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Why Is PS4 Download Speed Slow? Here’s How To Fix It

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Hey there, gamers! Ever been stuck waiting forever for a game to download on your PS4? It’s like watching paint dry – super frustrating! But don’t worry, we’re diving into the reasons behind this sluggish download speed and how you can speed things up.

So, let’s gear up and level up your downloading game on PS4!

Why Is It So Sloooow? Unveiling the Culprits

Okay, picture this: you’re all set to download that awesome new game, but it feels like your PS4 is taking a nap. Why is that happening? Let’s uncover the mystery!

1. Internet Snail Mode:

Ever heard of the phrase “snail mail”? Well, we’ve got a similar issue here, but it’s called “snail internet.” If your internet connection is acting like a sleepy snail, it’s definitely slowing down your downloads. We’ll fix that – no more snail pace for you!

2. Too Many Devices Hogging the Wi-Fi:

Imagine a traffic jam on the internet highway. Too many devices trying to use Wi-Fi at once can make your PS4 download speed crawl. We’ll help you clear the digital traffic and get that speedometer racing!

Breaking the Chains: Hacks to Speed Things Up!

Enough with the slow-mo downloads; it’s time for some action! Get ready for the hacks that will unleash the full power of your PS4’s downloading potential.

1. Choose the Right Time to Download:

Timing is everything, even in the gaming world. Downloading during peak hours? Bad move. Pick a time when internet traffic is low – like when everyone’s asleep or at school. Your downloads will thank you!

2. Upgrade Your Internet Plan:

Sometimes, your internet needs a little boost. Consider upgrading to a faster plan if you’re serious about zipping through downloads. It’s an investment in your gaming future!

3. Wi-Fi vs. Ethernet Showdown:

It’s the battle of the connections! While Wi-Fi is convenient, plugging in with an Ethernet cable can make a huge difference. Say goodbye to Wi-Fi hiccups and hello to speedy downloads.

Quick Tips For Speeding Up PS4 Download

Ever felt the agony of a sloth-like download on your PS4? Fear not, fellow gamers! We’ve got some quick and easy tips to rev up that download speed.

1. One at a Time, Please:

Imagine your internet bandwidth as a delicious pizza, and all your devices are hungry party guests. If your laptop is munching on a file or your smart TV is binging in 4K, your PS4’s download speed is in for a slow ride. Solution? Hit pause on all the other downloads and streaming parties. Let your PS4 feast on all the bandwidth goodness for a speed boost.

2. Queue Control:

Too many downloads waiting in line? It’s like a traffic jam in the digital world. If you’re in a hurry to get a specific game or update, be a traffic cop and stop the other transfers. Your PS4 will thank you for the VIP treatment, and your downloads will zoom past the queue.

3. No Multitasking in the Gaming World:

While it’s cool to be a multitasking master, your PS4 prefers some one-on-one time during downloads. Playing online games in the background might sound like a power move, but it’s a download speed killer. Not only does it slow down the download, but it can also mess with your game performance. Avoid those laggy battles – let your PS4 focus on the download, and you’ll be back in the game in no time.

Causes Of PS4 Slow Download Speed

Alright, fellow gamers, ever had that frustrating moment when your PS4 download speed hits the brakes? Fear not, we’re on a mission to uncover the causes and find the turbo boost button. Buckle up for a ride into the world of PS4 download speeds!

First things first – let’s set the stage. Before we dive into the fixes, we need to know where we stand. Get your baseline download speed by using cool tools like Speed Test by Speedcheck, Speedtest by Ookla, or TestMy.net Download Speed Test. Open these links on your PS4 or, better yet, on a computer, and see what numbers pop up. This will be our starting line for the speed race.

Now that we have our baseline, let’s play detective. Why is your PS4 acting like it’s stuck in slow-motion? Here are a few culprits:

Reason #1: Slow System

Hold up! Your PS4 itself might be the secret agent behind the slow download mission. If your system is already crawling like a snail, it’s dragging down the download speed. The speed of your PS4 is like the captain of the ship here. Check if your PS4 is sailing smoothly. If it’s not, we’ve got a mission: head to our PS4 Slow Fix Guide for a rescue operation.

Reason #2: Too Fast Download Speed

Hey gamers, ever felt like your lightning-fast internet is giving your PS4 a hard time? Turns out, too much speed can be a problem for our beloved console. Let’s break down why and what you can do about it.

1. The Need for Speed… Moderation:

So, you’ve got the latest fiber broadband or 5G WiFi – blazing fast, right? Well, here’s the catch: if your internet speed is too high, your PS4 might struggle to keep up. Why? Because the PS4’s internal hardware has its limits, and it can’t handle the super-fast download speed your connection is offering.

2. Inside the PS4 Engine: Slow CPU and RAM Drama

Meet the brains of the operation – the CPU (central processing unit). The PS4’s CPU, born in 2013, is like a grandparent in today’s tech world. It’s a 1.6GHz 8-core AMD Jagua, which is considered slow by modern standards. The CPU’s job is to translate digital codes into actions, and a slow CPU can cause download speeds to hit the brakes.

And then there’s the RAM (random access memory), the memory pool for all your PS4’s activities. With only 8GB GDDR5 unified system memory, your PS4’s RAM struggles to keep up with very high download speeds, slowing down the whole process.

What Can You Do? The Hard Truth About Hardware:

Here’s the tough part – the CPU and RAM can’t be upgraded. You’re stuck with what you’ve got. So, what’s the solution? Either be cool with the performance they offer or consider taking the leap to a PS5 for a hardware upgrade.

3. Aging Hard Drive Woes:

As your PS4’s internal hard drive ages, it becomes a bit of a slowpoke. It can’t store data as quickly as it used to. If you’ve got a speedy internet connection, the old hard drive might struggle to keep up, causing a slowdown in download speed.

And, oh boy, when the PS4’s power supply unit (PSU) can’t provide enough juice to the motherboard, the hard drive suffers. It’s like not getting a full meal – it slows down even more.

What Can You Do? Upgrade to the Rescue!

In this case, consider giving your PS4 a makeover by upgrading its hard drive to an SSD. SSDs use less power than mechanical hard drives and are more reliable. This upgrade can give your PS4 a speed boost and make those downloads fly!

Reason #3: Not Enough Free Space

Picture this: your PS4’s internal storage is almost bursting at the seams. When it’s cramped, the whole system throws a little tantrum and slows down. And guess what? Your download speed takes a hit too. If your storage is nearly full or the file you’re downloading will push it over the edge, expect a slowdown.

Think of your PS4’s storage like a tidy room. After downloading a file, make sure there’s breathing space – at least 10-15% of free space. It’s like leaving some room to stretch and not filling every nook and cranny. Keep it spacious, and your downloads will thank you with speed.

Reason #4: Slow WiFi Connection

Is your WiFi feeling like a snail’s pace marathon? Well, that’s a direct ticket to Slowsville for your PS4 download speed. Time to rev up that WiFi engine and get things moving.

Reason #5: Slow DNS

Ever heard of DNS? It’s like the traffic cop of the internet, directing data where it needs to go. But here’s the kicker – if you’re using the default DNS server your internet provider gave you, it might not be the fastest route. Let’s fix that!

  • Free Space Check: After each download, give your PS4 some room to breathe – 10-15% free space is the golden rule.
  • WiFi Boost: If your WiFi is feeling sluggish, check out our guide on how to improve your PS4 WiFi connection. A faster WiFi means faster downloads.
  • DNS Upgrade: Time to ditch the default DNS. Find the best and fastest DNS for your PS4 with our guide. It’s like upgrading to the express lane for your downloads.

Reason #6: Running Background Apps

Ever felt like your PS4 download speed is taking an unscheduled nap? Well, there might be some sneaky culprits hiding in the background. Let’s unveil the mystery and kick those speed stealers to the curb.

1. The Hidden Culprit: Background Processes

Imagine your PS4 is a busy chef in the kitchen, whipping up a download feast. But, oh no, some uninvited guests (background processes) decide to crash the party. These processes are like slow dancers at a fast-paced party – they’re dragging down the download speed.

2. Speed Boost Shortcut: Closing the Party Crashers!

The good news? You can be the bouncer and kick those background apps out. Here’s the quick and easy way to do it:

  1. Press and hold the PS button on your controller – that’s the one with the iconic PlayStation logo.
  2. Wait for a menu to pop up on the screen.
  3. Select “Close Application(s)” and hit that X button.

Voila! You’ve just cleared the dance floor for your download speed to shine.

3. Pro Tip: Priority Play

Sony’s got your back when it comes to downloads and gaming harmony. You can download goodies from PSN while still playing online games – it’s like having your cake and eating it too! But, if speed is your game, consider closing any active games or apps. Give your download the VIP treatment, and it’ll finish its race in record time.

Some Other Helpful Solutions

We’ve got some extra tricks up our sleeves – tested and approved by the experts. These tips are like the secret potions for speeding up your PS4 downloads. Let’s dive in!

1. Pause and Resume: The Download Tango

Ever feel like your PS4 is taking its sweet time with a big update or a fancy new game? Fear not – here’s a nifty trick. Give your download a little break by pausing and then hitting resume. It’s like a mini-reset for your download, and sometimes it kicks things into high gear. Give it a few tries, and who knows, your download might just sprint to the finish line!

2. Rest Mode Magic: Let Your PS4 Chill

Enter the superhero of download speed – Rest Mode! If you’ve got some time on your hands and your PS4 isn’t in the middle of a gaming frenzy, this could be your game-changer.

But before you dive into Rest Mode, close all those extra programs. We want maximum benefits, right? Now, here’s the magic move: Enable background internet access before putting your PS4 to sleep. Head to “Power Saving Settings” in the PS4 Settings menu, press X, and make sure “Stay Connected to the Internet” is a checked box.

Hold that PS button, navigate to “Power,” and select “Enter Rest Mode.” Your PS4 is now in sleep mode, and your download continues its journey. To check its progress, just give your PS4 a little wake-up call.


And there you have it, fellow gamers – the epic saga of conquering the slow download dragons on your PS4! Let’s sum it up in a power-packed conclusion.

If your PS4 is playing the slow download game, start with a system check. Ensure your PS4 is in top shape offline – no hidden performance gremlins. If it’s running smoothly, it’s time to turn our attention to the internet.

When in doubt, go wired! Connect your PS4 directly to the router with a trusty cable. If your download speed suddenly does a happy dance, it’s a clear sign – your WiFi might be the mischief-maker.

If your WiFi is playing hard to get, dive into the troubleshoot zone. Check your router, tweak those settings, and ensure the internet highway is clear for your PS4 to zoom through.

In the quest for lightning-fast downloads, know your PS4 inside out, conquer the internet connection hurdles, and never underestimate the power of going wired. The gaming world is waiting, and with these tips, you’re ready to speed into glory!

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