Go to Settings and then System.
  • Head over to System Software, and from there, select System Software Update and Settings.
  • Tap on ‘Update Using Internet’.
  • On the next screen, hit that ‘Update’ button.
  • Sit back and relax while your PS5 gets pampered (and remember, no turning it off during this process!).
  • When it’s done, your PS5 will take a quick nap (restart), and then it should wake up feeling great!

Now, fingers crossed, your PS5 should stay close friends with your Wi-Fi!

8. Reset Your Network Router

Alright, we’ve tried sprucing up the PS5. But what if the router itself needs a bit of a reset?

Remember, the router is like the Wi-Fi’s heart. Sometimes, it needs a restart to pump out that internet smoothly.

Here’s what to do:

  • Look at your router. You’ll often find a tiny button or a little hole. This is the “reset button”.
  • Using a pin or something thin, press and hold that button for a few seconds. This will reset the router.
  • A little warning: Resetting means you’ll have to set up your router settings again, like when you first got it. Also, the password will go back to what it was originally (usually found on a sticker on the router).
  • Once you’ve set it up, connect your PS5 and test it out.

If you’re a bit lost or nervous about this, that’s okay! The router’s manual or a quick call to the router company can guide you.

PS5 Controller Acting Slow? Let’s Speed Things Up!

Is your PS5 controller acting like it’s in slow motion? No worries! We can tackle that next if you’d like. Let me know, and we’ll dive right in! 🎮🛠

9. Switch to a Different Network Router

Okay, let’s try looking at this from another angle. Some fellow gamers mentioned their PS5 started acting up with Wi-Fi when they got a new router.

This kinda gives us a hint, right? It might be the router saying, “Hey, I’m not feeling this connection with the PS5.”

If you’ve already tried giving your router a nap (power cycling) and even giving it a complete fresh start (resetting), and your PS5 is still giving you the cold shoulder, it might be time to test with a different router. If you don’t have a spare one lying around, you could also use your phone’s hotspot to test the connection.

Why? Because this will help you figure out the real villain in this story:

  • If your PS5 and Wi-Fi are best buds on the new router or hotspot, then the first router might be the issue.
  • But if they still aren’t friends, then your PS5 might be the one needing extra help.

10. Reset Console in Safe Mode

Alright, we’ve tried a lot. Now, let’s give your PS5 a fresh start, but in a secret superhero mode called “Safe Mode.” And don’t worry, your saved games will be safe!

Here’s the magical spell to enter this mode:

  • First, whisper a “goodnight” to your PS5 and turn it off.
  • Now, press and hold the power button. Wait for two beeps: one when you press and another after 7 seconds.
  • Welcome to Safe Mode! From here, choose ‘Reset PS5’ (option 6).
  • Confirm your decision, and let the magic work.

When it’s done, fingers crossed, your PS5 should be playing nice with the Wi-Fi!

11. Switch to a LAN Cable

Sometimes, the best way is the old-fashioned way! If your PS5 isn’t vibing with Wi-Fi, we can connect it directly to the router with a LAN (Ethernet) cable. This is like a direct phone call instead of a group chat. Plus, it’s usually faster!

Here’s how you go old school:

  • Grab an Ethernet cable. One end goes into your router and the other end to your PS5.
  • Not sure how? There’s a video below that’ll guide you step by step!

If all these spells don’t work and you’re still in the warranty period, it might be time to call in the big wizards at Sony.

To get your console looked at, you’ll need a return authorization and some shipping instructions. For that magic ticket, head to playstation.com/service or give a ring at 1-800-345-7669.

Remember, every hero faces challenges. And with a little help and some perseverance, we can conquer them all! 🎮✨

Bottom Line

So, if your PS5 is playing hide-and-seek with your Wi-Fi, don’t stress! There are loads of ways to help them become best friends again. Remember, the problem could be like a tiny glitch in the software or maybe something with the hardware. But, good news! We’ve got solutions for both.

Quick Recap of Our Adventure Together:

  • Freshen up the PS5 with an update in safe boot mode.
  • Organize its brain by rebuilding the console database and clearing out old memories.
  • Go back to basics by restoring system default settings in safe boot.
  • Give your router a short nap by restarting and power cycling it.
  • Let your PS5 have a mini-vacation by power cycling the console.
  • Try a new parking spot by switching to a different LAN port on the router and double-checking the connection.
  • Make sure you’ve got a super sturdy LAN cable that fits snugly into your PS5.
  • If everything else fails, ring up the wizards at Sony for some help or maybe even a replacement.

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